30 Coffee Shop Website Design Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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Whether you're opening a new coffee shop or redesigning your existing website, it's important to have a design that reflects your brand and entices customers.

a coffee cup with coffee beans and a plant sitting on top of books

In this post, we'll share 30 of our favorite coffee shop websites, along with some tips on how to create your own stunning design.

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So brew yourself a cup of joe, and let's get started!

1. Avenue Cafe

website example of the coffee shop website avenue cafe

What we like: Let’s start with a simple but aesthetic website that any coffee shop owner can build, regardless of technical expertise. The home page greets you with delicious food options and beverages in a grid layout.

Down the fold, you’ll find a short story about Avenue Cafe, delivery options, opening hours, and an interactive Google map for easy navigation. The site also features its menu right in the navigation bar.

Want to deploy a simple coffee shop website? Keep Avenue Cafe’s design in mind.

2. PJ's Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website Pj's coffeee

What we like: PJ’s Coffee is a great example of a website for a coffee shop chain. You’ll find different locations and how to get there, featured drinks, new beverages, and more. The hero image is a carousel of three pictures to deliver important information to website visitors, such as new drinks, job opportunities, and a prompt to download the app for to-go orders.

On top of that, PJ’s Coffee has an online shop where you can buy anything from coffee beans to accessories.

Lastly, we also like the Order online feature right from the site. Order your cup of energy ahead and grab it on your way.

3. Backatown Coffee Parlour

website example of the coffee shop website backatown coffee parlor

What we like: Want to make your visitors dive into your coffee shop atmosphere? Record a video clip featuring your coffee shop with happy coffee lovers, busy baristas, welcoming owners, and a magical process of brewing coffee. Incorporate that video into your home page — and voila, first-time visitors are all intrigued.

Furthermore, Backatown Coffee Parlour has incorporated all of the notable features necessary for easy navigation and a cohesive user experience. You'll find a comprehensive menu, a brief history of the establishment, catering options, online ordering, and numerous pictures of tantalizingly delicious meals.

4. True Baristas

website example of the coffee shop website true baristas

What we like: The orange banner claiming "the true coffee experience" immediately piques your curiosity about this coffee shop. The crowd around the truck and packed tables send further signals that this place might be cool.

So, when you decide to explore the site a little bit further, you’ll be hooked by popular menu items like large coffee portions, specialties, and cookies. On True Baristas’ site, you can also order the coffee of the week right from the website and pick it up in 15 minutes. This is a truly nice feature to drive more sales of a particular product.

5. Treme Coffeehouse

website example of the coffee shop website treme coffeehouse

What we like: Extravagant, crazy, or bizarre? How would you describe this coffee shop website design that is unlike any other? And its deviation is what makes you hang out on the site for a bit more.

Regarding UX and UI, the site gives only what you need to know: menu, location, opening hours, map, and online shop. Plus, you can learn more about how Treme Coffeehouse was born.

6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

website example of the coffee shop website stumptown coffee roasters

What we like: Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a simple one-pager that, nevertheless, includes all the necessary information. You’ll find locations, featured beverages, social media accounts, a rich menu, and the coffee ahead feature.

Add Stumptown Coffee Roasters into your swipe file as a user-friendly and minimalistic coffee shop website design. One of the advantages is that you can deploy a similar site in less than one hour without any technical background. We’ll touch on this at the end of the article.

7. Interlude

website example of the coffee shop website interlude

What we like: Interlude is another minimalistic and aesthetic one-pager for local coffee shops. Here, you can order a cup of matcha latte or aromatic green tea and some pastry ahead. Buy coffee beans, map out the direction, and learn more about Interlude’s mission.

Want to build something similar? Take a beautiful photo/video of your coffee options and put them as a hero image. This way, you’ll achieve a modern and elegant feel throughout.

8. Black Fox Coffee Co.

website example of the coffee shop website black fox

What we like: Black Fox Coffee Co. is more than a coffee shop. It focuses on wholesale of the highest quality coffee from small sustainable farms and exclusive lots. With that, you can find lots of advanced features for eCommerce, like smart filters, neat product listings, and descriptive product pages.

Noteworthy is Black Fox’s subscription feature. Want to always enjoy delicate coffee at home? Subscribe for monthly coffee delivery.

9. Oliver Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website oliver coffee

What we like: Upon writing this article, we thoroughly examined 100+ coffee shop websites. Oliver Coffee completely blew our minds with minimalism and simplicity. What’s in it? A built-in Google map, hours, and gallery. That’s it!

While the idea is quite interesting and unique, we’d improve this website with invaluable features for a better user experience and more sales — order ahead, menus, and integration with Instagram to feature up-to-date photos.


website example of the coffee shop website kaffe landskap

What we like: Kaffe Landskap's website is a feast for the eyes! The design is sleek, modern, and visually stunning. Right from the get-go, you're greeted with a beautiful full-width video that shows you an ordinary day at Kaffe Landskap. Charming buzz, a tantalizing process of brewing coffee, a warm and inviting ambiance — all that sets the tone for what's to come.

On top of that, the site offers online orders, a menu, a gallery, location, and has two built-in Instagram accounts.

Overall, Kaffe Landskap's website exudes a truly delightful browsing experience that makes you want to grab a cup of coffee and cozy up with a good book.

11. % Arabica

website example of the coffee shop website % arabica

What we like: See how the high-quality photo of your place contributes to overall perception? This makes you think of %Arabica as the most stylish and posh coffee shop in your city. Couple it with %Arabica’s slogan, “see the world through coffee,” and you’re all excited about this place.

What the site needs, though, is online ordering and a menu.

12. Skittle Lane

website example of the coffee shop website skittle lane

What we like: Skittle Line opts for a sleek, minimalistic, and elegant design in shades of brown and beige that evokes feelings of comfort and coziness. It also plays with different fonts, lines, and airy blocks.

Scroll through to explore an amazingly balanced website design filled with professional photos in the same hues, smart CTAs, and clever storytelling embeds.

13. Bonnie Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website bonnie cafe

What we like: One of its kind, Bonnie Coffee celebrates family cooking and coffee brewing traditions in all facets. When you first see Bonnie Coffee's website, you're somewhat confused. For sure, you didn’t expect to see a woman smiling in your face. Rather, the steam of coffeemakers.

Yet, it makes you skim through the site and discover the most ambient place in your neighborhood. Below the fold, Bonnie Coffee showcases its authentic products, like coffee liqueurs and blends, and the coffee shop interior.

Now, you’re sure you’ve opened up the right site and are all intrigued to taste Bonnie’s treats.

14. Truth Coffee Roasting

website example of the coffee shop website truth coffee roasting

What we like: Truth Coffee Roasting is a classic, modern, and stylish website that emphasizes imagery and serves one up right from the start. Thus, you can get a sense of its interior and ambiance right upon landing on the home page and decide whether it’s your must-visit place.

Below the fold, you’ll find stunning pictures of food and beverages accompanied by mouth-watering descriptions and customer reviews.

The site also features a menu and shop, shows the bakery process, and tells the story of Truth Coffee Roasting's roots.

15. Brothers Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website brothers cofee roasting

What we like: Brothers Coffee is another exemplary coffee chop website that tells its story through magnificent photos and professional copywriting. Thus, you’ll find rich product descriptions, a full-width photo layout, and an Instagram feed full of Brothers Coffee’s everyday moments.

The drawback is the absence of the order ahead feature.

16. Merkava Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website merkava coffee

What we like: You definitely don’t expect to see a coffee shop website in blue and white hues. Hats off to Merkava Coffee for a bold decision. It feels so refreshing! This website is also notable for its super clean layout that puts coffee blends and drinks front and center. Just look at the screenshot.

website example of the coffee shop website merkava coffee

Coffee enthusiasts will certainly value detailed descriptions of blend properties like these.

17. Starbucks

website example of the coffee shop website starbucks

What we like: We couldn’t help but explore the website of the world's most famous coffee house. Let’s see what tactics are worth picking up.

The navigation menu focuses on the essentials — menu, rewards (aka buy 10, get 1 for free), and gift cards. So, it makes you think about incorporating loyalty points as well to make customers stick to your place. Who doesn’t like a free cup of coffee?

The first screen features recent Starbucks updates, while the following are devoted to new beverages and food. Each item has a savory description and an order button to drive sales.

18. Compass Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website compass coffee

What we like: At first glance, Compass Coffee focuses on selling coffee blends and merch. This feeling only intensifies when you scroll down, as all you see are the benefits of buying coffee and the coffee selection itself.

However, you can spot the “Find a Cafe” button in the navigation menu to get you to the map featuring coffee shops in Washington and Arlington.

We also like the animated gift box button in the bottom left corner that piques your curiosity.

19. The Wydown

website example of the coffee shop website the wydown

What we like: This website absolutely wants you to fall in love with The Wydown’s bruschettas and cookies. They are all over the website, making your place an order just right now. Apart from appetizing pictures, you can access The Wydown’s menu and order online and see job openings.

What could be done better is typography. It’s too hard to read, so you'd rather skip it.


website example of the coffee shop website dua dc coffee

What we like: Meet a simply-designed, minimalistic website of Dua Dc Coffee. If you like it, you can easily deploy one with website builders like Wix, GoDaddy, or CMS WordPress. Below the fold, you will spot coffee and food menus, gifts, and beans.

All menu items come with appealing photos and ordering ahead.

21. Cafe Unido

website example of the coffee shop website cafe unido

What we like: Unido’s website primarily focuses on selling Panama blends. If you also offer coffee bags, you might steal some ideas on how to drive sales to particular products and exclusive blends. For instance, you can embed the Our favorites block or allocate an entire screen for your luxury blends.

Unido also keeps potential café customers in mind by featuring menus and locations right in the header.


website example of the coffee shop website emissary

What we like: Emissary’s website is nothing but a gallery of high-quality photography. Every image on the site is beautifully shot and perfectly captures the essence of what Emissary has to offer. Happy customers, mugs of cold lattes, savory hamburgers, and much more! All that gives off an upscale vibe.

website example of the coffee shop website emissary

Plus, Emissary doesn’t forget about user experience. You can find menus right in the navigation menu and the order online buttons below the fold.


website example of the coffee shop website kingswood coffee

What we like: Old-classic steamy coffeemakers. Just a glance at the hero image and you instantly crave an americano with lactose-free milk. Overall, Kingswood Coffee is a minimalistic and simple website that grabs your attention right from the start

That said, you can find the coffee shop location, buy coffee beans, and dive into Kingswood life by clicking on the Instagram button.

Bookmark it as a sample for small businesses.

24. Rival Bros.

website example of the coffee shop website rival bros

What we like: Check out Rival Bros if you’re looking for inspiration for a site that offers wholesale and features cafes alike. Things to note:

  • Make sure your unique selling proposition appears on the first page.
  • One screen for one CTA.
  • Keep it simple. Create snappy copies.
  • Add imagery to demonstrate the cafe's atmosphere.
  • Create a cohesive design where every icon, word, and background image all work together.

25. Rachel's Coffee House

website example of the coffee shop website rachel's coffee house

What we like: Rachel’s Coffee House comes with a cozy and welcoming design that sets a mellow, home-like atmosphere. To achieve that, the website uses a beige, brown, and white color palette. It greets you with treats in the hero image. Then, it tells Rachel’s story and her mission, highlighting the most important points (see the image below). And lastly, you’ll discover the menu and food and drink photos.

website example of the coffee shop website rachel's coffee house

26. Manic Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website manic coffee

What we like: Manic Coffee's website design creates a cheerful and vivid vibe thanks to its funny logo and orange-white color scheme. The website comes with parallax scrolling and lists its services around a mug of coffee — an unusual and catchy thing. You can also access Manic Coffee’s menu from the header and join its fans on Instagram.


website example of the coffee shop website java house

What we like: Feel this African vibe with a vibrant color scheme! Java House’s website is a simple but fabulously designed one-pager with full-width image sliders. Each image showcases seasonal food combos and drinks with a red button compelling you to order that treat.

In the top right corner, you can find the hamburger button to toggle a site’s menu. Likewise, food and drink menus are featured top-center.

28. Vida e Caffe

website example of the coffee shop website vida e cafe

What we like: Vida e Caffe is rather a corporate website that communicates the company’s values and tells its story. The second purpose is to sell coffee blends online. Overall, Vida a Caffe has a modern and clean design with broken and overlapping grids and beautiful imagery. The texture also pairs nicely with the site-wide red color scheme. Check it out for inspiration!

29. Coffee Bean

website example of the coffee shop website coffee bean

What we like: Parallax scrolling, animated backgrounds, full-width imagery throughout the whole website, and a bold combination of colors! Coffee Bean knows how to hook customers right off the bat. On top of that, the user experience on this website is second to none — you can easily access pretty much anything you need right from the navigation menu.

30. Panther Coffee

website example of the coffee shop website panther cafe

What we like: Panther Coffee is a breath of fresh air! The website comes in a minimalistic and super stylish design in yellow and white. The first screen welcomes both homie coffee lovers who wish to shop online and busy hustlers who need to place a to-go order. Below the fold, you can find coffee selections and some merch.

The navigation menu also serves any customer — explore the menu and locations or shop online.

How to Design a Coffee Shop Website

Here are some steps to follow when designing a coffee shop website.

1. Choose the right platform

Your first step in designing a coffee shop website is to choose the right website builder. Consider platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and Weebly, which offer coffee shop themes and templates. With these platforms, you can create an attractive and functional website without any coding knowledge.

2. Develop a clear brand identity

When designing a coffee shop website, it's important to establish a clear brand identity that reflects the values of your business. This includes your logo, color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetic. Consistent brand identity can increase revenue by up to 20%, according to a study by MarQ.

For example, Merkava Coffee has a simple and elegant website that reflects the company's focus on quality and craftsmanship.

3. Highlight your menu offerings

One of the main reasons people visit coffee shop websites is to check out the menu offerings. Showcase your drinks and food items with high-quality photos as well as detailed descriptions. For example, Coffee Bean has a visually stunning website that showcases its specialty coffee offerings.

4. Make it easy to order online

Many customers prefer to order their coffee and food online and in the app, especially during busy times or when they're on the go. As such, 72% of Starbucks’ revenue comes from mobile orders.

To have an online ordering feature on your site, consider integrating a third-party ordering platform, such as Square or Toast, that allows customers to order and pay online. For example, KAFFE LANDSKAP has a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily order coffee and food items for pickup.

5. Prioritize mobile optimization

As you are now familiar with the striking numbers of mobile orders, developing a mobile-first website is a must. This includes designing a responsive website that looks great on all devices, as well as optimizing page load times on smartphones.

According to a study by Google, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load.

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The Best Coffee Shop Website Designs to Inspire Yours

Your website is often the first impression a potential customer has of your coffee shop. By creating a stunning design that accurately represents your brand and offerings, you'll be sure to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more delicious cups of coffee.

Prioritize user-friendliness and ease of navigation, as well as mobile responsiveness for customers on the go. So brew yourself another cup of black coffee, sit back, and start planning your own coffee shop website.

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