Find here a complete list of the best PDF viewer plugins, which will help you download blog posts as PDFs, or integrate PDFs into your WordPress site.

PDF is a standard file format that helps users view documents in a very professional and clean interface. Most of the corporate world exchanges files in PDF form.

Also, PDF eBooks are extremely popular on the internet, because they make the document look very professional and clean.

Though the standard WordPress media uploader can help you upload PDF files by clicking the “Add Media” button, these plugins will make the process even further and give you a comprehensive solution to work with PDF files.

Useful WordPress PDF Plugins

#1 - PDF viewer for WordPress

A high-quality premium WordPress PDF viewer plugin that will help you display PDF files like Adobe reader on your WordPress site. It offers you controls such as print, download, zoom, share, you own logo, a presentation mode and lots more.

It is a fully responsive WordPress plugin, which means your PDF files will respond correctly to any screen resolution used by your user.

It also offers you many customization options to make it match your theme. You can change the color, use retina image quality and more.

WordPress PDF viewer plugin

#2 - Wordpress PDF Viewer and Embed

A comprehensive PDF management plugin for WordPress, this plugin will help you upload any PDF file from your localhost, as well as import your PDF through a URL. It offers you two display modes: the full-width mode as well as the embed.

It also offers you many customization possibilities, such as the embed width, height, and PDF start page. You also have the option to show or hide the PDF toolbar.


#3 - DK PDF Generator

Creating PDF versions of your posts, and sharing those in PDF sharing communities can be great traffic generators. DK PDF Generator lets you easily choose pages and posts, as well as the custom post types to create a PDF version of your website.

DK PDF Plugin

#4 - WP Advanced PDF

If you are managing a site that includes tutorials, this plugin will be very useful for your users. With this plugin, your users will be able to create a PDF version of your posts for their personal use. It offers a number of different settings to make sure that the PDF is of high quality, too.

WP Advanced PDF

#5 - GroupDocs Viewer

GroupDocs Viewer is a free plugin that will help you to embed and display PDF and Microsoft Office documents right on your WordPress website. This plugin doesn't require Adobe Reader, Flash or other browser plugins, and comes with a convenient user interface for easy navigation when viewing multi-page documents.

As this plugin uses the GroupDocs' cloud storage for storing the PDF files, you will not be able to store the documents locally on your site. Please note The GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API is a paid service, and you will have to register with them to use it.

GroupDocs Viewer for Cloud

#6 - WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This plugin will make your online shop created with WooCommerce even more professional by adding a PDF invoice to the order confirmation emails sent out to your customers.

It comes with fully customizable HTML & CSS invoice templates, which you can design as per your requirements. It also gives you the option to download the PDF invoice packing slips whenever you need it.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

#7 - Send PDF for Contact Form 7

This is another useful plugin for you if you are using the Contact Form 7 plugin on your site. With this plugin, you will be able to recover your users' contact data yourself via your form and insert it into a PDF.

Send PDF for Contact Form 7

#8 - Print Friendly and PDF Button

Another widely used WordPress plugin that will automatically create a printer-friendly, PDF version of your post or page –without a single line of coding.

It offers you a customization option to show your favorite print and PDF button. You can also use the text link or any other graphic of your choice. Lastly, it comes with a great looking Lightbox to open the PDF files, so that the user isn't directed away from the page.

Print Friendly and PDF Button

#9 - WordPress Backend Posts to PDF Plugin

This is another very useful PDF WordPress plugin that will help you create an eBook with your posts in minutes. With this plugin, you can export all of the posts that fit within a particular criteria into a PDF document.

You have the option to export documents according to a category, or according to the author.

Posts to PDF Plugin

#10 - PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce

PDF Product Catalog for WooCommerce is a very useful plugin that will help you download its complete product list, in PDF, with a single click.

This plugin comes with five default PDF templates, but you can create your own to suit your needs with simple HTML and CSS. It also provides you a shortcode option to add PDF download buttons to any post or page.

PDF Product Catalog

#11 - Gravity PDF

Gravity Form is one of the most popular WordPress form builder plugins, and it is widely used by the WordPress community to capture information. With this plugin, you will be able to view the information in a great looking PDF file.

If you are concerned about the security of your information, this plugin offers you an easy option to secure your information with a password.

Gravity PDF


These PDF WordPress plugins will help you create professional-looking posts and pages downloaded as PDFs.

All of these plugins are capable of performing different functionalities. We hope these suggestions will help move your online business forward!

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 10:51:00 AM, updated January 29 2020