If you’re a corporation, your website design might matter more than you think — like, a lot more. According to recent research, 50% of consumers say that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand.

Honestly, I’m surprised that number isn’t higher. Have you ever landed on a business website, been less-than impressed with the homepage, and gone elsewhere? The fact of the matter is, the way your website looks says a lot about how well your business works.

It’s one thing to have a website, but having a great website is something else entirely. To build a corporate website that delights and converts users, it’s going to take serious thought and some top-tier inspiration.

That’s why, in this post, we’ve found 25 website design examples that set the bar for what a “corporate” website can and should be. Let's dive in.

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Corporate Website Designs We Love

From multinational enterprises to boutique agencies, all of these websites can help inspire your own project, no matter what business you’re in.

1. Decor Systems

corporate website examples: decor systems

What we like: Australian architectural firm Decor Systems created a website that mirrors its taste for spaces that blend organic and modern elements. The designers were able to balance intentional use of space with detailed images introduced through on-scroll animations, constructing a calming but informative visit. Be sure to give the site navigation a look as well — its menus make excellent use of the fly-out technique.

2. Pienso

corporate website examples: Pienso

What we like: AI-powered deep learning isn’t the most accessible topic on the planet, but Pienso’s website introduces both the why and the how behind its product in simple terms. Its homepage tells a story that guides users from problems to solutions to CTAs for content offers, with playful scroll-triggered animations throughout.

3. Cherche Susan

corporate website examples: Cherche Susan

What we like: Executive search group Cherche Susan hosts a website that gets straight to the point: Need talent? We’ll find it. The website’s pages are each an exercise in subtly prompting action. Though the copy and CTAs on the page encourage you to explore its services, it never feels disruptive or intrusive.

4. Bikebear

corporate website examples: Bikebear

What we like: Bikebear might just have the funniest home page on our list. These marketers and web designers went for bold colors and fonts, playful copy, and, most importantly, animations of bears wearing sunglasses. It’s proof that “corporate” doesn’t have to mean “bland.”

5. Blavity Inc.

corporate website examples: Blavity

What we like: Blavity Inc. is a network of brands serving a black millennial audience, offering up a website that commands attention right away with an outstanding full-screen video. This fast-paced introduction to the brand manages to sum everything up in seconds, and an overlaid CTA means you don’t even need to scroll to take action.

6. Calendly

corporate website examples: Calendly

What we like: Calendly allows anyone to make appointments on your personal calendar without the confusing back-and-forth that often comes with scheduling. The website is another impressive example of what modern SaaS company sites should be: User-friendly and straight to the point. It might not be the fanciest item on our list, but what it lacks in artistry it surely makes up for in conversions.

7. Garden Eight

corporate website examples: garden eight

What we like: The corporate website for digital design studio Garden Eight is certainly a unique one — it features an interactive canvas of fleeting animal … shapes? Balloons? I’m not entirely sure, but I love it. Try moving your cursor around the page and watch how they respond. It’s a fun little game that visitors will remember.

8. Apex Transformations

corporate website examples: Apex Transformations

What we like: Apex Transformations has created a stunning site to promote its renovation and construction services. The careful attention to detail taken on these pages makes for a seamless browsing experience, including bits of copy and the occasional animation a sparse configuration. Be sure to explore the entire site as each page offers its own unique and clever design detail.

9. Asset Class

corporate website examples: Asset Class

What we like: Here’s another relatively straightforward corporate website design that makes this SaaS company feel more approachable — Asset Class builds software for private equity, commercial lending, and venture capital firms. Our favorite aspect of this design is its consistent color scheme, which carries over from CTA buttons to text to icons to even product screenshots.

10. Will Ventures

corporate website examples: Will Ventures

What we like: VC firm Will Ventures was founded by former NFL and Harvard athletes and funds sports, media, and consumer brands. We think this website does an excellent job of not just explaining the company’s beliefs and mission, but encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap as well.

11. Oh

corporate website examples: Oh

What we like: Once again, another architectural firm site that knocks it out of the park. Oh Architects create inclusive environments that are friendly to the planet, an approach that shines through across the website. In particular, the recurring use of background gradients divide parts of the web page is expertly done, and shape the user experience without stealing attention away from the main content.

12. Adobe

corporate website examples: Adobe

What we like: Adobe’s website is sleek and informative, and we’d expect nothing less given its products and reputation. Take some time to explore some of the featured product pages — each one is uniquely tailored to the product it’s promoting, be it video software or a vector graphic editor. Still, the entire site feels like a cohesive whole.

13. Citizen

corporate website examples: Citizen

What we like: Citizen creates powerful campaigns for nonprofits and businesses alike. While this site may not blow you away technically, we appreciate how well it structures its information and navigation. Everything you’d want to know about the agency is available and presented logically, and each case study sticks to a format that’s easy to understand and follow.

14. Humain

corporate website examples: Humain

What we like: Humain’s website includes one of the best cursor effects we’ve seen. Moving your mouse reveals hidden illustrations, text, and menu items. It makes you want to explore the entire home page looking for bits of info you might otherwise miss.

15. KD Capital

corporate website examples: KD Capital

What we like: On the note of awesome cursor effects, here’s another: The creators of the KD Capital website designed a circular cursor that illuminates each photo on the homepage with color. This effect ties well into the agency’s tagline “Finding the circles amongst the squares.”

16. Stord

corporite website examples: Stord

What we like: Stord is a B2C and B2B supply chain management company whose website couldn’t make its purpose any more clear. As you scroll, you’re brought on a tour of a virtual city, each stop a different step in the chain. This one-of-a-kind site probably isn’t something the average business could whip up in a day, but it’s great inspiration for ambitious designers.

17. Creative Theory

corporate website examples: Creative Theory

What we like: A self-described “culture-focused marketing agency,” Creative Theory boasts a captivating and cohesive site that drives home its mission and highlights its best work. Check out the “who we are” section, which showcases its leadership team photos with extraordinary hover effects.

18. Vaayu Tech

corporate website examples: Vaayu Tech

What we like: Vaayu is the first of its kind, a software tool for measuring a business’s carbon footprint in real time. A one-of-a-kind idea deserves a one-of-a-kind website, and Vaayu’s definitely delivers. Its user experience is delightful all the way though and stays engaging even with minimal use of color. Note the staticky web texture in the background too.

19. Honeytrap

corporate website examples: Honeytrap

What we like: Film production company Honeytrap tosses aside design conventions in favor of a website that puts its films at the center of your attention. Users can scroll through the list of directors, view a short silent clip of their work in a full-screen view, and click to learn more about the person behind the camera. If you need a way to quickly immerse users in your work, consider using this innovative approach as a jumping-off point.

20. Make Us Care

corporate website examples: Make Us Care

What we like: When your branding agency is named “Make Us Care,” you need a website that, well, does just that. Fortunately, this site pulls it off. Make Us Care offers the kind of experience that plays with your expectations as you scroll, introducing new shapes, colors, and brand stories that leave a lasting impression. As the designers said themselves, “We played it safe for too long and let our clients’ work do all the talking. We now feel like ourselves.”

21. Kebuke

corporate website examples: Kebuke

What we like: Okay, a tea shop might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a “corporate” website, but this one was too good to pass up. The homepage is enough to draw you in and bring you back in time with a gorgeous animation. It’s even interactive — try moving your mouse around to conjure rough waters.

22. Hive Streaming

corporate website examples: Hive Streaming

What we like: Hive Streaming is an internal video communication service that employs a top-tier B2B website. The content team has done excellent work disclosing the right information at the right time to keep potential customers engaged. There are no technical gimmicks here either, just great content and visual design.

23. MeanPug

corporate website examples: MeanPug

What we like: I’ll be honest, this isn’t the kind of website I would expect from a law firm marketing agency. Maybe that’s on me, because MeanPug’s site is colorful, compelling, and catchy. There are lighthearted animations, copy that references the company’s staff as “pugs,” and even an embedded game of Tetris you can play (and, if you’re like me, lose quickly).

24. Sally On!

corporate website examples: Sally On!

What we like: This website is one more shining example of what’s possible with tasteful design and powerful content. The homepage gets right to the point, stating its mission to advance women in business (and citing some stats to go with it), and its bright colors and consistently upbeat copy establish this agency as one you’d want to work with.

25. HubSpot

corporate website examples: HubSpot

What we like: Look familiar? Our website was structured to get you the information you want with as little friction as possible, whether that’s signing up for a demo, viewing our products and pricing, reading the blog, or taking an inbound marketing course. We hope you stick around.

“Corporate website” doesn’t mean “boring website.”

Your website is often the first impression people get of your company, and they have a tall order to fill. The best websites simultaneously keep us engaged, teach visitors about what the company does, convey a brand message, and, of course, look good while doing it.

That doesn’t mean corporate sites have to be run-of-the-mill, though. Sure, you could opt for something conventional and move on. But to make a strong impression and delight your audience, you’ll need to go the extra mile. These exemplary websites did it, and we think you can too.

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