26 Cleaning Company Website Design Examples We Love [+ How To Design Your Own]

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Nathan Ojaokomo
Nathan Ojaokomo


Cleaning houses is just one part of having a successful business. You must also work hard to attract and engage customers. Creating a great cleaning company website can help you to do that.

cleaning company website showcases a vacuum and spray bottle

A website adds legitimacy to your business and, when done well, can help you acquire more clients. Plus, you don’t even need coding skills to create something beautiful. There are plenty of pre-made templates and drag-and-drop builders to help you.

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We’ve compiled 26 cleaning company website designs that we love to inspire you. After you explore these examples, we share some of the best practices for designing a successful cleaning services website yourself.

1. Maid2Clean

cleaning company websites, Maid2Clean

Maid2Clean is an excellent example of this type of website. The company has used several easy-to-spot CTAs throughout its pages. It has also given customers an idea of how much services cost. This makes it easy to learn about the company’s services.

You can even book an appointment right from the home page.

What we love: Maid2Clean leverages social proof throughout its website. The brand proudly displays how many homes the company has cleaned and what percentage of clients (a whopping 96%!) recommend their services.

2. Morehands

cleaning company websites, Morehands

Morehands have a simple website that delivers value. Visitors encounter a pair of CTAs immediately after they open the website. However, the CTAs don’t take over the screen and let visitors still see what the company offers.

As users scroll, they’ll find out about the company’s mission, find locations of service, and see how much the company’s services cost.

What we love: The graphics throughout the page follow a consistent color scheme, so every site element is on brand.

3. Men in Kilts

 cleaning company websites, Men in Kilts

This is one of the more unique cleaning companies we’ve discovered. Men in Kilts leans into their gimmick, featuring high-quality images of its cleaners in kilts throughout the website. The site also has consistent branding that harmonizes the images, brand name, logo, and colors.

Men in Kilts also feature Google Reviews directly on their home page. They let their work and happy customers speak on their behalf.

What we love: The website has sleek CSS animation where the images load as you scroll down the page.

4. Better Life Maids

cleaning company websites, Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids is another shining example of a good cleaning website. The website prominently features an online quote tool for visitors, so they can find out exactly what they’ll pay in advance.

As the user scrolls and discovers more about the company and its services, the online quote tool follows them, nudging them towards contacting the business.

What we love: Better Life Maids features logos of the different publications that have written about the business. This adds extra social proof and credibility.

5. Amazing Space

cleaning company websites, Amazing Space

Amazing Space is one of the best one-page cleaning websites out there. Despite its brevity, the website contains essential information like services and a call-to-action button. We also love the website's responsiveness. Users will have a great experience both on desktop and mobile.

What we love: This site features a chatbot to help visitors schedule appointments.

6. Pro Housekeepers

cleaning company websites, Pro Housekeepers

When building a great cleaning website, keep simplicity in mind. Pro Housekeepers offers a neat website that immediately shows a prominent, orange CTA.

What we like: As the user scrolls down, the website explains more about how the company works and informs users about the company’s app and customer reviews.

7. MyClean

cleaning company websites, My Clean

Next up is MyClean, a cleaning company out of NYC. The company’s website is responsive and features an immaculate layout. The website also has a unique call-to-action format as visitors are prompted to book services or get a quote immediately.

What we like: Users want simplicity and to always know the next step of working with your team. MyClean lays everything out in five simple steps right on its home page. Icons and large numbers make this section particularly easy to read.

8. Cottage Care

cleaning company websites, Cottage Care

When it comes to cleaning services, you want to show your customers the quality of your services. Cottage Care features an embedded video on its page, allowing customers to visualize exactly what the service is.

The site also makes the most of promos. When you enter for the first time, you’ll see a popup offering $25 off their first cleaning and $20 off four cleanings thereafter.

What we love: Cottage Care offers buttons with each of its services. If customers click on these icons, they can learn more about each step of the cleaning process.

9. Luxe Cleaning

cleaning company websites, Luxe Cleaning

If you’re offering a luxury service, your images should match. Luxe Cleaning follows this principle, featuring eye-catching visuals of the luxury properties they clean. The site even offers a video so visitors can learn more about the business.

Pro tip: Take a deep dive into typography. Luxe Cleaning uses a spacious, san-serif font often associated with luxury brands. This reinforces the company’s area of expertise.

10. Maid to Shine

cleaning company websites, Maid to Shine

Although they don’t have the most elegant website, this company has the stats to back up its claims as one of the best cleaning companies, and it shows this off severally via the reviews on the page. You can also see how many stars they have out of five on different review platforms.

Pro tip: Maid to Shine offers an FAQ page to help address client concerns. Consider adding a similar page on your site.

11. So Fresh So Clean

cleaning company websites, So Fresh So Clean

This website is an excellent example of how soft colors and a clean feel can enhance a website's vibe. The website immediately shows visitors what makes the company stand out from the competition.

What we love: As you scroll down, it shows before and after photos of its past work. A form for visitors also gives a free quote in 30 minutes.

12. Bluebonnet Cleaning

cleaning company websites, Bluebonnet Cleaning

Dropdown menus can make it difficult for visitors to find the information they want. So instead of using them, Bluebonnet Cleaning’s website uses a simple navigation menu that contains the right amount of information.

What we love: This menu lets users quickly find what they want. Such a navigation menu also provides a better user experience for mobile.

13. You’ve Got Maids

cleaning company website, You’ve Got Maids

This brand projects an image of comfort and convenience via its soft colors, appealing hero image, and engaging copy. The website is easy to use, with a search feature at the top, allowing users to find a service around them.

What we love: You’ve Got Maids prominently features its Twitter and YouTube channels on its site. Linking your social platforms can help you create cross-platform engagement.

14. Alpine Maids

cleaning company websites, Alpine Maids

Alpine Maids’ website is an excellent example of using copy to increase engagement. The website is designed to answer questions from potential clients and put them at ease.

What we love: The header makes the website easy to navigate. The site’s navigation also includes an about us section, reviews, summaries of services, and information on locations.

15. House Cleaning SF

 cleaning company websites, House Cleaning SF

House Cleaning SF’s website has a consistent color scheme throughout, which is one of the things that makes it pleasant. The bright blues and white space evoke feelings of cleanliness. In addition to this, the website offers an easy-to-use form for collecting information about visitors and offering them a free quote.

What we love: This site has a full page of testimonials. Be sure to feature similar social proof on your website.

16. Diamond Shine

cleaning websites, Diamond Shine

What we love: The power of social media and sharing can’t be overemphasized. Knowing this, the website highlights its social media pages on its header. This website design lets clients see them on other platforms and review their services.

17. Spouses Cleaning Houses

cleaning company websites, Spouses Cleaning Houses

What we love: This brand clarifies that it’s a veteran-owned business and includes a call-to-action on the webpage. In addition, the header at the top offers easy website navigation, including its social media pages, the company’s story, and how to book its services.

18. April Lane’s Home Cleaning

April Lane’s home cleaning website

Like other cleaning companies on this list, April’s is a family-owned establishment, and you can learn about the company’s history on its site.

What we like here is the neat and attractive design of its website. All the vital information is on the website, and the CTA buttons are clear but unobtrusive.

What we love: The white, green, and light blue colors are consistent with a company that prides itself on keeping homes clean.

19. Superb Maids

cleaning company website, Superb Maids

Cleaning isn’t glamorous, but Superb Maids’ professional, high-quality photos work hard to change our minds. The website features pictures of a beautiful, clean home and promises visitors their home can look as spotless.

What we love: Aside from its classy images, the website features engaging CTAs. It also contains details of its qualifications, awards, and reviews.

20. The Cleaning Fairies

cleaning company websites, Cleaning Fairies

Does your company offer cleaning products besides cleaning? Then The Cleaning Fairies website is an excellent example of integrating your shop with your services.

What we love: Right off the bat, the website lets visitors know the different aspects of the business. We’re sure this serves as an effective way to get more clients.

21. Maid in Nola

cleaning company website, Maid in Nola

What we love: Maid in Nola is a black-owned business running out of New Orleans. Their website is simple but well-designed. The clean images here are refreshing and send you to book a service. Furthermore, the website design lets you know the company is bonded and insured.

22. Merry Maids

cleaning company website, Merry Maids

Your business needs to connect with your potential customers if you want them to patronize you. Merry Maids' website pulls the heartstrings with its impressive collection of videos and images.

What we love: The brand builds a rapport with visitors through a photo collection featuring happy families, kids, and pets.

23. The Maids

cleaning company websites, The Maids

Visual appeal is critical to the effectiveness of a cleaning services website, and The Maids nails this right. The yellow and blue color scheme is masterful and works to attract visitors’ eyes.

Aside from that, the homepage immediately allows visitors to check whether the company’s services extend to their area. It also contains vital information about the company’s work and allows them to get a free quote by calling the number listed.

What we love: Scrolling further, visitors will encounter customer reviews and an informational video.

24. Clean Gals

cleaning websites, Clean Gals NYC

Clean Gals’ website adds a location, NYC, which we believe will help it appear higher on search pages when people search for cleaning companies in the city. In addition, the website holds to best practices of services websites by including CTAs at frequent intervals as you scroll through.

What we love: They round out the website by providing testimonials from happy clients and, once again, including a CTA with a discount for new customers.

25. Tidy

cleaning website, Tidy

Cleaning services websites should be easy to navigate so users can quickly gather information — especially if you offer multiple services. Tidy has tidily made this easy. Its website design includes buttons that direct clients to specific services.

What we love: It’s a neatly designed website that collects client information and directs them to the company’s app.

26. Dust Queen

cleaning company website, Dust Queen

What we love: We chose this website because of its consistent branding and simple layout. Most of the information you’ll need about the company is provided on its homepage.

You can click the buttons in the header to learn more about its services and get a quote.

Now that you’ve seen top-notch cleaning company websites, it’s time to start building your own site. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Get inspiration from existing websites.

Before designing your website and looking for tools and templates, you should look through existing cleaning company websites. These can inspire how to design your list of services, homepage, and more.

Start by exploring your area's popular cleaning company websites to understand what will work best for your audience.

As you check through these examples, note what you like and would want to emulate, as well as design choices that aren’t to your taste. This preliminary examination will help you plan your cleaning company website design better.

2. Choose your website builder.

When you have an idea of what you want your website to look like, it’s time to choose the website builder or CMS. When choosing, we recommend considering the pre-built features, extensions, and templates the website builder offers.

As a cleaning company, you’ll likely need some of the following functionality:

  • Online booking system.
  • Payment gateway.
  • Services page builder.
  • Social media add-ons.

These features will help you create a website ready to show customers your services, book customers, receive payments, and more.

3. Choose a cleaning company template.

Some of the best website builders come with pre-built cleaning service templates. These templates will usually have layouts and elements suited for cleaning company websites.

Wix, Themeforest, and other website builders have a directory of themes or templates you can choose from. You know your business best, so choosing the template that best conveys your strong points to your potential customers is up to you.

4. Add customization.

Using a theme or template can make your website go live quicker, but since you’ll want to stand out from the competition, we recommend customizing your website.

To that end, you’ll need to add some of the following to the website:

  • Your logo.
  • Services offered.
  • Social media pages.
  • Contact information.
  • Personalized forms.
  • Size and style of fonts.
  • Website color scheme.

There are loads of ways you can customize the website and make it truly yours.

5. Add testimonials and reviews.

Your cleaning company website is an excellent place to show off the positive things your customers say about you. When potential clients see that others have used and enjoyed your services, it increases their chances to ask for your assistance.

Depending on your website builder and template, you’ll likely have different options for adding this section to your website.

6. Include a Call-to-Action

An excellent cleaning services website is only great if it attracts customers and leads to bookings. Therefore, use calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout your website and its pages.

The CTAs can range from the “Get a free quote” button to “Book now” or “Claim your offer now” on different pages of the website.

The Best Cleaning Company Website Designs to Inspire Yours

All the examples we’ve included above demonstrate knowledge of web design best practices and UX principles. Thus, they are good examples you can learn from.

We hope this list contains cleaning services website designs from which you can draw inspiration as you create your website.

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