Ten years ago, social media customer service was considered a novelty. Your team was going above-and-beyond by providing service to those who reached out to you on Facebook or Twitter.

Today, customers expect service personnel is monitoring your social media channels. When someone posts something about your brand, they expect an immediate response. And, it's not just Facebook and Twitter that you have to worry about. Now, there are a variety of social media platforms where customers can voice their opinions.

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Keeping pace with the constant changes in this space can be demanding for your customer service team. With different platforms being created and new trends forming on each one, it's hard to determine where you should focus your efforts.

To help, we've curated the list below of social media customer service stats. It summarizes the trends, platforms, and behaviors that your team should be monitoring this year. If you want to locate something specific, here's a table of contents to help you navigate the post.

Table of Contents

Social Media Customer Service Stats

Facebook Customer Service Stats

Twitter Customer Service Stats

Instagram Customer Service Stats

Other Social Media Channel Stats

Social Media Customer Service Stats

These stats have been organized into different sections and each includes a link to their respective sources.

Social Media Customer Service

1. 45% of the world's population uses social media. (Emarsys)

2. 80% of consumers use social to engage with brands. (Forrester)

3. 35% of American customers post negative comments about companies on social media, and 53% post positive comments. (American Express).

4. 54% of people that have social media use it to research products. (Global WebIndex)

5. 91% of social media users access their channels through mobile devices. (Lyfe Marketing)

6. 60% of customers who complain on social media expect a response within an hour. (Go Globe)

7. Solving an issue on social media is 83% cheaper than resolving it through a call center interaction. (Go Globe)

8. 54% of customers prefer social media for customer service over phone or email. (Conversocial)

9. If you don't respond to comments on social media, it can lead to a 15% increase in churn rate. (Gartner)

10. Answering a social media complaint can increase customer advocacy by as much as 25%. (Convince and Convert)

Facebook Customer Service Stats

11. Only 10% of Facebook's total monthly active users live in the United States or Canada. (Facebook)

12. 79% of Americans who have internet are on Facebook, making it the most popular social media platform in the United States. (Lyfe Marketing)

13. Facebook users are most active on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 11am and 2pm. (Sprout Social)

14. There are roughly 80 million fake Facebook profiles. (Statistic Brain)

15. 74% of Facebook users visit the site daily, and more than half visit it multiple times each day. (Pew Research)

Twitter Customer Service Stats

16. 60% of Twitter users expect a response to their tweet within an hour. (Twitter)

17. Over the last two years, customer service interactions on Twitter have increased by 250%. (Go Globe)

18. Twitter is 48% faster than email and 44% more accurate at delivering responses. (Go Globe)

29. When a customer receives a response from a brand on Twitter, they're willing to spend up to 20% more on a product in the future. (Applied Marketing Science)

20. 47% of Twitter users prefer "culturally relevant brands," and 60% of Twitter users think brands can be more culturally relevant by being more inclusive. (MAGNA Global)

21. 71% of customer service complaints made on Twitter aren't answered. (Aspect)

Instagram Customer Service Stats

22. 35% of U.S. adults are using Instagram, which is 7% higher than last year. (Pew Research)

23. There are over 500 million daily active stories on Instagram. (Statista)

24. Americans ages 18 to 24 are more likely to use Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter than any other age group. (Pew Research)

25. Your company's Instagram influences 80% of Instagram users' decision to buy your product or service. (Facebook)

26. 60% of Instagram users visit the platform on a daily basis. (Pew Research)

Other Social Media Channel Stats

27. Pinterest is 30% more popular with women than it is with men. (Pew Research)

28. 82% of Gen-Z people say they trust Reddit when it comes to learning more about products. (Reddit Blog)

39. 50% of Americans with a college degree use LinkedIn, whereas only 9% with a high school diploma or less use LinkedIn. (Pew Research)

30. LinkedIn accounts for 80% of social media leads for B2B businesses. (Forbes)

31. 49% of Latinx respondents reported that they are WhatsApp users. This can be compared to caucasian respondents where only 14% were WhatsApp users and African American respondents where 21% were WhatsApp users. (Pew Research)

32. 49% of SnapChat users engage with the app multiple times a day. (Pew Research)

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