The 12 Best Coding Games of 2022

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino



Think learning how to code means spending hours and thousands of dollars in bootcamp? Not necessarily. Coding games can teach you essential principles of programming and don’t feel like a chore.

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Whether you’re an adult looking to learn how to code or seeking the best coding games for kids, you’ll find plenty of options. So how do you find the perfect one?

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In this post, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best coding games you can try today. We’ve divided our list into three categories:

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect game to get you started on your coding journey.

Best Coding Games for Beginners

Ready to begin cultivating your coding skills? These four games cover various programming languages, connect you with colleagues and friends, and get you on the right path without getting overwhelmed.

1. CodinGame

Best Coding Games for Beginners: CodinGamePrice: Free

For those looking to dive into the world of coding, CodinGame is a fun and digestible first step. The game supports more than 25 different languages (including JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby). It allows you to practice, learn, and eventually compete in international contests to show off your coding skills.

The courses were created by top developers and allow you to learn new languages, tricks, and algorithms quickly. As you play and strengthen your profile, you can opt in and enable companies to see your profile.

What we like: CodinGame can be as independent or collaborative as you’d like — you can play with your colleagues or friends.

2. Flexbox Froggy

One of the best coding games for beginners: Flexbox FroggyPrice: Free

Flexbox Froggy seems simple, but offers an engaging way to practice writing CSS code. You can play independently or with your friends. Through this game, you’ll learn the intricacies of CSSand how to align page elements in Flexbox.

There are 24 levels in total, and by the time you make it to the final one, you’ll be fully equipped with the skills necessary to work with Flexbox in your next project.

What we like: The pacing of this game is intuitive as it’s easy to begin and gradually increases in difficulty.

3. CodeCombat

One of the best coding games for beginners: Code Combat Price: Free to start, Premium costs $9.99 per month

Regardless of age, if you’re a beginner coder, you shouldn’t miss out on CodeCombat. Create a free account to start learning programming must-knows, including functions, conditionals, loops, and variables.

CodeCombat boasts over 20 million learners in 190 countries. With this program, you can select which programming language you’d like to work with.

What we like: CodeCombat supports Python and JavaScript, two of the most popular programming languages.

4. CSS Diner

One of the best coding games for beginners: CSS DinerPrice: Free

CSS Diner offers 32 levels designed to teach beginner coders everything they need to know about CSS selectors. CSS diner introduces brief challenges that hone in on working with ids and classes. Once you level up, you’ll discover Pseudo-selectors, Last of Type Selectors, First of Type Selectors, and the Universal Selector.

What we like: If you’re just starting to learn CSS, this game is a must-try because it helps you get familiar with the programming language without getting overwhelmed.

Best Coding Games for Adults

If you’re an adult learning to code, check out some of the beginner games we mentioned. Then, when you’re ready for a challenge, give this next set of best coding games for adults a try. Even if you’re an experienced coder simply looking for a refresher, these games are entertaining and give your skills a brush-up.

5. Robocode

Best Coding Games for Adults: RobocodePrice: Free

Robocode is a fun yet complex programming game that asks players to code robot tanks and then make them compete against each other. Your quest is to write artificial intelligence that shows your robots how to succeed. To do so, you’ll use languages including Scala, Java, C#, and beyond. Play it once or twice, and it’ll hook you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What we like: Though this game launched in 2000, it is updated frequently and well-maintained.

6. Codewars

One of the best coding games for adults: CodewarsPrice: Free

Sharpening your coding skills is simple with the help of Codewars. When you join, you’ll challenge yourself on small exercises referred to as ‘kata.’ These are created by the Codewars community and help you fine-tune your skills. You could use this program to master your favorite programming language, or learn as many of the over 55 languages as you want.

What we like: Codewars isn’t only a game; it’s also a community of over 3 million developers.

7. Human Resource Machine

One of the best coding games for adults: Human Resource MachinePrice: $14.99

Human Resource Machine is on our list of best coding games for adults because it offers an engaging way to solve puzzles. In Human Resource Machine, you’re an office worker who needs to automate your job. How? Through visual programming, of course. Another reason we’re a big fan of this game is because it even touches on memory management and logical flow, two valuable concepts.

What we like: Human Resource Machine features 19 supported languages.

8. 7 Billion Humans

One of the best coding games for adults: 7 Billion HumansPrice: $14.99

7 Billion Humans is from the same creators as Human Resource Machine. In this game, you won’t only have to automate one office worker — you’ll have to automate swarms of them. Then, you can begin to solve puzzles. (Trust us, it’s easier said than done.) If you were a fan of Human Resource Machine, you don’t want to miss out on this game, either.

What we like: This game features more than 60 levels of programming puzzles.

Best Coding Games for Kids

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to coding. Not only are these games fun, but they also offer a practical way for children to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here are the four best coding games for kids that are just as educational as enjoyable.

9. Code Karts

Best Coding Games for kids: Code KartPrice: Free to start, in-app purchases

With over 100,000 downloads and teacher approval, Code Karts is one of the best coding games for kids. Whether you have an iOS, Amazon, or Android device, you can introduce pre-coding to children ages four and up. This game presents kids with several logical puzzles presented as a raceway.

What we like: There are over 70 levels and two game modes, so once your child masters one level, they’re onto the next.

10. codeSpark Academy

Best Coding Games for kids: codeSpark AcademyPrice: Free trial, $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year

For kids ages 5 to 10, codeSpark Academy offers an excellent introduction to coding. This game was developed by Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Princeton research. codeSpark Academy has garnered over 20 awards, including LEGO Foundation’s Pioneer Re-Imagining Learning & Re-Defining Play, Apple’s Editor’s Choice, Top Educational App, and Association of American Publishers’ Apps on the Rise.

What we like: New content is released regularly, so your child can dive into fresh puzzles, creative tools, and coding challenges, so they’re continually learning.

11. Kodable

Best Coding Games for kids: KodablePrice: Free trial, $9.99 billed monthly, $59.99 billed yearly, or $149.99 lifetime

If you need proof that Kodable is one of the best coding games for kids, consider how over 50% of schools in the US trust it. Kodable helps kids ages 4-10 discover core programming concepts.

There are two levels to Kodable: the first K-2nd Grade Level and 3rd to 5th Grade Level. K-2 is for children ages 4-7 and offers the opportunity to engage in drag-and-drop programming, create personalized characters, and even develop critical thinking skills.

For older kids ages 7-10, the 3rd to 5th-grade level introduces JavaScript and Swift Programming, allows children to build characters, transitions them into actual code, and teaches Object-Oriented Programming.

What we like: With two different levels, Kodable will grow with your kids as they do.

12. ScratchJr

Best coding games for kids: ScratchJrPrice: Free

Coding offers youngsters the ability to program their games and interactive stories. Throughout this process, your child learns invaluable problem-solving skills, how to design projects, and the value of creativity/self-expression. ScratchJr is designed specifically for children ages 5-7. The program was developed by researchers at Tufts University’s Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development, and also features contributions from the MIT Media Lab. And when your child is middle to high school aged, they can play Scratch, which was created by the same team.

What we like: ScratchJr scores major points for accessibility — it is available in over 12 languages.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Watch this video for 10 more coding games to consider.

Use These Games to Get Started Coding Today

With the help of these 12 games, starting your journey to becoming an expert developer has never been so enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner looking to take the first step, an experienced coder seeking a refresh, or a parent who wants to find an educational and fun game, you’re sure to find something that checks all the boxes.


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