Twitter is a platform that no blogger or online marketer can ignore because the reach on this platform is phenomenal. If you can build up a decent follower base, you can drive tons of traffic to your website.

Social media marketing is a very important part of any business marketing strategy these days, and Twitter is one of the leading platforms.

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There are a number of Twitter WordPress plugins that can help you to use Twitter more effectively.

How to Add a Twitter Feed to WordPress

Adding a Twitter feed widget to your WordPress site will definitely increase the level of engagement around your brand which can be a great deal as far as your marketing strategy is concerned.

1. The Official Twitter Widget

Twitter provides an official option to create a widget. It's not specifically created for WordPress sites, but you can still use the widget effectively.

You can customize the widget, set the theme for your widget, and set things like the link color, height of the widget, etc to match your site.

You can go to the Twitter widget settings page and create your widget to add it to your site and use the WordPress text widget to add the code

Twitter Official Widget

2. Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach

Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach is a very handy Twitter feed WordPress plugin that can show your Twitter feed on your site.

It's a very easy to use WordPress plugin that can be placed in any widgetized area of your site.

Twitter Feed WordPress Widget Plugins

3. Kebo Twitter Feed

Kebo is a user-friendly Twitter feed WordPress plugin. You don't even need to use your own app to use this plugin; you can get started in just a few clicks.

You can place the widget in any of your widgetized areas or place it anywhere with the provided shortcode. After activating the plugin, it will ask for permission to read publicly available information to show the feed.

Kebo Twitter Feed

4. WP Twitter Feeds

This is a simple widget that lets you add your latest tweets in widgetized areas. The plugin uses the latest Twitter API to show the Twitter feed. This plugin offers quite a few options to manage the feed on your site; you can set the number of feeds, show the avatar, etc.

WP Twitter Feeds

5. Pixiefy Twitter Feed

This is a simple WordPress plugin to show your Twitter feed in your blog. This plugin provides you a number of options to customize the Twitter feed for your site.

Pixiefy Twitter Feed


6. Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets is an easy to use Twitter feed plugin to display the latest feed in the widget. You do have to create a Twitter application to show the feed. This plugin will help you to increase engagement because your users will be able to reply, retweet and favorite your tweets right from your page.

Simple Twitter Tweets

7. Any User Twitter Feed

This is a very simple and easy  Twitter feed WordPress widget plugin that enables you to show anyone's Twitter feed with only their username or display tweets based on a keyword. You can also set it to show tweets based on a keyword.

Any User Twitter Feed

8. Minimalist Twitter Widget

Check out this minimalist Twitter feed widget that displays the feed based on the username or hashtags using the REST API v1.1. With its minimal style,  it blends seamlessly into your theme.

Minimalist Twitter Widget

9. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

Easy Twitter Feed Widget is another very easy to use Twitter feed WordPress plugin which you can use without creating an API to display tweets on your WordPress site.

You can also customize the widget to match your WordPress theme perfectly.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin


Showing Twitter feed in your WordPress site is definitely a good idea; it can help to extensively increase user engagement.  All the above mentioned Twitter feed WordPress widget plugins are tried and tested, and you will definitely see a positive difference in your site.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 3:28:00 PM, updated April 02 2021


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