How Codelobster Simplifies the Process of Coding

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Shayla Price
Shayla Price



When you’re new to coding a website from scratch, it isn’t the easiest process. It can be quite overwhelming. You’re switching between platforms, configuring multiple tools, and editing source code—all at once.


The solution: an integrated development environment (IDE) that streamlines the web development process. In a single platform, you can accomplish everything, from writing code to changing design elements to removing bugs. That way, you can build and launch your website in less time.

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In this post, we’ll cover a well-known IDE called Codelobster. You’ll learn what it is and how the platform can simplify your coding process.

What is Codelobster?

Codelobster is an IDE for building full-featured websites on PHP. The platform combines common activities, like code highlighting and autocomplete, into a single application. It also supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development. 

example of Codelobster simplify process codingSource: Codelobster

Codelobster improves your programming workflow and automatically checks for errors. Now, you can focus on what matters most—your website. 

Let’s cover each of these features in more detail. 

1. Code Highlighting

Identifying every programming language within your code is a difficult task. Codelobster reduces this pain with visual cues based on the specific language. It highlights the code with different colors, so you’ll have clarity on the different coding elements.

code highlighting example of Codelobster simplify process coding

Source: Codelobster

2. Intelligent Autocomplete

This feature speeds up the process of writing code. Autocomplete includes a wide selection of code completion listings. Just start typing a new element and a list of possible variants will appear to help you.

intelligent autocomplete example of Codelobster simplify process coding

Source: Codelobster

3. HTML/CSS Code Inspector

The code inspector lets you locate HTML and CSS elements buried within your pages. Simply hover your mouse over a specific page object and the feature will locate the section in your code. 

code inspector example of Codelobster simplify process codingSource: Codelobster

4. PHP Debugger

You want your website free from bugs and errors. To help you, Codelobster comes with a built-in PHP debugger. This tool will validate your PHP code locally before uploading it to a web server. It also comes with tooltips, expanding the elements within an object. Look at the example below. 

PHP debugger example of Codelobster simplify process coding

Source: Codelobster

5. SQL Manager

This platform includes a SQL manager for storing your website’s data. You’ll have convenient access to operational databases, and your website will process information faster. Plus, you can export your data using the custom wizard.

SQL manager example of Codelobster simplify process coding

Source: Codelobster

6. Code Validator

Code validation is the process of checking a page’s code to ensure it complies with the basic standards of the web. Validating code helps with search engine optimization and accessibility. Codelober’s Code Validator finds PHP, HTML, and CSS errors and underlines all found errors. 

code validator example of Codelobster simplify process coding

Source: Codelobster

7. WordPress Plugin 

In this platform, you can easily install the latest WordPress version using its wizard. The plugin enables you to autocomplete for faster coding, review help topics when you need extra assistance, display your WordPress website into a WYSIWYG editor, and manage other WordPress plugins

WordPress plugin example of Codelobster simplify process coding

Source: Codelobster

Codelobster’s key features make it easier to build your website. You can download the free version, or upgrade to the professional version to access the advanced features and additional plugins. Check out a side-by-side comparison here

Building your website from scratch shouldn’t be a major hassle. Codelobster removes the bottlenecks in the web development process by housing everything you need in one place. No more unnecessary stress. Instead, you’ll boost your productivity and launch your website sooner.

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