20 Accountant Website Design Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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Meredith Smith
Meredith Smith


Are you building a new or redesigning an accounting firm website? Whether or not tax time is right around the corner, it’s always a good time to consider rebranding by creating a new website for your firm.

accounting firm website design

If you’re short on inspiration or unsure where to start, check out this list of 20 accounting websites to get your creative juices flowing.

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Best Accountant Websites

1. Seal+Co

accountant website design, Seal + Co

The Seal + Co team shows that they know how a modern website for accountants should operate — with a lifestyle look and feel and a color palette that indicates professionalism and trust. The large headlines offer comfort and peace of mind for anyone looking for a CPA.

What We Like

  • Big, bold headlines drive the Seal + Co value-add home
  • Thoughtful animation keeps users intrigued as they scroll through services
  • The website is optimized for larger and small screens

2. Carrie Braswell

accountant website design, Carrie Braswell

Carrie’s message about how she can help potential clients as a CPA is front and center on her website. Not only that, but her copy is empathetic and clear. The design is modern, streamlined, and pleasing to the eye.

What We Like

  • A nice, minimal color palette showcases the message without being intrusive
  • The site feels like you’ve stepped into the office of a small business owner
  • Client-focused links are right at hand in the nav for file sharing and payments

3. Deloitte

accountant website design, Deloitte

While Deloitte offers accounting services for businesses, its website is well-organized and easy to navigate if that’s what you’re looking for. The front page showcases a blog with a range of topics in its wheelhouse, giving visitors the idea that they’re working with the pros.

What We Like

  • Take note of this site’s navigation layout and how it directs users to service lines
  • The black, white, and green color palette evokes accounting and money management
  • The corporate feel gives visitors the sense that these are experts and professionals

4. Belay Solutions

accountant website design, Belay Solutions

This modern and minimal website is easy to navigate, well-organized, and has nice, streamlined graphics. The Belay Solutions website could inspire your next accountant website project — just follow their lead on color schemes, information architecture, and typography. You’ll be good to go.

What We Like

  • The site is easy to navigate for visitors, with clear buckets of information
  • The easy color scheme is professional and modern, with green and blue
  • Big typography for heading fonts tells you the information clearly and easily

5. Ernst & Young

accountant website design, Ernst Young

With an editorial content focus, the Ernst & Young website targets its core market: enterprise and mid-level businesses. The magazine-like feel of the accounting firm's website gives it the air of expertise, building customer confidence and trust. The content is laid out in rows, making it easy to follow as the visitor scrolls down the pages.

What We Like

  • The site uses editorial content to boost EEATs (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)
  • The site communicates service lines and industries with tabbed content that won’t force a user to find the information in the navigation
  • A large navigation flyout menu works to fill in whatever gaps are missing in the content on the homepage

6. Incomee

accountant website design, Incomee

While Incomee is an accounting app and not a firm, we included it on this list because of its sleek and modern website design.

The flat graphics, sticky header, and one-page design give the users a clear understanding of the app and its features. It could inspire your next accounting firm web project due to its sectioned content and professional look and feel.

What We Like

  • The one-page layout style directs visitors to where Incomee wants them to go
  • Flat graphics are clear and easy to read and understand
  • Sticky navigation keeps important links top of mind for users

7. 1-800-Accountant

accountant website design, 1800Accountant

Friendly graphics make this website for accounting services personable as can be. The homepage has a landing page feel, with clear step-by-step instructions for lead generation. The navigation helps users understand exactly what services they can expect.

What We Like

  • Clear, direct instructions drive the leads every business needs
  • Value adds are offered in colorful buckets to help the user take action
  • The phone number call button in the navigation is easy to spot

8. Smith + Howard

accountant website design, Smith + Howard

This accountant website has a lot to love if you’re looking for inspiration for your next project. From the bold hero graphics to the clever “up and to the right” collage featuring the client roster, the site is clean, easy to navigate, and professional.

This accountant website knows who it’s after: other businesses in need of accounting services.

What We Like

  • Big headlines make the site easy to read on any screen size
  • Clever graphics communicate the message of the brand in a straightforward manner
  • The navigation is broad but simple and easy to find what you need

9. Baystate Financial

accountant website design, Baystate Financial

Baystate Financial has a modern, professional website that features the local beauty of its surrounding area in the hero video on the website. From imagery to sleek animations as you scroll, this accountant website leaves no detail behind.

The color scheme communicates the client level, and the imagery helps drive home the brand’s commitment to its community.

What We Like

  • The site uses the company’s location to signal community
  • A thoughtful color scheme helps communicate accountants’ positions
  • Streamlined headshots in the about section give a professional quality

10. Syed Associates

accountant website design, Syed Associates

This Chicago-based accountant firm communicates its services to visitors with big headlines and a bold message.

In this case, the copy does most of the heavy lifting. But, the rest of the website is good, too. Streamlined branding, location-focused graphics, and professional photography make this accounting website appealing.

What We Like

  • The site uses professional photography to mimic the level of services provided
  • Icons, streamlined typography, and interesting section layouts give this website a layered look
  • A footer with excellent typography doesn’t leave the users hanging — it provides more direction of where to go next

11. Remedy Financial Solutions

See Remedy Financial’s lead-generation focused Website design to inspire your next accounting firm website project

The website for Remedy Financial Solutions knows what it’s after: a potential client. (As any good website should.)

Let this accountant website serve as a reminder that sometimes it’s best to just get to the point. With a lead form front and center and the consultation scheduler button on nearly every header, this website is laser-focused.

What We Like

  • Remember your site doesn’t have to stop at the footer — this website directs users all the way to the end
  • Certifications on display, like the Quickbooks logo, help visitors know what kind of accounting services the firm is capable of

12. Rootworks

accountant website design, Rootworks

Do accountants need accountants? Rootworks sure seems to think so.

This meta-accounting firm caters to helping accountants start and run their businesses. Rootworks is a family and community-oriented website design that matches its mission. The homepage layout draws visitors down through unique buckets (not your standard 3-column grid).

What We Like

  • Rootworks has content buckets to feature ebooks and other resources
  • A double-wide navigation flyout keeps all of the information for visitors at their fingertips

13. PWC

accountant website design, PWC

Since PWC’s clients are all mid-enterprise-level businesses (hey, they need accountants, too), their website caters to a specific audience. The site creates a magazine-like feel with its stock market imagery and prominent insights. The design signals that the firm knows how to handle money.

What We Like

  • A heavy focus on editorial content marketing gives this accountant firm’s website a lot of SEO opportunity
  • Large navigation flyouts are organized by services, clients, and more to help users find their way
  • Pops of red against black are a nice change of pace from the green and blue color schemes of many accountant websites

14. Akuonto

accountant website design, Akuonto

Although this is another accounting app rather than a firm, there is a lot you could borrow from Akuonto’s clean and colorful website design. This accounting app website design is easy to use and understand, from the “Book a Demo” button in the navigation to the no-frills one-page layout.

What We Like

  • The landing page design gives the visitor a clear path to filing in the form and giving your client a lead
  • Testimonials next to the lead generation form give the users another reason to sign up

15. Marcum LLP

accountant website design, Marcum LLP

Marcum is a nationwide firm that presents itself via its accounting firm website with that level of professionalism. From the large flyout menus that detail every aspect of the accounting business available on the website to the thoughtful animation as you scroll down the page, no detail has gone unnoticed.

The cool color scheme is business casual. The site also has unique design panels throughout to communicate the company’s core mission during tax time and beyond.

What We Like

  • The site uses large-scale navigation flyouts to direct visitors
  • Editorial content drives the community and company message home
  • The site sticks with 1-2 colors to keep busy pages easy to read

16. Wendroff & Associates

accountant website design, Wendroff & Associates

The big hero graphic and CTA on the Wendroff & Associates website are easy on the eyes without being intrusive to visitors. Overall, the site has a simple and professional feel with sleek graphics to match. The unique blue and orange color scheme, an outlier on this list, makes its message stand out.

What We Like

  • CTAs are simple and free of cluttered content to drive the leads
  • Rows to delineate content information that the user needs to read
  • Simple animations on buttons and buckets are eye-catching

17. Norberg, Davis, Bourne & Painter

Slideshows and sleek graphics make the Norberg, Davis, Bourne & Painter accounting Website stand out from the crowd

The accounting website for the Norberg, Davis, Bourne & Painter firm is a modern, minimalist design that differs from others on this list. The colors — black and gold, primarily — are different, too. A hero slideshow communicates the message without being cluttered with busy graphics or reports.

What We Like

  • The unique color scheme helps the accounting firm’s website stand out
  • CTAs for clients in the navigation keep important links for file sharing and appointments at hand
  • The service lines are easy to find under the “Services” tab

18. Lindenhurst

Lindenhurst uses excellent copy and graphics on their accounting firm Website to drive business

The award for the best CTA in an accounting website’s homepage hero goes to Lindenhurst, a New York-based accounting firm. Aside from the truly genius copywriting, and the editorial SEO content throughout the site, the graphics are pleasing and professional.

The stock photos are as playful as the copy, and they add a nice business casual touch. The menus are simple and easy to follow, with just a few items in each dropdown.

What We Like

  • Simple navigation helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for
  • Stock photos help communicate the culture of the accounting firm

19. Count on That

Take a look at the Count on That Website for accounting firm Website inspiration

An interesting red, black, and white color scheme immediately made this accounting firm's website stand out. Large headlines in the hero with a video component also put Count on That a cut above. The navigation is simple, and focused CTAs help clients easily contact the firm.

What We Like

  • Large type in hero sections with clearly defined CTAs help drive business leads
  • The copy is compelling and makes accounting seem more approachable for clients

20. Olympic Point Tax

accountant website design, Olympic Point Tax

This Pacific Northwest-themed accounting website is a little different from all the rest: no highfalutin stock photos to be found.

The focus of this site is the copy, the cool color scheme (green, blue, and serene), and the location of the business.

What We Like

  • The site uses location as an inspiration for branding and graphics
  • The site is simple and easy to navigate

How to Launch an Accounting Firm Website in 2023

Now that we’ve explored some of the best accounting firm websites, it’s time to start building your own. Follow these steps to kick-start your journey.

1. Choose a domain name and provider.

The first thing to do when you’re launching an accounting firm website is to find your domain name and domain name provider. We recommend buying a domain name from a reputable source, such as one of the following:

  • Namecheap.
  • GoDaddy.
  • BlueHost.
  • DreamHost.

If you are using the HubSpot CMS to build your website, it’s easy to connect any third-party domain you purchase.

For most accounting firms, buying a domain name that closely matches your business name is best. It’s easier for the client to remember if you can buy a domain name that simply is your business name.

While you might consider adding a search keyword to your domain, such as myaccountingbusiness.com, it’s also easy to buy an additional domain name that points to your main domain.

2. Choose a hosting and content management platform.

A hosting provider will allow you to use a content management system or flat HTML files connected by links to host the content on your domain. But there are so many hosting providers these days. How do you choose the best one?

Prioritize ease during your search. The right hosting provider makes creating and maintaining a site simple. Here are a few platforms that we suggest:

  • Squarespace. Squarespace’s motto is to make it easy for anyone to launch a business online with easy-to-use templates and CMS tools.
  • WordPress. The original CMS of the Internet, WordPress is easy to use with features from blogs to storefronts.
  • HubSpot. HubSpot offers all the tools your accounting firm needs to launch and maintain your business as well as your clients.

3. Set up a content management system.

Once you’ve chosen your content management system, follow the instructions on the CMS tool’s website to set up the content management system. More than likely, your hosting platform will set this up for you, and you will simply be able to log in and build the page.

But, you may have to add additional setup steps to your process – including adding the domain name to your domain name servers. This will allow you to access the content management system from your new domain name, rather than logging in to their client-side system.

To point your domain name to your content management system, check with the knowledge base of the CMS you’ve chosen.

4. Design your content.

You’ll need to design interior pages for the accounting firm’s website. Based on the examples above, we recommend including at least the following pages:

  • Services. Include buckets for each service line available to clients, testimonials from existing clients, and maybe even a case study of a client project. You can keep it as simple as you like, with one page or many subpages.
  • About. Create an about page that drives customer confidence. Use headshots, bios of partners and accountants, and add a CTA for contacting the firm.
  • Contact. Create a contact form so that prospective clients can contact the accounting firm. The CMS tool you choose should have an easy contact form ready to implement.
  • Client portals. Add a link in the navigation to the accounting firm’s client portal. This keeps necessary client access points at hand.

You may want to add additional landing pages for various marketing funnels. HubSpot makes creating landing pages for your accounting firm’s website easy, even if you use another hosting provider.

5. Connect your social media and newsletter.

To start marketing your accounting firm, connect your social media. Your client or business can use social media to find prospective clients and build consumer confidence by showing that your business has real people behind the brand.

While you might not think an accounting firm can make social media exciting, there are many ways that you can create content for your social media. You can feature clients, write case studies, showcase office dogs, and more. This can drive clients to your accounting firm website that you’ve worked so hard to create.

You may also consider adding a newsletter to your site so that you can keep your customers abreast of changes to the tax law, upcoming deadlines for filing taxes, and how to plan for tax season.

Getting Started

When building an accounting firm website, focus on an uncluttered, easy-to-navigate user experience. You should clearly explain your services and discuss why your business is the right fit for your clients. Begin by drafting a design for your site, then start building to bring your vision to life.

examples of brilliant homepage, blog, and landing page design

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