16 of the Best Customer Loyalty Software for 2023

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Alana Chinn
Alana Chinn


The number one question I ask myself when I'm looking for new software is: Will this make my life easier? Customer loyalty software can do just that for business owners who are looking to launch, maintain, or simply streamline a customer loyalty program.

But, like any software, there are sooo many options to choose from.

To keep up with the theme of making lives easier, we've compiled the best of the best customer loyalty software for 2022 all in one place.

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Ready to dive in? Here's what you'll find on this page:

How Customers Define Loyalty

According to Paula Thomas, Host of the Let's Talk Loyalty podcast, "[customer] loyalty, like everything, has evolved dramatically."

It's important to consider the consumer's perspective on what drives loyalty to their favorite brands. Especially if you want to choose the best customer loyalty software out there for you.

In the below episode of the "MarTech" podcast series, hosted by the HubSpot Podcast Network, Thomas discusses how buyers characterize brand loyalty today — and how companies can use this information to create value for their customers.

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Software

The major benefit of customer loyalty software is the ability to track all of your loyalty program elements — like gifting pipelines and buyer behaviors — on a single platform.

Additional benefits include:

  • Automation: Your loyalty program signup process, email outreach, and other routine tasks can run on their own without taking time away from your customer service team.
  • Detailed behavior tracking: You can compile aggregated client and customer data and use that information to refine your program.
  • Digital-first interface: All of your user information and reward campaign details can be accessed by both your customers and employees online.

Key Features to Look For in Customer Loyalty Software

Campaign Management

Good customer loyalty software makes it simple for businesses to manage customer loyalty and reward programs. Look for software that gives you the freedom to customize your program based on the needs of your business.

Whether you're running a point-based reward system or gifting product freebies to new clients, you should be able to easily track the details for all of your campaigns.

Activity Dashboard

Analytics and reporting features are must-haves when it comes to loyalty software. A detailed activity dashboard gives you access to the data you need to improve your offerings.

This may include:

  • Loyalty program metrics, like membership totals and program adoption rates
  • Consumer behavior insights, like purchase frequency and reward redemptions
  • Campaign performance analytics, like social media mentions and engagements

Integration Capabilities

Your customer loyalty software should play nice with your existing operating systems. Especially your CRM, CMS, POS, and social media.

For example: If you offer loyalty cards through a brick and mortar business, tracking is way more efficient if the customer data automatically transfers to your loyalty program software when the card is scanned at checkout. Think about if a customer accrued points with the purchase or redeemed a reward.

Integrations help you streamline customer loyalty programs across the different elements of your business model — and reduce the margin of error.

Omni-Channel Experience

Customers are on just about every channel imaginable nowadays. And you should be, too.

The key to developing a solid omni-channel strategy is to meet customers on the channels they use the most. Maybe it's their laptop or a tablet.

But, at a minimum, your customer loyalty software should be optimized for mobile. Users should be able to access their rewards account directly from their phone or your mobile app.

Ease of Use

Last, but certainly not least, make sure the software you choose is easy for you to set up — and for your team to use. The interface should be user-friendly and intuitively designed for accessibility and easy navigation.

16 Best Customer Loyalty Software for 2023

Here's a list of the top 15 best customer loyalty software for you to consider in 2022.

1. Kangaroo

customer loyalty software: kangaroo

Image source

Kangaroo provides all of the tools you need to build an omni-channel loyalty program that attracts and retains customers, and promotes and grows your business. The software is fully customizable, so you have the power to incorporate your brand identity and design a personalized loyalty program that best fits the needs of your business.

Free trial? Yes, Kangaroo offers a 30-day free trial for all plans.

Pricing: Pricing plans range from $59/month to $299/month based on your acquisition, retention, and growth needs.

Feature highlights:

  • Powerful acquisition and brand awareness tools including referrals, contest modules, social sharing, and raffles
  • Personalized customer rewards including points rewards, specialized offers, and promotional rewards
  • Email, SMS, marketing, and customer experience automation capabilities
  • Reporting dashboard accessible via any device including customer behavior and trend insights and weekly program performance analytics

Best for: Local businesses, merchants, and retailers of all sizes

2. Fivestars

customer loyalty software: Fivestars

Image source

Fivestars is a dynamic rewards program tool trusted by over 12,000 local businesses to acquire customers and build brand loyalty. This all-in-one platform combines automation, payments and marketing, and flexible rewards and promotions to keep customers connected to and engaged with your business.

Free trial? Free trial information is not publicly available.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Fivestars for pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Simple customer loyalty sign-ups and check-ins using a phone number (facilitated in-store or via a mobile app)
  • Automated campaign set-up for rewards with in-app, SMS, and email integrations
  • One-time targeted promotions to reach customers with incentives at the right time
  • Easy reward redemptions via a POS system or tablet device

Best for: Small- to medium-sized businesses with brick and mortar locations

3. Rybbon

customer loyalty software: Rybbon

Image source

Rybbon is an all-in-one solution for sending, tracking, and managing digital rewards programs. This rewards management tool and digital gifting platform allows businesses to streamline their reward and incentive distribution process from popular brands like Amazon, DoorDash, Visa, and Uber.

Free trial? No, but Rybbon offers a free pay-as-you-go option for customers with ad hoc reward needs.

Pricing: In addition to the pay-as-you-go option, pricing plans range from $1,990/year for the Team subscription to $5,990/year for the Enterprise subscription.

Feature highlights:

  • Digital, prepaid e-gift card distribution channel for clients and customers
  • Rewards program set-up for consumer behaviors like purchases and online brand advocacy
  • Customizable emails and landing pages to reflect your brand's style and messaging
  • Integrations with existing platforms including Marketo, Qualtrics, and HubSpot

Best for: Businesses of all sizes that are focused on growth

4. Smile.io

customer loyalty software: Smile.io

Image source

Smile.io is one of the world's largest rewards program providers with over 100,000 active rewards programs, 100 million participating members, and 100 partner agencies. They provide easy-to-use points, referral, and VIP rewards programs that help e-commerce brands scale and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Free trial? No, but Smile.io offers a free plan to help new businesses get started with a rewards program.

Pricing: In addition to the free plan, pricing plans range from $49/month for the Starter package to $599/month for the Pro package. Smile.io also offers an Enterprise package starting at $1,000/month.

Feature highlights:

  • Intuitive UX designed based on merchant feedback with customers in mind
  • Rich design customization to fit the look and feel of your brand without the need of a developer
  • Nudges and on-site reminders to encourage customers to engage with your program
  • Tailored points, referral, or VIP program experiences on all devices including multilingual functionalities

Best for: E-commerce brands of all sizes

5. Loyalzoo

customer loyalty software: Loyalzoo

Image source

Loyalzoo makes it quick and easy for small- and medium-sized retail businesses to offer digital loyalty and membership services. The application allows business owners to run loyalty programs digitally on a POS system without the need for physical loyalty cards.

Free trial? Yes, Loyalzoo offers a 7-day free trial for all plans.

Pricing: Loyalzoo offers one pricing plan at $47/month with the option to add SMS capabilities for an additional $30/month.

Feature highlights:

  • Quickly register customers with their phone number or email address
  • Loyalty marketing tools to deliver one-off specials or customized promotions both in-store and online
  • Software integrations on any device including computer, tablet, smartphone, and POS systems
  • Weekly tracking to measure customer spending habits and trends

Best for: Small- to medium-sized retailers

6. Alyce

customer loyalty software: Alyce

Image source

Alyce helps businesses build meaningful relationships with their prospects, customers, and partners by offering corporate one-to-one gifts. Their loyalty solution helps B2B business owners provide personalized gifting experiences throughout the customer journey, with the help of personal interest research and curated recommendations.

Free trial? Free trial information is not publicly available.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Alyce for pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Content customization including video landing pages to feed customers relevant content throughout the gifting flow
  • Post-gift CTAs to set prospects up for the next step in the buyer journey after accepting your gift
  • Opportunity to incentivize helpful customer behaviors like writing reviews or attending events
  • Integrations with existing platforms including Vidyard and HubSpot

Best for: B2B companies from small to enterprise

7. Yotpo

customer loyalty software: Yotpo

Image source

Yotpo gives businesses the tools to build customized rewards and referral programs to create winning customer experiences from brand discovery to product purchase. You can build a loyalty program designed to maximize engagement using reward campaigns and offerings, tier-based programs, user-generated content, and advanced customer segmentation.

Free trial? No, but Yopto offers a free quick-start plan for growing brands.

Pricing: In addition to the free plan, pricing plans range from $19/month for the Growth package to $59/month for the Prime package. There are also Premium and Enterprise plans available for small to enterprise businesses. Contact Yotpo for pricing details.


  • SMS marketing tools that target shoppers with personalized messages to create and improve the mobile experience
  • Integration of user-generated content with the ability to display reviews, ratings, and customer photos across your website
  • Variety of customizable loyalty campaigns to reward customers for actions like purchases, reviews, social follows, and referrals
  • In-depth onboarding consultation service to help with brand customization and integrations with your existing technology

Best for: E-commerce brands who rely on collecting and displaying user-generated content

8. Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud

Image source

Annex Cloud’s robust SaaS-based loyalty platform is built for growth and gives global enterprises everything they need to engage, recognize and reward customers across every touchpoint. Get robust next-gen capabilities, plus 125-plus integrations with all the top MarTech platforms to enable true omnichannel personalization.

Free trial? No, but see it in action for free. 

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Annex Cloud for pricing details. 

Feature highlights:

  • Allows you to configure an infinite combination of controls for points, tiers, actions, rewards and campaigns
  • Multi-template functionality to easily replicate and customize programs across regions and brands
  • Native receipt scanning to bridge retail and DTC strategies
  • Omnichannel promo engine to deliver a range of rewards that can be earned and redeemed anywhere customers interact   

Best for: Global enterprises looking to expand loyalty across multiple regions and brands

9. TapMango

customer loyalty software: TapMango

Image source

TapMango is a customizable customer loyalty program and online ordering platform for retailers. The software provides businesses with all the tools they need to create a comprehensive loyalty experience including powerful SMS and email marketing, mobile ordering, and seamless integration options for your existing POS.

Free trial? Free trial information is not publicly available.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact TapMango for pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Flexible loyalty program where customers can earn points in a variety of ways
  • Marketing portal where you can easily manage and monitor performance of your one-off promotions or automated campaigns
  • Branded mobile app where customers can keep track of their points, offers, and deals
  • Loyalty gift cards and preloaded tags with money, specific products, discounts for use in-store or at events

Best for: Small and large retail companies across all industries


customer loyalty software: Postal.io

Image source

Postal.io's Customer Success platform helps businesses send curated gifts and create experiences to build customer relationships and create loyalty. By creating meaningful touch points on your customer accounts, Postal.io ensures business owners are driving customer engagement and advocacy, and reducing the potential for churn.

Free trial? Free trial is available upon request.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Postal.io for pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Curated marketplace of over 500 unique gifts and experiences
  • Customer advocacy program management to drive positive brand sentiment
  • Tools to scale your outreach to customers via personalized gifting and offline touch points
  • Integrations with existing platforms including Shopify, Microsoft, and HubSpot

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

11. LoyaltyLion

customer loyalty software: LoyaltyLion

Image source

LoyaltyLion is an e-commerce customer loyalty and engagement platform that allows businesses to grow and retain customers through data-driven loyalty programs. LoyaltyLion programs go beyond points and rewards by offering personalized shopping experiences to help build long-lasting customer relationships.

Free trial? Yes, LoyaltyLion offers a 14-day free trial for all plans. They also offer free self-service plans for small businesses.

Pricing: The free self-service option can be upgraded with added enhancements for as little as $5/month up to $159/month. In addition to the self-service options, regular pricing plans range from $399/month for the Classic package to $1,500/month for the Plus package.

Feature highlights:

  • Rewards system for positive actions on and off site, like account creation and social media follows, and referrals, in addition to transactions
  • Marketing personalization for email and SMS notifications and reward reminders
  • Analytics, insights, and segmentation based on buying behaviors and lifetime customer value
  • Integrations with existing marketing tools including Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce

Best for: E-commerce merchants driving fast customer growth

12. Belly

customer loyalty software: Belly

Image source

Belly provides all the tools you need to ditch the paper punch cards and create a digital loyalty program for your business. Customers can sign up for Belly in-store or via the mobile app, check in every time they visit, earn points for every transaction, and redeem rewards at their convenience.

Free trial? No

Pricing: Pricing plans range from $129/month for the Belly Lite package to $159/month for the Belly Elite package. Belly Lite package requires a $19.99/month service fee and one-time $150 onboarding fee. Contact Belly for Belly Enterprise pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Custom reward offerings based on the unique needs of your business
  • Tracking to see how customers are engaging with your loyalty program
  • Marketing automation capabilities to create, send, and track auto-engage campaigns and promotions
  • Online business listings and management of digital menus and product offerings

Best for: Small- to medium-sized businesses and some enterprise

13. Reachdesk

customer loyalty software: Reachdesk

Image source

Reachdesk helps you create gifting campaigns for customers, prospects, and employees. Their Customer Success solution helps businesses increase customer adoption and upsells with data-driven reward strategies. And, Reachdesk enables business owners to use the power of gifting to drive customer retention, expansion, and loyalty.

Free trial? Free trial information is not publicly available.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Reachdesk for pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Gifting tools to provide personalized new customer onboarding experiences
  • Solution to drive engagement and incentivize customers to complete milestones on their journey with your business
  • Timely campaign creation to celebrate key customer or company milestones
  • Integrations with existing platforms including Zapier, Outreach, and HubSpot

Best for: B2B companies of all sizes

14. Zinrelo


Image Source

As a technology-led platform, Zinrelo is a modern-day, easy-to-implement, and end-to-end Loyalty Platform. Trusted by thousands of customers across the globe, Zinrelo is ranked as the number one Loyalty platform on G2. Zinrelo’s structured approach based on deep data analytics has led to a 2.4X increase in per-customer revenue and an 80% increase in repeat purchase revenue.

Free trial? Free trial information is not publicly available.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Zinrelo for pricing details.

Feature highlights:

  • Enterprise-grade technology platform for ease of launch and maintenance.
  • Build a core loyalty engine with industry-specific rules, campaigns, rewards & analytics; and unlimited customization
  • Omnichannel experience with seamless integration across all touchpoints & channels eCommerce, app, stores, 3rd party channels & call centers
  • White-Glove Service with a dedicated account team with unlimited support
  • Easy to Integrate with existing Marketing Automation, POS and E-Commerce platforms and ecosystems like Hubspot, Adobe Experience Cloud, Miva, etc.

15. Sendoso

sendoso copy

Image Source

Sendoso’s intelligent, all-in-one sending solution brings all of your digital and corporate gifting together in one place. The world’s most recognized brands rely on Sendoso’s proven expertise, superior technology and seamless warehouse logistics to deliver a more human marketing experience — globally and at scale.

Free trial? Free trial information is not publicly available.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. Contact Sendoso for pricing details.

Feature highlights:  

  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow
  • Accelerate deals and build customer relationships with personalized sending
  • Align Marketing + Sales to educate and move prospects through the pipeline
  • Sending is triggered by a specific event — registration, form completion, page views etc.
  • Sendoso easily connects with HubSpot to streamline your sending processes and enhance your marketing and sales efforts

15. LoyaltySurf

Image Source

LoyaltySurf is a loyalty program software designed for tech companies that want to automate their entire loyalty program and rewards process. With an extensive REST API, webhooks, and integration library, LoyaltySurf serves product and marketing teams at B2C, FinTech, and SaaS companies who want to launch a highly-customized rewards program effortlessly. 

Free trial? Yes, LoyaltySurf offers a 14-day free trial

Pricing: In addition to the free plan, pricing plans start from $99/month

Feature highlights:  

  • Fully customizable rewards program for any desired action or set of actions performed by your users
  • No-code integrations that speed up implementation time
  • REST API, webhooks, and metadata support that supports any custom loyalty and rewards program use-cases
  • Set up automated gift cards, cash payouts, account credits, and trial extensions in just a few clicks
  • Fully white labeled

Choosing the Right Customer Loyalty Software for Your Business

It's clear that there are a number of customer loyalty and gifting software options available in the market today. The key to choosing the best platform for your business is to consider your business size (e.g., small or enterprise) and type (e.g., e-commerce or retail).

And don't forget to include your non-negotiable needs for customer delight when making your decision.

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