10 Best Technology Website Designs in 2023

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Madhu Murali
Madhu Murali


Now that it seems like everyone has a great-looking website, creating a competitive technology website design is difficult to do. A good website design is user-friendly, looks good, and is informative while incorporating the company's message.

best technology website designs: laptop containing ideas to make your website gain leads and traffic

The best tech website designs are all the above, while maximizing the limited real estate on the homepage.

We’ve put together 10 of the best modern tech websites as examples to inspire you with your own website building. These websites are intuitive, simple, and do a great job of minimizing load times.

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Feel free to use the following links to jump to a specific example or just keep scrolling.

1. Avast Academy

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Avast Academy is the first website on our list, and it serves as a good blueprint for other tech websites. Its mission is to provide cybersecurity and privacy without compromising performance.

The website homepage immediately draws attention to multiple navigation paths, each highlighting one of its services. One quick scroll shows you all of its blog designed to provide value to visitors and attract more business in the future.

What We Like: Built with Content Hub, this website delivers a highly intuitive, replicable experience with a high conversion rate.

2. Dropbox

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If you’re unfamiliar with Dropbox, it’s a file storage service. Dropbox’s website design is a great example of the saying ‘less is more.’

The first thing you see upon entering the website is the social proof of 700 million registered users. Both highlighted buttons on the page direct you to their paid plan options, a great way to increase your conversion rate.

The rest of the clickable options on the page give you more information about the other services Dropbox offers. This website also maximizes its available space by using navigable menus that drop down when you hover over the button.

What We Like: This website is a great example of how to implement efficient and intuitive design into your website. Everything has a purpose; even the white space is used to highlight a potential conversion path for their services.

3. Dribbble

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Dribbble is a website that allows designers to host their portfolios, so it’s almost by necessity that it has a great website design.

Each button is clickable and brings a video background to display examples of designs the website hosts. You can even use the website to check out other web designs for inspiration (after finishing this article).

What We Like: This website’s design doubles as beautiful and strategic. With each click, you are taken on an aesthetically pleasing journey that shows why people use this website. This is a website by designers, for designers, and that comes through in the homepage design.

4. Moz

Image Source

Moz is an internet company that helps businesses improve their SEO efforts to improve their rankings in search engines and gain more website traffic. This website utilizes an old-school feel, with several drop-down buttons, and makes the most of its whitespace by emphasizing the CTA in the middle of the page.

This website also does an excellent job of engaging the visitor, as the first thing they see is, “Your SEO success story starts here.” This simple sentence connects with the user, between themselves, Moz, and success. That one simple line is effective advertising at its best.

What We Like: Moz’s website gets right to the point. They show off their CTA, promise success, and have the social proof to back it up. This website is an excellent example of website design.

5. GitHub

Image Source

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service that lets you store coding projects on its website. This website tries to sell you the idea of endless possibilities. It starts with its stunning background image, showing a planet and satellite to symbolize the unlimited creativity that its users have yet to discover.

The encouraging tagline ‘let’s build from here’ does a great job of including the user in the customer journey. After all, GitHub is powered by its user base and defined by its collaborative abilities, so this one word ends up emphasizing GitHub’s core values.

What We Like: With a beautiful design, social proof, and a welcoming start to the customer journey, GitHub is a great example of how to pass along your company mission without blatantly stating it.

6. Apple

Image Source

Since its inception, Apple has been at the forefront of innovation and design. Its website is no less extraordinary. The first thing you see when entering its website is Apple’s newest technology. Apple knows its customer base better than anyone else; they know that Apple customers are there to admire and buy Apple products.

Unlike the other websites on our list, Apple does not need a sign-up button or free trials. Apple simply needs to display its products because you’re there for a reason.

What We Like: Apple’s website should serve as a case study on how to build a website for an established customer base. The homepage is simple, stunning, and gets straight to the product with no other steps needed.

7. Airbnb

Image Source

Airbnb has changed the landscape of rental homes and marketplace business by blending its customers and users into one and serving both. Its homepage does a stellar job of communicating this by having options to rent and turn your home into an Airbnb.

The first thing you see are top rental properties with a price toggle. Pay attention to how many options there are for which type of rental property you would like to take your next vacation in.

What We Like: Airbnb is another great example of prioritizing products. This is a great strategy for established companies where the business is self-explanatory, and people are really only visiting when they’re ready to explore purchasing/renting options.

8. Trello

Image Source

Trello is a task management software that aims to maximize productivity through an organized, card-based approach. This website’s minimalist design helps draw user attention to the CTA in the middle of the screen, with an offer on the top right.

The clickable dropdown buttons at the top of the screen also helps Trello provide as much information about their products as possible without compromising the website user experience.

What We Like: Trello’s website is beautifully designed, maximizes space, and puts emphasis on the CTA. By following all of the core design principles, Trello has designed an effective website that leads to conversions.

9. Google

Image Source

One of the oldest sayings in the development world is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Google has been one of the most well-known internet companies for decades, and yet its homepage has remained mostly the same. There is a search bar in the middle of the screen with options to search by text, voice, or image.

While Google has made tweaks and optimizations to its homepage, the core design principles are the same. Create a simple but memorable experience for visitors that keeps them coming back.

What We Like: Google’s homepage delivers value immediately. People know why they’re going to this website and so does Google, so it removes any barriers for people to find what they’re looking for.


10. SoundCloud

Image Source

SoundCloud is a music hosting service that lets people upload and listen to music for free, or pay a subscription for added benefits. SoundCloud’s homepage emphasizes its CTA of a free trial, has a search engine, and features trending music and artists.

This website homepage is jampacked with easily accessible features to help its users get started right away. You can tell that SoundCloud has the utmost trust in its product, as its goal is to get people to try it right away.

What We Like: SoundCloud is a great action-oriented website. Every aspect of the page allows the visitor to take action by uploading/searching for a song, creating an account, or just browsing available music.

Getting Started Designing a Technology Website

Using these principles, you should now be able to design a website for your business needs. Remember to emphasize your CTA, draw attention to important details using whitespace, and make sure that every part of your homepage serves a purpose. Other than that, you’re ready to get started.

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