11 Best Classified Ad WordPress Themes for 2022

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Classified ads, once exclusively found in newspapers, are now mostly online. Craigslist is a popular classifieds site in the United States, and most people would probably think to look there for a used car before checking the pages of their local newspaper. It’s not just an American thing, though — people would likely look to leboncoin.fr in France, or finn.no in Norway.

site owner using wordpress to build a classified ad listing site

Classified listings are great for various reasons: ad placements are free or significantly cheaper than mass marketing, the sites are monitored and managed by a third-party, and buyers are already visiting the sites when they need something. Overall, it’s easy for the seller, and it’s easy for the buyer.

While Craigslist is a large-scale platform, it’s also possible to build a classified ads site on WordPress with a suitable theme. In this post, we’ll recommend various high-quality themes you can use to create a unique, custom classified site.

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1. Classima

Classima is an incredibly highly-rated WordPress theme for directory and classified ads websites. It comes with 8 clean and responsive multi-homepages that are extensively customizable with the Elementor page builder or with Gutenberg blocks. The theme is powered by the Classified Listing Pro, which is a highly-rated plugin on the WordPress marketplace for classified ads and directory websites.

Included in the theme are 8 clean and beautiful multi-homepages with endless customization options that are responsive in any layout. Create the best directory website with a variety of features and options, such as payment in PayPal and Stripe, integration with WooCommerce, Live Chat feature, multiple list view ads, and unlimited custom fields. 

classima wordpress theme

2. Listify

Listify is a feature-rich WordPress theme you can use to create a location-specific ad listing site. The theme boasts a five minute setup time with its built-in style kits, and you can center your site around a specific niche, like household furniture, or create a general classified platform like Craigslist. With the WooCommerce Payments plugin integration, you can easily monetize your site and charge users for featured ad space.

classified ad categories sample homepage from listify wordpress theme

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3. AdForest

AdForest’s standout feature is the built-in bidding tool, helping you create a specific or multi-type site like eBay. You can manage listings through the powerful admin panel to ensure that all ads are legitimate and use the WizzChat integration to allow buyers and sellers to communicate for even more security.

The theme also comes with 25+ layout templates, or you can elect to make customizations with WP Bakery and Elementor page builders.  

homepage search module demo on adforest classified theme

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4. Knowhere Pro

Knowhere Pro’s powerful radius filter makes it easy to build a location-based classifieds site. As the site admin, simply approve seller profiles, and they can upload and manage their advertisements in a high-quality front-end dashboard.

Buyers can leave reviews and ratings for purchases, acting as built-in spam protection and helping you establish your site as an authoritative source with social proof. Knowhere Pro has a basic, clean-cut look, allowing site visitors to focus on listings with minimal distractions.

sample knowhere pro homepage displaying all classified listings categories

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5. ClassiEra

ClassiEra is a beginner-friendly classified theme, as the download comes with 15+ premade layouts for easy site design. It also comes with significant time-saving features, as a front-end dashboard lets sellers take control of their listings and pay for featured advertising space; no admin input needed.

The theme also includes inbox messaging for easy conversation between buyer and seller, SEO tools, and is mobile-friendly.

classiera sample homepage search module with footer ads and category icons

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6. ClassifiedEngine

ClassifiedEngine is another theme with a feature-rich front end dashboard, a time-saving tool for site admins. Simply create payment plans for premium ad placement, and interested sellers can create a profile, upload their ads, and set listing timeframes. The buyer dashboard also includes an ad manager that will automatically delete listings when they expire, ensuring that site visitors only see the most relevant content.

Buyers can filter for relevant ads with the built-in search bar and elect to receive notifications for new listings in their preferred categories.

classifiedengine homepage with featured listings demo

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7. ClassiAds

ClassiAds includes 20+ category templates, making it great for those hoping to create specific classified sites. As an admin, simply approve seller applications, and they can manage their ads in a front-end panel. The default listing type is free, but you can elect to charge users to feature their ads in high-traffic site areas for increased engagement and visibility.

ClassiAds can also integrate with MailChimp, enabling communication between admin and sellers and buyers and sellers. You can make additional customizations with WP Bakery and Elementor.

classiads sample homepage with category listing buttons

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8. ClassiPress

ClassiPress is a straightforward theme for building a classified ads site. It’s easy to use and seller-friendly, as they get access to a personalized dashboard to upload and edit their ads. They can even connect their profiles with existing social media accounts for cross-channel engagement.

You can upload your logo and banner for custom branding and choose between eight color schemes and page layouts for displaying ads. ClassiPress also gives you the option to monetize your site and charge users to feature their ads in “Latest Ads” or “Featured Listings” categories for more visibility.

classipress demo homepage with search bar and featured listings footer module

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9. ServiceFinder

ServiceFinder is one of the more unique themes on this list, as you can use it to build classified sites for specialized services, like carpentry and plumbing. Like TaskRabbit, providers can create a profile detailing their services, and buyers can sift through relevant options.

With the WP Job Manager plugin integration, sellers can share documents and certifications with interested clients, send quotes, and allow customers to book their services. Both parties can leave reviews and testimonials after jobs are finished, helping you establish trust and authority on your site.

example service finder wordpress theme homepage with category listings button and search module

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10. MyCity

MyCity is excellent for building localized classified listings for a Grouponesque site, as the theme comes with 800+ unique search keywords and powerful geolocation through Google Maps for local SEO. You can make your site category-specific or make space for multitype listings, from dental offices to pet groomers to local events.

You can charge per ad listing or on a subscription basis and make visual customizations with WP Bakery.

mycity classified theme demo homepage with category search module

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11. Classify

Classify stands out from the crowd with its video ads feature. Sellers can make listings and include video demos or simply provide proof of quality and functionality for items like used electronics or cars. The built-in advanced search widget makes it easy for buyers to quickly find what they are looking for, and they can communicate with sellers via email.

This theme also gives you the option to monetize your site and charge for featured ad placement with WooCommerce, and choose from unlimited color schemes and 650+ Google Fonts for customizations.

classify demo homepage with location search module and premium footer ad listings

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Selecting Your Classified Ad Theme

Rather than building your site from scratch, simply select one of these high-quality WordPress themes with the features you need, like front-end dashboards or video capabilities, and begin creating your own unique classified ad WordPress site.


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