20 Best Filmmaker Website Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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As a filmmaker, a website opens up numerous opportunities — from attracting new audiences to converting clients. It acts as a digital one-stop shop for your work.

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This blog will help you put your best foot forward in building your website. We’ve put together a round-up of 20 great filmmaker website examples along with a guide to creating your own.

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So let’s get started.

1. Giulia Gartner

filmmaker website example, Giulia Gartner

What we like: Italian filmmaker and photographer Giulia Gartner takes you behind the lens of a camera through her website. You can toggle between two aperture settings (which simulate changing how much light comes through) to shift the site between dark and light modes.

We love the page displaying her film projects, which combines web design, visuals, and copy to create a masterful experience.

She also includes a case study for each piece. which covers the video, brief project overview, date and location, a photo reel of stills from the film, and snapshots from behind the scenes. Her site also includes the brands she’s worked with, awards won, and media mentions — all social proof and an excellent way to build trust.

2. Arrad R.

filmmaker website example, Arrad

What we like: Director and writer Arrad’s website opens with a full-screen video slider where you can view short snippets of projects he’s worked on.

The navigation menu keeps things simple, with only three options to choose from. And the stark black background, seen across many filmmaker websites, lets the images and videos do the talking.

3. Li Lin Wee

filmmaker website example, Li Lin Wee

What we like: Singaporean filmmaker Li Lin Wee’s site’s hero copy immediately draws your attention — the six-word quote provides an emotional insight into her work. Scroll down to see a project gallery (we love the infinite loop effect when sliding through it).

Other elements we appreciate include:

  • The stylized typography.
  • Consistent design.
  • Structured page layouts.
  • Splashes of yellow on the minimal color palette.
  • The film reviews and testimonials interspersed throughout the site.

You can check out her films and audio samples, and don’t forget to view the individual project pages (a stellar example to inspire you).

4. Natascha Vavrina

filmmaker website example, Natascha Vavrina

What we like: Transitions? Smooth as butter. Navigation menu? Unique. Videos? High-resolution. Natascha Vavrina’s website definitely creates a cinematic experience.

We love the pages listing her works, which you can sort according to different categories — fiction, documentary, music video, dance, experimental, art installation, and commercial.

The black background with stills from her projects combined with parallax scrolling builds movement and depth, creating a feeling of the images zooming off the screen. Additionally, the typography adds to the site’s visual identity.

5. Lisa Cambours

filmmaker website example, Lisa Cambours

What we like: Film director Lisa Cambour’s one-page website lets you horizontally scroll through video previews of her work (spanning advertising, documentaries, and short films). Select any piece to watch the whole video. An about section with her contact details completes the experience.

A minimalist site, when executed well, works best. And this site supports that premise — delivering a smooth experience from start to finish.

6. Cai Thomas

filmmaker website example, Cai Thomas

What we like: One of the more unique sites on this list, documentary filmmaker and cinematographer Cai Thomas’ home page opens with a bio — providing a glimpse into her work and career. Her artist statement and influences talk about her purpose and inspirations, and you can look at films she’s worked on and panels she’s participated in.

Diving deeper into design elements, the colors complement each other, and navigation is intuitive. We also love the pinned column with her contact information (email and social media links).

7. Simon Tonev

filmmaker website example, Simon Tonev

What we like: Simon Tonev’s website welcomes you with a preview of his showreel — an excellent way to get a taste of his filmmaking abilities. You can then scroll down to check out his past projects. Context matters, and Simon elaborates on the pieces showcased.

Click on any to see a video overview (or a photo if the video is unavailable), some background information/ synopsis, and a few stills from the project.

The site also introduces his work as a DJ. We love the humor in the microcopy on his contact page, which asks people how they’d like to get in touch with him — through phone, email, or even a carrier pigeon. Finally, the neatly-outlined footer includes links to his social media pages and email.

8. Modhura Palit

filmmaker website example, Modhura Palit

What we like: Cinematographer Modhura Palit’s website is a one-pager that packs a punch. Why do I say that? The site manages to fit a lot — her bio, experience, accolades, showreels, and contact form — while maintaining a balanced, consistent, and clutter-free design.

Additionally, the navigation menu makes it seamless to reach the section you want.

We love that Modhura included three showreels with work from different years. But the highlight of this site has to be the video gallery. The design, visuals, and content shine. It features 45+ videos across multiple categories — short films, music videos, web series, feature films, and corporate films and ads.

9. Sam Shoots Films

filmmaker website examples, Sam Shoots Films

What we like: Let’s start with the section above the fold. A video background presenting Sam’s work, well-formatted hero copy, a focused call to action, and a neat navigation menu — multiple elements done right.

Sam has dedicated pages to showcase his film and photography projects accompanied by high-res images. The site also has a blog, an excellent way to share relevant content and attempt to drive organic traffic via SEO.

10. Hannah Yohannes

filmmaker website example, Hannah Yohannes

What we like: Eritrean director and producer Hannah Yohannes’ colorful site palette creates a vibrant, inviting atmosphere, drawing visitors to explore. You can check out her ‘director reel’ or view individual projects — categorized into comedy, documentary, and drama.

We also love the inclusion of her resume, lookbook, awards won, press coverage, and speaking engagements. This gives visitors a deeper insight into her career. The typography and playful artistic elements (such as the colorful underlines and circles around important text) add to the website’s personality.

11. Sandy Cluzaud

filmmaker website example, Sandy Cluzaud

What we like: Elegance. Beauty. Grace. These are the qualities that wedding filmmaker Sandy Cluzaud’s website evokes — from the design to the visuals.

Her portfolio page begins with a video reel, followed by a showcase of five different wedding films (as you scroll down). We love the call-to-action at the end of the page inviting people to get in touch.

The journal page functions like a blog, where Sandy documents films and photos from events she’s covered. Testimonials on the home page, the contact form, and the footer previewing specific Instagram posts are also site highlights.

12. Anthony K. Do

filmmaker website example, Anthony K. Do

What we like: Vibrant visuals on a black background — what’s not to love? And this website elevates that aesthetic.

Whitespace is leveraged well. The images and videos pop against the dark backdrop, creating an immersive feel. A short professional bio, contact section, and social media links complete the website.

13. Sharon Lewis

filmmaker website example, Sharon Lewis

What we like: Let’s begin with her project gallery, which shows crisp snapshots of the different works directed. Click on a particular piece and you’re greeted with a video of the project, genre, synopsis, credits, and awards won.

Filmmakers looking to create their own portfolio can learn from these pages on her website. Why? Three reasons. The content gets right to the point, the visuals resonate well, and it’s all packaged in a clean and consistent design. The site also provides a look into Sharon Lewis’ boutique production company, urbansoul inc.

14. Beau Miles

filmmaker website example, Beau Miles

What we like: Filmmaker, Youtuber, adventurer, and author Beau Miles’ wears many hats. And, his home page reflects that, beginning with a slider displaying images of him in different settings followed by engaging copy that describes Beau.

His website includes his films, screenings, book, Patreon, journal, and even a link to his Ph.D. thesis. Despite having so much to cover, the menu navigation is clean, with a drop-down menu under the word ‘more’ making space for all the important pages.

The site also invites visitors to join his mailing list as well as Patreon — a great way to boost the subscriber base.

15. Julie Dash

filmmaker website example, Julie Dash

What we like: The hero image introduces the acclaimed filmmaker Julie Dash. We love the structured and cohesive design of the homepage — the primary page on this site — which systematically outlines her bio, popular films and TV series, short and experimental films, books, press testimonials, video interviews, social media links, and the contact section.

The black-and-white color palette with bursts of cyan adds to the site’s appeal.

16. Pirmin Henseler

filmmaker website example, Pirmin Henseler

What we like: This is a great example of a portfolio site. The first thing visitors see when they land on the home page is a showreel — a superb one presenting Pirmin Henseler’s range of work.

We love the hover effects (that display a video preview when you place your cursor over any work) on his film project page and the creative scroll transition on his photography one. The bold typography complements the design and visuals on both these pages.

Pirmin also has an individual page for every project, giving site visitors a deeper look into each piece.

17. Filmmaker Jo

filmmaker website example, Filmmaker Jo

What we like: The hero copy transitions between different emotive sayings — all targeted messages that speak to a couple looking for a filmmaker to capture their big day. The shades of green in the color palette and visuals add a feel of nature to the site.

Filmmaker Jo Knight's website has a dedicated page for weddings and elopements. On each page, visitors can browse through curated work from her portfolio and view her pricing packages.

The site also includes helpful guides for couples planning to tie the knot and a link to a client space (where clients can log in to access their film). The little things do matter for a happy customer experience.

18. Anu Valia

filmmaker website examples, Anu Valia

What we like: Director and writer Anu Valia’s minimalist homepage (with large images displaying her projects) lets the work speak for itself.

Clicking on a project opens up a page with the film and other details such as the synopsis, film festival selections, awards won, and press coverage. The site also features the TV series she’s worked on — a number of acclaimed shows make the list.

19. Katori Hall

filmmaker website example, Katori Hall

What we like: Simplicity personified. That’s what Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and director Katori Hall’s website design presents.

With black text on a white background, the site evokes a sense of minimalism and clarity. Navigation is easy, and you can browse through her plays, television, and directing projects.

20. Shalini Kantayya

filmmaker website example, Shalini Kantayya

What we like: The site opens with a joyful image of filmmaker Shalini Kantayya with a video camera in hand and hero copy that introduces her in a concise four words.

Moving on to the rest of the site, we love the thumbnails on her film projects and the embedded media player, which allows visitors to view each video right from the page (without it opening in a pop-up or separate window). The site also presents her company and work created under the brand name.

Talking about web design choices, her social media links are well-placed, right next to the navigation menu. Additionally, the press page is thoughtfully organized and lets the coverage shine.

How To Design A Filmmaker Website

1. Choose a website builder or CMS, and a theme.

First, you need to decide whether you want a website builder or a content management system (CMS). This article clearly outlines the difference between both.

Next, determine the exact platform you want to use to create your site. For example, Squarespace and Wix are examples of website builders, while WordPress.org is an example of a CMS.

Factors to consider when making a choice include user-friendliness, features, expert and customer reviews (ensure they’re unbiased), security, and your budget.

Then comes the time to choose a theme. There are many filmmaking and videography-related themes and templates on different platforms. Do your research, and explore design and functionality to find the right one for your needs.

2. Identify and build the key pages on your site (design and content).

I went through 100+ filmmaker websites while creating this blog, and the most popular pages (or sections if it’s a single-page site) I’ve seen are:

  • Home pages.
  • About pages.
  • Projects (this can be divided into multiple pages depending on the type of work. For example, film and TV, or direction and cinematography).
  • Contact information.

Other pages to consider? Those for your services, resume, and any awards and press coverage.

Don’t forget to add social media links, testimonials, clients you worked with, and targeted call-to-actions (whether it’s booking a call or browsing your services). You can also highlight any courses or certifications taken — especially if you’re at the beginning of your career.

3. Add your reel.

“Can I see your work?”

As a filmmaker, a showreel is an excellent answer to that question. It’s a quick way to display your talent, technique, and array of projects you’ve done.

So, it makes sense to include it on your website. You can either present it above the fold on your homepage or along with your projects.

4. Present your projects well.

Your project page is the place to let your work shine, and we’ve seen multiple creative ways filmmakers showcase their projects in the website examples above. You can approach the design with a bit of flair or keep it simple (for example, a project gallery with crisp visuals).

Having a separate page for each piece — which visitors can click through from the main page — is also a good idea. Why? Most people want to see a video and understand the story and information behind the work.

For every project, try to include:

  • The full video, trailer, or a snippet.
  • Basic details (such as title, genre, and release year).
  • Your role.
  • Project synopsis or background overview.
  • Media coverage.
  • Awards and recognition (if any).
  • Credits (if applicable).

5. Have a soft launch.

Two pairs of eyes are better than one. So, show your website to a select (and trustworthy) group of people at least a month before presenting it to the world. This could include your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone in the filmmaking community.

A soft launch will help you easily find and rectify any errors missed during the site build.

Additionally, ensure your site has a consistent design, is accessible, and works well on mobile.

Resource: This article offers a handy pre-launch and post-launch checklist for a website.

Lights, Camera, Design!

Your website is a lens into you and your work as a filmmaker. You already understand the craft of film making — now go apply it to your online presence. Get designing!

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