The WordPress Vector Icons plugin is an impressive tool to let bloggers present their thoughts without uttering a word. This plugin is a combination of two plugins, totaling more than 10,000 vector icons for your WordPress panel.

These icons are very handy in notifying visitors of the various areas of your website. For example, you can use an icon to show the home button, settings, a contact number, music, an image gallery, and much more.

Some of the plugin's important features include high resolution and retina-ready design, a variety of sizes and colors, customization via CSS and CSS3 code platforms, a handy Ajax panel, one-click install, plentiful icons for different buttons, and several backgrounds and icon effects.

Now, let's explore the WordPress Vector Icons plugin's features in-depth.

WordPress Vector Icons Plugin

What is the WordPress Vector Icons plugin, and how does it work?

As its name suggests, the WordPress Vector Icons Plugin is a set of two plugins, both of which share the name Vector Icons – WordPress and have more than 5,000 icons.

Below are more details on each of the plugin's features.

Sizes and Colors

You can resize and assign any color to the icons available in this plugin, so the icons will suit your needs and match your website. For example, you can choose a bigger home icon on your blog to keep the focus on that with a color that complement's your WordPress theme.

WordPress Vector Icons Plugin Color Selector

Icon Effects

There are many effects available to use on the icons. Some of the major effects include spin and fade off, multi-background and gradient colors, and different border and corner styles.

With these effects, you can place an icon within rounded corners or edges with fading colors and spinning animations all at one time.

WordPress Vector Icons Plugin Settings


All of the icons available with the WordPress Vector Icons plugin can be directly inserted from the text editor itself. This way, you can avoid the nonsense of inserting them again and again after editing the post.

You can also bookmark your favorite icons in the dashboard panel so that they pop up when you are about to insert one of them. This will save you some time.

Other Features

The WordPress Vector Icons plugin offers many more features for customization and ease of use.

You can assign URLs to icons and direct the links to open in the same or a different window. All of the icons are arranged in different categories: social media, emoticons, hand-drawn, web, shape, etc. As if 10,000 icons weren't enough, the developers claim there are many more icons coming soon.

The admin panel is very simple to use, even for those who are new to WordPress. This handy plugin is available for just $32.


Icons play an important role in the presentation of your website. Although there are many icon plugin options for WordPress, the versatile collection and functionality of the WordPress Vector Icons plugin makes it a top choice for adding icons to your website.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 3:22:00 PM, updated August 31 2020


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