The 50 Best Blogger Website Templates: Your Ultimate Guide

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Meredith Smith
Meredith Smith


If you’re looking to start a blog in 2023, you might be wondering what the best website templates are for bloggers. With platforms like Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix, getting a blog up and running has never been easier.

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You can even create your website directly through HubSpot with our free templates that can help you launch a beautiful website in no time!

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Let’s look at 50 of our favorite blogger website templates for you to choose from. We’ve included which platform, what we like about them, and how to get them.

1. Ruft

Get the Ruft website theme for your next blog project and head off on adventure

Ruft is a website theme with an adventurous spirit. Built with Bootstrap for easy responsive layouts, Ruft offers unique and fun features. From the full-screen banner to the sticky navigation menu, you’ll know you're putting your best foot forward — wherever that may lead.

What We Like

  • Sticky navigation scrolls nice and smooth and offers a sleek design.
  • Category pages make browsing the blog easy.
  • A blog sidebar promotes other channels, posts, and tags.


  • You’ll need to bring your own content management system.

2. Foode

Get cooking with Foode, a blog template for your next recipe blog

This salivating blog template will have any foodie drooling over your recipes in no time! Just grab this template from Colorlib, and load it onto your favorite hosting platform, and voila. Your dishes cab ve served up to the world.

What We Like

  • This simple blog template offers space for big, beautiful pictures.
  • A cool homepage carousel to feature your favorite or most popular posts.
  • Sticky navigation keeps categories and other content at hand.


  • The content area could be wider on the homepage to avoid squishing the sidebar and the main trail of posts — easily fixed with CSS.

3. Wordsmith

Use the Wordsmith theme to showcase your blog content with big, beautiful hero images

Though this minimal website template proclaims to focus on the words rather than the pictures, it does the latter quite well, too. Get a cool photography-focused carousel and streamlined cards for blog posts.

What We Like

  • Audio/visual layouts are available and include a video, audio, and text post format.
  • The typography is big, streamlined, and plays nicely across devices.
  • A magazine-style footer makes your recent work easily accessible on posts.


  • The nav is not sticky on this one, creating an awkward need for the backspace.

4. World

Get a newsworthy blog layout with the World theme from Colorlib

Looking for a website template for a professional, newsworthy blog? Give World a try. With a magazine-like blog template, World will elevate your content from local coverage to the national spotlight.

What We Like

  • A newslike slideshow on the homepage features the day’s top stories.
  • Category buckets with tabs for easy browsing and visitor retention.
  • There's a headline area with a photographic background that doesn’t take up too much space.


  • The sidebar doesn’t span the height of a single page, making an awkward cutoff.

5. Brooklyn

Use Brooklyn to build a blog or personal website for your next project

A multipurpose theme for WordPress, Brooklyn lets you take control of cobbling your own domain, regardless of the end goal. Create any website you can imagine, whether it’s a blog, a business, or a blog/business.

What We Like

  • Endless options to customize the layout of your pages, navigation elements, and more.
  • 50+ premade templates are included, making creating your website easy.
  • An automated website installer gives you a one-click solution for creating pages.


  • Drag and drop editor may be a learning curve for those not used to WordPress.

6. Stockholm

Create a unique and customized website or blog with the Stockholm theme

This WPBakery and Elementor-based theme offers you a world all your own with endless customizations. With a library of demos and modules, you can create exactly the kind of blog you want in no time flat with this professional WordPress theme.

What We Like

  • You can customize your header and footer with the navigation you need (such as blog categories).
  • There are parallax sections for one-page landing pages or category front pages.
  • There are many blog layouts to choose from, from masonry to animated to centered and beyond.


  • Requires Elementor to execute the layout exactly as the demos, adding to setup cost.

7. RyanCV

Use the RyanCV template for WordPress to build your blog and professional portfolio website

Use RyanCV to blog about your professional life! This website theme could be a great way to create a case study blog and showcase your final projects to hiring managers. RyanCV is easy on the eyes and plays well with WordPress.

What We Like

  • This theme is built for the career-minded, with streamlined areas for resume and CV.
  • Create a unique blog layout for your latest portfolio or project.
  • Animated backgrounds make your design stand out.


  • This theme might require advanced WordPress knowledge to create a site that matches the demo.

8. Oshine

Oshine will give your blog or business website the polish it deserves!

Oshine is a blog template for WordPress that polishes your content right up. With a versatile set of use cases, you can use this WordPress template to showcase your creative endeavors, blog about your projects, or create a business.

What We Like

  • There are 50+ demos ready for one-click installation.
  • You can use this versatile WordPress template for a blog, business, or a little of both.
  • There are six different blog styles to choose from to fully customize your blog.


  • You might require more WordPress knowledge to execute a site that matches a demo.

9. Meranda

Use the Meranda website theme for your next blog project and get great blog features

A minimal and clean website theme that any blogger would enjoy, Meranda stands out from the pack. Built on Bootstrap, this blog template offers all the features you need from a blog template and looks good across multiple devices.

What We Like

  • This clean theme is super easy on the eyes.
  • A streamlined slider showcases your top content front and center.
  • A newsletter form in the footer makes your mailing list easy to integrate.


  • Category pages are busy and difficult to read.

10. Magdesign

Use Magdesign to create a minimal, serene blog with a zenlike feel

This lovely template is minimal and serene. Get your blog to a zen-like state with this website blog template that offers unique features from author profiles on the homepage to colorful pagination on category pages.

What We Like

  • Single posts highlight the author at the top of the page.
  • A newsletter subscribe bar in the footer makes integration with email marketing easy.


  • You’ll need to bring your own CMS to use this template.

11. Miniblog

Miniblog is a minimal, clean theme for your next blog that will look good on all devices

This is not a miniature blog, as one might assume from the name, but another minimal blog layout that looks great across multiple devices. That said, the real purpose of this blog website template is to make your content look beautiful, regardless of the size. And it does just that.

What We Like

  • Headlines over photos keep the content streamlined and above the fold.
  • A newsletter area in the footer makes integrating your blog and email list easy.
  • Colorful category tags help users with navigation.


  • The header on single posts is so tall it pushes content below the fold.

12. WebMag

Use WebMag for your next blog project for a streamlined blog template

WebMag is a colorful, yet minimal, template for your next blog website project! This streamlined template offers headlines set into featured images, ad space for your sponsors, easy template sections for categories, featured posts, and more.

What We Like

  • Typical blog features are available, including different types of posts and lists.
  • Sticky navigation means users are less likely to get lost while browsing.
  • Single post pages offer context with header photos and sidebar navigation.


  • You’ll have to bring your own CMS, which may be advanced for some developers.

13. Maktub

Use Maktub to build a colorful blog on either WordPress or the Ghost platform

A unique and colorful website template for your blog, Maktub has a lot of things we like about it. From the sticky sidebar (that’s different!) to the options in your blog layout, Maktub can work with many blog designs.

What We Like

  • This is a minimal, lightweight, and colorful blog template for your next website.
  • Single pages are traditional blog style with a wide body post and a sidebar.
  • The sidebar is sticky, offering excellent navigation for the user while reading.


  • Be careful to choose which CMS you prefer, as there is a Ghost and a WordPress option.

14. Lepus

Lepus is a theme for an agency that you could use to build a website for your next blog project

Although this template is designed with an agency in mind, it does offer blog layouts within the template itself. Get it for WordPress or HTML and use it on your platform. You can use it to create a professional-looking blog website for you or your client.

What We Like

  • Several types of blog layouts give you plenty of room to customize.
  • This is a professional, clean look to leverage for multiple types of clients.
  • You can choose between a wide content column or a masonry content column.


  • The demos are very busy with a lot of information, but this could be streamlined to fit your purpose.

15. Genelia

Genelia is a modern blog and website template for the Ghost platform

Ghost has gained popularity as a blogging platform, especially among those with enough knowledge to be dangerous in the website development category. You can host this template on your Git account for free. Genelia gives you a great starting point for your next blog project on Ghost.

What We Like

  • Nice, simple animations attract readers to click on blog stories.
  • There are unique blog post headers with big headlines for easy reading.
  • There are author profiles above the fold of single posts, highlighting the writer.


  • Hosting with Git can be challenging.

16. Elijah

Use Elijah to get your Ghost blog and website online easily and quickly

Getting Ghosted doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you like free web platforms and don’t mind a learning curve, you might enjoy moving your next blog project to the Git hosting platform Ghost. The Elijah template is an HTML template you can import to the Ghost platform.

What We Like

  • The Elijah template offers a minimal and clean design.
  • Support for native Ghost features, including membership areas.
  • Support for multiple authors, such as field experts.


  • The layout is great for big screens, which may also be detrimental. The content can be lost in such wide format layouts on smaller devices.

17. XOXO

The XOXO template offers a cute, fun blog template for WordPress or your own hosting platform

This adorable template offers both an HTML version and a WordPress version. With five different homepage layouts, you can create a pop-culture-ready blog in no time. The blog template features seven post templates — quote, link, audio, gallery, video, image, and the standard single post.

What We Like

  • This quirky theme works well for a pop culture publication.
  • Seven post templates are ready for your content –— quote, link, audio, gallery, video, image, and the standard single post.
  • Many interior pages are already designed for you, meaning no extra coding is required.


  • The style is not as professional as some of the blog themes out there but would work well for a personal or quirky blog layout.

18. Arcado

Arcado is a visually appealing website template perfect for your next blog project

The Arcado website template is a well-designed and visually appealing template suitable for businesses and individuals who want to create a professional-looking website. It has a modern and clean layout that is easy to navigate, and the color scheme is neutral and pleasing to the eye.

What We Like

  • This theme is optimized for different screen sizes and devices, making it accessible to many users.
  • Pre-designed pages make it easy for users to customize and add their own content without extra coding required.
  • There's great flexibility for those looking to include a portfolio on their website in addition to case studies and other content.


  • Further customization outside of the portfolio theme may require additional coding.

19. Quinton

Use Quinton, a HubSpot theme, and build your blog with great marketing tools on the HubSpot platform

The Quinton theme is designed for use on the HubSpot platform! Use one of our predesigned templates and enjoy a stylish, easy-to-use website. This theme offers a blog listing page and a single blog post, giving you flexibility over organizing and displaying your content.

What We Like

  • This clean and modern design is visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a professional appeal.
  • You can fully customize the theme using the HubSpot CMS tool, from fonts to colors to adding your branding.
  • You get six interior page templates already designed, with no extra coding required.


  • The theme may cause some sticker shock but offers a highly personalized website experience for your blog or business.

20. Hubson

Hubson is a unique, magazine blog layout ready for the HubSpot content management system

The Hubson blog template offers a unique layout reminiscent of high-end print magazines. This blog template can be used on the HubSpot platform, making it easy to update and customize with our in-house CMS.

What We Like

  • You get a high-end look and feel for your blog with this layout.
  • Keep loading and scrolling blog posts with the “load more” button.
  • Modules make customizing the blog template and other pages easy.


  • Honestly, very few — modules are unique, detailed, and organized.

21. Katen

Katen is a flexible WordPress template that you can use for your blog or business website

This unique theme offers 51+ website templates! An all-in-one template that will allow you to create and develop a WordPress site easily, you can use this multifunctional website template for all websites. And yes, Virginia, a blog — and various styles for it — is available.

What We Like

  • Lots of flexibility means that you can use this template for many scenarios.
  • Customize the homepage with your various blog categories, and feature the content you want where you want it.
  • The template comes with pre-designed pages and sections, such as the homepage, about us, and contact, making it easy for users to get started with their blog.


  • There is no ecommerce functionality, which may be a disadvantage for bloggers who want to sell products or services without a third-party platform.

22. Zurich

Zurich is a theme for bloggers and influencers that can help you grow your audience with HubSpot’s powerful tools backing it up

Zurich is designed for bloggers, influencers, and those looking to build an audience for their personal brand. Backed by the powerful HubSpot marketing tools and content management system, use Zurich to see your content travel far and wide!

What We Like

  • You can easily integrate your newsletter with a module on the blog sidebar.
  • Standout galleries with tabs allow visitors to browse content easily.
  • Module areas offer retention marketing content, such as a downloadable pdf.


  • The interior pages are few and far between, meaning you may have to design some of your own.

23. News Pro

Get a feature-packed blog in no time with the NewsPro template from HubSpot

News Pro is a standard blog layout that you can use to stand up a feature-rich blog website! Get your blog up and running with HubSpot’s powerful CMS and analytics tools. Many features make this blog template a professional and sleek option for any news site.

What We Like

  • There are lots of content layout options for displaying your different news categories.
  • There are modules for newsletter sign-ups, making integration with email easy.
  • Well-designed slider in the header on the homepage for featured news.


  • It might be more robust than personal bloggers are looking for, but anyone with a lot of content could put it to good use.

24. Interia

Inertia will give your next blog momentum when you use this customizable HubSpot blog template

Another HubSpot-ready blog template, Interia is a sleek and professional theme you can use for any blog. While the title might suggest something for an interior designer or YouTube DIYer, Interia is flexible and easily customizable.

What We Like

  • There's a “load more” articles button, so your visitors can easily keep reading.
  • A single blog post template features a header image and a wide content area.


  • The typography could be more streamlined and minimal, but that can be customized within the HubSpot CMS.

25. Personal Blog

Get a trendy blog template for your next fashion blog with this Wix blog template

Personal Blog is a trendy blog and website template for anyone looking to capture their story online! Whether you’re a writer or a social media influencer, Personal Blog can help you build your blog’s website and presence to grow your audience. The theme includes several designs to choose from based on your personality.

What We Like

  • Trendy colors make the Personal Blog template a blog-of-the-moment theme.
  • The blog layout is easy to read, navigate, and browse on all devices.
  • You can easily test out your customizations within the Wix CMS platform.


  • In a perfect world, the navigation wouldn’t be transparent if it’s sticky, but at least it’s sticky.

26. Fashion Blog

FashionBlog will help you launch your influencer career with this unique and trendy blog template

Get started with your Wix website as a fashion influencer! This blog template offers big, beautiful images for your street-style snaps and wardrobe roundups. Plus, connect your social media profiles to grow your audience.

What We Like

  • Blog post content areas are nice and wide, giving your photos room to shine.
  • The theme has a cool and edgy feel, reminding us of an old Tumblr.
  • You can set how long the post will take to read, which can be shown in the byline.


  • The theme may not be as professional as some on the market, but it can be a great starting point for any budding fashionista.

27. Book Blog

Get your book review blog going with this literary-leaning blog template from Wix

Got a voracious appetite for reading? This book blog template can let you turn your passion for reading into more than just a hobby! Create a community and grow your audience around your love of literature.

What We Like

  • Clean blog template that showcases your reviews of your favorite reads.
  • Detailed typography and styling elements allow you to include pull quotes and more.
  • Easily integrate your blog’s newsletter with a sign-up form module.


  • We wish the menu was more streamlined like the rest of the blog template.

28. Davis Blocks

Davis is a clean and simple theme that uses powerful WordPress blocks to build your blog

If all you need is a place for your words, look no further than the Davis Blocks theme from Anders Noren. This is as clean as it gets but offers the flexibility of the modern WordPress Gutenberg editor.

What We Like

  • Structured as a clean theme out of the box, so you can customize the blog as you like.
  • Davis Blocks is built with text first.
  • Fine-tuned typography that makes your content stand out.
  • This template is built with the WordPress 5.9 Full Site Editing feature, which gives you full control over branding, colors, and typography.

What we don’t like: If you want to include images throughout your blog, a different template can help you put pictures first.

29. Eksell

Eksell is a portfolio template that you can use for a blog based on the WordPress platform

Eksll is designed with portfolios in mind but could easily be used as a blog layout to help you stand out. The interior blog pages are built for artists and offer stylistic elements for all manner of typography details.

What We Like

  • You can customize unique, single blog post pages with galleries and typography choices.
  • Minimal and elegant typography keeps your blog content front and center.
  • A fly-out sidebar keeps the navigation at hand no matter how long your visitors might scroll.


  • The portfolio layout might pigeonhole your project, but it could make a blog worthy of being noticed.

30. McLuhan

McLuhan is a Medium-inspired blog template built for the WordPress platform

McLuhan might be the opposite of Eksell. While the previous template was made for artistic blogs, McLuhan is for blogs with long archives. This blog template is streamlined and easy to navigate but keeps text minimal on the front page.

What We Like

  • This blog template is easy on the eyes with minimal colors, designs, and typography choices.
  • The single-page post template offers large images, a sticky sidebar, and detailed elements.
  • A resume template and a basic page ready for your customization.


  • You might have to work hard to customize the homepage to resemble a more traditional blog layout.

31. Rowling

Post your latest news and blogs using the Rowling template for WordPress

Rowling acts more like a traditional news site than a blog, meaning there is a lot of room for your content. A well-designed sidebar offers category browsing, calendar posts, and a unique circular thumbnail for recent posts.

What We Like

  • The theme follows in other Anders Noren themes’ clean, minimal footsteps.
  • Traditional and modern elements make this blog layout timeless.
  • Singular blog posts offer unique features and detailed typography elements.


  • The tabbed navigation is excessive, and the header could be shortened without it.

32. Hoffman

A minimal blog layout with a cute dog-eared page layout, Hoffman makes a great choice for your next blog

Another retina-ready, blogger-friendly template from Anders Noren, the Hoffman WordPress theme offers big pictures on single posts and a cute dog-eared page theme. The burger menu is a unique fly-out beneath the header, and the content sports large header image spaces and stylish typography for your blog posts.

What We Like

  • There is stylish typography with detailed elements for your blog posts.
  • The big images don’t stop this blog template from looking good on the small screen.
  • This WordPress blog theme is Gutenberg-ready, making the theme easily customizable for your blog needs.


  • The single-post template doesn’t leave any room for a sidebar, so content is forced into a footer.

33. Monica

Monica is a minimal HTML template that offers a dark theme for your next blog or website

Monica is a minimal, beautiful blog template for those who like Dark Mode. There are big, bold headlines using white-on-black text, colorful sections delineating content areas, and stylish blog elements. Monica will help your content stand out from the pack.

What We Like

  • You can use This HTML template to start your website on any platform.
  • A newsletter module in the footer lets you easily integrate email marketing into your website or blog.


  • You may need additional help to get this template stood up on a content management system of your choice.

34. Spurgeon

Spurgeon is a clean and minimal blog layout for those who like full control of their HTML templates

This clean, minimal blog layout is great for those wanting complete HTML control. Download the code and hoist the site up onto your favorite hosting platform! Spurgeon has a cool, literary magazine feel, with big images that look good on all sizes of screens.

What We Like

  • This layout is reminiscent of print magazines rather than a traditional blog.
  • Standard, video, and audio posts are already styled and ready for your content.
  • Interior pages are carefully styled and thoughtfully detailed.


  • There may be a learning curve working with a flat-file template, but the control of the HTML might be worth it.

35. Typewrite

Get the Typewrite template and easily create a masonry style blog for your next website project

A minimal, masonry-style blog, Typewrite is a clean slate for all your content. Typewrite offers a sleek design with big, beautiful typography and a black-and-white header. Blog posts offer standard templates — standard, video, audio, and gallery posts.

What We Like

  • The static sidebar allows for endless scrolling of blog content while providing navigation.
  • Dropdown menus for categories are easy to browse.
  • Single blog posts are simple and offer everything you could want for your blog.


  • You may need coding experience to stand this blog template up on the hosting platform of your choice.

36. Calvin

Calvin sports big beautiful images for your next blog project with this template from Style Shout

With this blog template, you’ll get big, beautiful images with headlines superimposed onto the full-screen headers. The blog layout itself is simple, clean, and understated. Easy-to-browse columns draw the user through your content and continue to appear as they scroll.

What We Like

  • Nice and simple animations illuminate blog content as you click and scroll.
  • The single-page blog post template is clean and simple. Plus, it offers a sticky sidebar.
  • The footer is well-stocked with your usual blog template needs, from the newsletter module to the bio paragraph.


  • You’ll need coding assistance to use this HTML template, but it might be worth the trouble to have all the features.

37. Astra

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes today and a good choice for your next blog

One of the most popular WordPress themes on the market today, Astra is highly customizable for any website! (You can see what all the hype is about in our full Astra theme review.) The features are nearly endless, with grid, masonry, list layouts, and more.

What We Like

  • You can take control of the structure of your blog and manage how posts are shown on individual pages.
  • There are related posts at the bottom of your pages and posts.
  • You can manage the width of the content area of your site to cater to large or small screens.


  • The price may be an entry barrier, but Astra is flexible enough that it should pay for itself in no time.

38. Reiro

Get Reiro and build your next blog on the Ghost platform with this professional theme

A great-looking theme for the Ghost platform, Reiro is an easy-to-use theme that offers a modern and clean look! This theme is simple, making the content of your blog the star. Plus, you can choose from a dark, light, or colored version of the blog theme.

What We Like

  • This template is designed with Ghost’s popular subscription content features in mind.
  • Single posts are big and beautiful backdrops for your blog content.


  • Ghost may require a learning curve or a developer to help you get started

39. Dex

Dex is a great theme choice for writers who use the Blogger content management system

Dex is a theme for Blogger. Remember Blogger? Like a hosted WordPress, Blogger is a blast from the past — but still going strong! Dex can help you create a professional blog using the Blogger platform.

What We Like

  • Premade demos give you the option to set up the blog easily.
  • You can use the theme for a portfolio, blog, personal website, and more


  • Putting your blog front and center may require some additional coding knowledge.

40. Mueller

Use Mueller for your next blog or business website and your content will be front and center with its clean, bold typography

Big, beautiful hero images and bold typography make Mueller a blog template worth reading cover to cover. This HTML template is ready to download and use on your server.

What We Like

  • A cool, edgy photography layout is mixed with traditional blog elements.
  • Fun animations create movement with your blog posts and content sections.
  • Flexible template elements allow you to use this template for more than just a blog.


  • Like the other StyleShout templates, you’ll need some coding knowledge to get this HTML template up and running.

41. Hola

Say hello to this stylish vCard template, Hola, that you can also use for your next blog

Get this stylish vCard template and spike recruiters’ curiosity with a blog in addition to your portfolio! Post case studies, reports, white papers, and more to your resume.

What We Like

  • This multipurpose theme allows you to create a fully-fledged portfolio site and blog all in one template.
  • Big hero images showcase your work with retina-ready heroes and slideshows.
  • The HTML template also offers a PSD template for full customization in Photoshop.


  • The blog is not front and center, and some coding knowledge may be required to rearrange content sections on the homepage.

42. Daily Bulletin

Get a daily news site in no time flat with Daily Bulletin, and enjoy full blog features on WordPress

The Daily Bulletin WordPress theme is a traditional magazine layout allowing full blog post customizations. There are endless homepage templates ready for installation and modules to cater to any needs you have for your blog.

What We Like

  • Blog layouts cater to various industries, from general news to finance.
  • Generous support documentation to help average users launch their blogs.
  • Numerous formats for categories, blog listings, top stories, and archives.


  • While there is generous support documentation, having help from a WordPress designer is a good idea.

43. Clean Blog Jekyll

Use Clean Blog Jekyll for a responsive theme for your next blog or business website

Another blog layout with big hero images, this Bootstrap-based theme from Start Bootstrap is a great choice if you have big images to go with your blog content. This blog runs on Jekyll, a Ruby on Rails platform.

What We Like

  • The blog posts are easy to read, with big, bold type for headlines and intros.
  • Hero images for headers offer unique opportunities for storytelling.
  • The single post templates are easy to read and browse.


  • Using the Jekyll website generator — note we did not say content management system — may be more of a passion project than a professional one.

44. Clean Blog Angular

Using the Angular platform, the Clean Blog Angular theme is a modern, simple design for your blog or business website

Much like the Clean Blog for Jekyll, the Clean Blog Angular offers much the same, but you can bring your own content management system without the bells and whistles of Ruby on Rails. Instead, it runs on what is called Angular 9.

What We Like:

  • The fact that someone is taking the initiative to provide well-designed blog templates for off-the-beaten-path platforms.
  • Single posts are simple but effective and include all the blog features you know and love.


  • Angular 9 is geared toward developers, so building a website with this theme may require additional programming knowledge.

45. Poket

Poket is a website and blog template looks good on any device, large or small

Poket is an excellent, multipurpose theme with over 50 demos ready to install! Poket is not built for any particular content management system, meaning you’ll need to bring your own, but the customizations and options are endless. Plus, it looks great on small and large screens.

What We Like

  • You can use this clean, modern website template for a blog or business.
  • Demos are detailed with thoughtful styling choices and multiple interior page layouts.
  • Blog posts are simple, elegant, and feature-rich.


  • There are almost too many options. You’ll have to plan your deployment carefully.

46. Hazel

Use Hazel for your next blog and shop and get your website on WordPress quickly

Hazel is a clean theme that would work well for either shops or blogs! There are four amazing demos to choose from with this theme, giving you the flexibility to use it for various purposes. Since Hazel is built with WordPress, you should be able to use this theme with no coding knowledge required!

What We Like

  • Unique templates let you use this theme for a shop, blog, or business.
  • Clean lines and modern styling give this blog template an edge.
  • Blog themes are thoughtfully detailed, with post styles for quotes, videos, and more.


  • You might require extensive knowledge of WordPress Gutenberg editor to use the demos, but blessedly it won’t require WP Bakery or Elementor.

47. MeriMag

Use MeriMag to get a classic news and blog template for WordPress

A classic news template for WordPress, MeriMag has all of the features you need for your next great news site! Use the customizer to change the look and feel easily, and customize every aspect of your site.

What We Like

  • Full control of the news templates and layouts within WordPress.
  • No need for an additional theme editor like WPBakery or Elementor.


  • Some of the styling is a little outdated, but you’ll have no end with the features.

Where to get it:

48. Mirya

Mirya is a personal portfolio theme for WordPress, but you can also use it to build a blog or business website

Mirya is a personal portfolio theme that you can use to build your portfolio and resume website. This is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress theme that will give you a professional foot forward during any hiring loop.

What We Like:

  • Unique, dark design that will give your blog content an edge.
  • Sticky navigation menus keeps your categories and pages at hand for readers.
  • Blog layouts are clean and modern, including a sidebar for cross-promotional content.


  • Some of the graphics are a little dated, but you could easily customize them with CSS and within WordPress.

49. Sceo

Sceo is an agency-focused WordPress theme will give you everything you need to start a blog or business

This flat-style, flashy website template is perfect for your next SEO agency project. And if you’re an SEO, chances are you need a great blog to back up your expertise. This template has that, and more — choose from a variety of blog templates to get your content online!

What We Like

  • Flat and fun graphics give this website theme a modern edge for your content.
  • Blog grid options abound with this one — choose where you want your sidebar and customize other options.
  • The blog layout for the single post is simple and keeps the content front and center.


  • Some of the animation is distracting, but you can decide whether to keep it or turn it off.

50. Musium

The Musium theme is the perfect backdrop for your next blog website based on WordPress

While this template is designed for museums and galleries, it could easily be used for any kind of blog or website you might be building! This template is clean, modern, and professional — worthy of your art or of that in your gallery.

What We Like

  • Clean blog elements give this blog template a professional feel.
  • Demos provide an easy way for you to install the content areas without a lot of fuss.
  • The blog is simple and treats your content with the authority it deserves.

What we don’t like

  • You’ll need Elementor knowledge on this one, but the demos and support videos provide help along the way.

Start your blog today.

With any of the templates we’ve gathered above, you’ll be able to get your new blog website running in no time! Whether you choose HubSpot to host your blog is up to you, but we hope you enjoyed this round-up of the best blog templates and themes for 2023.

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