5 Websites Designed by Artificial Intelligence

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Darrielle Evans
Darrielle Evans



You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT and how it can write poems, explain complex concepts, and assist with task automation. However, ChatGPT is only one type of artificial intelligence software that exists.

website designed by artificial intelligence

As a web developer, your websites can be designed by artificial intelligence. Although AI is still in its early stages, it’s already impacting the web design industry. In fact, Grand View Research says that globally the AI market is expected to be valued at $1,818.8 billion by 2030.

In this article, we’ll explore how AI can help create websites and look at some examples of AI-designed sites.

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Artificial Intelligence and Web Design

The web design industry can use AI to create user-friendly websites, implement industry best practices, and optimize websites. Sites like Bookmark say their AI assistant can create a site in as little as two minutes. Overall, AI is helping increase productivity by handling these tasks.

You’re probably wondering how this is possible. AI is known to use machine learning algorithms to gather user data and analyze it. Then AI uses this data to create custom websites based on user behaviors derived from the data.

AI can customize content, layouts, and recommendations according to each user’s profile. This can result in better engagement and conversion rates.

With all AI’s capabilities, keep in mind the tool's limitations. While AI can easily create a web page, it may miss out on certain creative aspects that only humans can create. This is because AI works on data that it has been trained on. Its data sources may lack diversity and accuracy.

It’s also worth noting that your brand’s vision may not be fully realized when using AI-powered products. You most likely will have to customize and edit a good amount of the content generated.

5 Websites Designed by AI

Using an AI website generator can be cost-effective and efficient for your business. If you need to create a digital presence quickly, the generator can build a web page based on your prompted answers in minutes. You can check out sites like Wix, Hostinger, or Bookmarks for AI web design services. Let’s check out websites designed by these AI services.

1. Get.Strong

Get.Strong AI Website Design ExampleIMG name: bookmark

Get.Strong is a fitness website built by Bookmark’s AI-powered website builder. Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AIDA) is Bookmark’s AI assistant that does the heavy lifting. AIDA starts by asking you what industry your business is in, what colors you would like, and whether you want a specific layout.

For this website, AIDA uses AI algorithms to apply industry design standards, such as organizing the content in sections. Get.Strong users also don’t have to worry about what device they’re using the site on — AIDA takes care of responsiveness.

What we like: If you need to add products for your ecommerce store or integrate social media on your webpage, AIDA can handle that for you.

2. Go Grow

Go Grow AI Website Design ExampleIMG name: gogrow

Go Grow is powered by Bookmarks AI assistant AIDA. Go Grow is a marketing agency that uses its website to connect with its customers, display its services and prices, publish blogs, and assign user profiles.

AIDA offers a shopping cart feature allowing Go Grow’s customers to purchase their services. Using prompts, AIDA gathered information about Go Grow’s services to display on their services page to help users know what they offer.

What we like: Your brand isn’t limited to what can be featured on its page when powered by AI. In this example, you’ll see ecommerce capabilities, a blog, and forms all created by AI.

3. AdamsConstructionGroup

Adams Construction Group AI Website Design ExampleIMG name: adams

You may be designing a web page for a business that needs a simple design like this company, Adams Construction Group. Their business’s web page shows important contact information and a form to capture potential client information. They use a web page powered by Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).

Wix ADI asks certain questions to understand what you want the website to look like. Wix needs to know the name of your business, what additional text you would like to display, if you have a logo, and if you would like to include specific images.

AI created three pages for Adams Construction Group: Home, Contact, and Client. It processed the custom information in a beautifully simplistic layout that shows a bold picture of construction work as the header, a services gallery in the middle of the homepage, a page with clients, and a form to collect customer info.

What we like: Whether you’re designing a static page or need to collect information from your user, Wix ADI can help you with that.

4. HiiTS

HiiTS AI Website Design Example

HiiTS is a website that combines cool workout mixes and class notes in one place. This website was designed using Teleporthq.io. Teleporthq is unique in how it uses AI website creation. You can use ChatGPT-generated code on their website to help customize and create your vision.

Instead of asking website goal questions, this AI created HiiTS based on wireframes. It doesn’t matter if the wireframes are hand-drawn or digitally created; it uses machine learning to create websites using either option.

What we like: This AI tool can be paired with ChatGPT to create a highly customized product. If your brand is full of creativity, you can still use AI to create your vision by taking advantage of Teleporthq editing options.

5. Fantasy Farms

Fantasy Farms AI Website Design Example

Fantasy Farms used Hostinger website builder. Hostinger’s drag-and-drop AI-powered tool allows web developers to produce websites in no time without using any code. ChatGPT powers Hostinger.

In this example, the AI created an eye-catching modern website with a bold image behind the first section of the web page. Fantasy Farms has many images organized in sections throughout its site to communicate its services, products, and responsibility.

Pro tip: Take advantage of the text generator feature while using Hostinger’s website builder to help create exciting captions for your web page.

Create a website with AI today.

Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that is only going to get better. Now is the perfect time to experiment with these tools to keep up with the emerging technology. Be sure to keep in mind some of the limitations you learned about today when using AI to develop web pages.

Now that you’ve seen some examples of what AI-powered websites look like, you can create your own!

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