16 Best Fitness Websites to Check Out in 2021

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Looking to launch a gym, yoga, meditation, or general wellness site for all to see? With over 200,000 fitness centers globally, you’ll need to stand out from the competition to encourage signups. Whether you’re aiming at beginners, fitness buffs, or everyone in between, we all appreciate websites that take the care to craft a unique experience.

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Access hundreds of Website Themes & Templates on HubSpotBesides design, fitness websites can introduce your fitness philosophy, share your backstory, sell online courses and memberships, allow visitors to sign up for four classes or training sessions, and a lot more. The best fitness websites are able to seamlessly incorporate these features with quality website design and navigation.

To give you a bit of inspiration, we’ve brought together 16 exceptional fitness sites — take pointers from these examples and build a website that gets customers through your doors, mats at the ready.

1. Fitlab

fitness website example: fitlab

Why it works:

Kicking off our list is Dutch personal training and yoga studio Fitlab, which features a friendly, intuitive website that invites new clients in. With bold and prominent text, large and crisp images, and a simple color palette, Fitlab defies industry conventions and instead chooses to nail the fundamentals.

For those who want to dive further in, the Fitlab website includes a useful fly-in sidebar menu with hover effects for each menu option. Each option leads to its own page featuring more images and convincing copy, ending with a form for lead capture.

2. Yogamaya

fitness website example: yogamaya

Why it works:

The Yogamaya yoga studio in New York City boasts an impressive small business website that uses image grids to present its offerings. The images intend to bring visitors into the physical space of the studio, while the copy shares the studio’s courses in Vinyasa Yoga.

While simple, this website proves that you don’t need elaborate, gimmicky effects to achieve an effective online presence. Yogamaya’s is powered by WordPress and elegantly combines basic page elements to make something greater than the sum of its parts. The end product is both impressive and achievable.

3. SoulCycle

fitness website example: soulcycle

Why it works:

A leader in spin classes across the U.S. and Canada, SoulCycle offers a membership website that makes it easy for both new riders to join and for experienced members to book a spot. Visually, the site is minimal and clean — it doesn’t try to upsell visitors or place distractions on the page. Instead, it’s obvious how visitors can sign up.

SoulCycle’s website also features an interactive map integration for finding local SoulCycle studios and reserving a spot in a class. Visitors may easily search by state or city, select the location, then reserve for their desired time.

4. Boombox Boxing

fitness website example: Boombox Boxing

Why it works:

The website for Washington D.C.-based boxing gym Boombox pulls no punches. From first landing on the homepage, the full-width video background makes clear the site’s purpose — scroll down to learn more about the gym’s mission, location, and CTAs to book a class.

Boombox opts for a bold and minimal aesthetic, and this extends to its scheduling page too. Users may easily search for classes by date and filter by instructor, room, and class type. By keeping things simple, this website ensures that everything customers want is, at most, a few clicks away.

5. Valentina Fontana

fitness website example: valentina fontana

Why it works:

Yoga instructor Valentina Fontana’s website is simple, elegant, and couldn’t be easier to use. With a click, you can learn more about her course offerings and experience, then reach out or book a course. Social links are also available, and the entire site conforms to a uniform, pleasing color palette with an impressive custom illustration to tie it together.

Also notable is this website’s minimal use of scrolling, instead leaning more on clicks to navigate and learn more. While this is a usability tradeoff, it works here because the site is small and doesn't require much clicking to explore it in its entirety.

6. ytfitnesslab

fitness website example: ytfitnesslab

Why it works:

ytfitnesslab is a testament to what the WordPress CMS and the Elementor page builder can accomplish together — this highly dynamic, engaging website utilizes parallax scrolling effects, a grayscale palette, and subtle textural animations to achieve a modern site with a touch of gritty edge.

This personal training site makes heavier use of text than other examples in this list. However, the text is balanced with images and whitespace to prevent information overload. Plus, the site has only three main pages, so users won’t feel like they’re reading a short novel before signing up. Each page includes a simple contact form at the end to capture new clients.

7. Deja Riley

fitness website example: Deja Riley

Why it works:

This next personal training website is a stark contrast to the previous one. Its vibrant colors, encouraging copy, higher page count, and other visual touches combine to capture attention and hold visitors on the site for longer. There’s even a small store section and blog to cap it off.

However, what really sells the Wix-powered site is Riley herself. Through the text and images, her confidence and drive are obvious. This is a website that not only works on a visual level but on an emotional level as well — it’s clear she intends to make you “smile while you sweat.”

8. Phive

fitness website example: Phive

Why it works:

If you want inspiration for an immersive gym site, check out Phive. Its fantastic fusion of videos, detailed images, sound effects, scrolling effects, and interactive elements tell you everything about what the gym offers. Every page is a masterclass in how to combine text and media in a cohesive and engaging way.

My favorite aspect of the site is its page loading animations, which feature the gym’s logo (the letter “P”) animated to perform different exercises. It’s a detail that likely took a lot of additional effort, but delightful moments like this are invaluable when trying to sway visitors.

9. BK Yoga Club

fitness website example: BK Yoga Club

Why it works:

This Brooklyn-based yoga studio emphasizes inclusion, and the same can definitely be said for its website. The design choices made on this site appear carefully crafted to put visitors at ease, inviting us into the space to experience a class, private session, or event.

From browsing the site, it’s obvious that yoga is the main offering. However, that’s not all this studio does. The BK Yoga Club website prominently features its blog, BYC Body Times, as well community events and a merch shop.

10. Crunch Fitness

fitness website example: Crunch Fitness

Why it works:

Popular fitness club Crunch Fitness hosts a website more in line with what you might expect an enterprise site to look like. However, there are still some features that help it to stand out. For example, take its emphasis on customer-centricity. The homepage lists the gym’s four “crunchisms” that highlight a commitment to positivity, inclusion, and crushing goals.

Also notable is the site’s navigation. Despite its array of offerings and locations, the website carefully structures its pages to guide visitors exactly to where they want, whether it’s a membership, personal or group training, or classes. The homepage also displays the nearest gym location automatically, eliminating the barrier of plugging in your address or zip code.

11. Yoga and Juliet

fitness website example: Yoga and Juliet

Why it works:

Offering yoga instruction, retreats, and mentorship, this yoga site exemplifies how to translate a personal yoga business into an online presence. Though you could call it a simple WordPress-WooCommerce site, the design shows an appreciation for space and attention to detail that visitors will expect and enjoy.

Several pages on this website begin with full-width videos that lull users into the site’s experience. Then, the inviting copy helps us get to know Juliet, her mission, and where we can sign up to learn more. Those looking for more value can read the blog containing dozens of articles centered on wellness and mindfulness.

12. Harlem Cycle

fitness website example: Harlem Cycle

Why it works:

Harlem Cycle uses its full-width video a little differently — to dial up the intensity. Offering in-studio and online spin classes, this company has created a straightforward website to get visitors booked and behind the handlebars. As such, the site leads you straight to either its class booking page or its video class product page.

Harlem Cycle’s website also takes steps (or rather, pedals) to feel more personable, including prominently featuring its staff members, incorporating the studio branding into the site’s color schemes, sharing its values and commitment to the community, and including testimonials and mentions in leading publications.

13. HealHaus

fitness website example: HealHaus

Why it works:

For a change of pace, let’s head to the HealHaus website. This holistic healing and health center sports a website to paint a picture of its space and approach to wellness — the pastel colors carry over from the images to the site’s color scheme for a consistent look and feel.

HealHaus offers a variety of holistic health treatments as well as yoga and meditation. Visitors may book a session or class, view offerings and rates, or explore the online shop. This website ultimately works because, while being a relatively simple WordPress site, it translates the physical space of HealHaus to an online medium.


fitness website example: LEVELSIX

Why it works:

Some sites we’ve seen focus on the studio space, while others center on people. LEVELSIX is a yoga studio based out of London that uses Squarespace to power its website, with a strong focus on the community. This is made clear from the images and copy throughout the site, as well as the “Meet the Team” page, all accompanied by parallax scrolling effects.

Again, this is the type of website that anyone can achieve using a CMS or website builder — there’s nothing too fancy happening here, mostly tasteful use of high-quality images, clear copy, and intuitive navigation.

15. Luminous Face Yoga

fitness website example: Luminous Face Yoga

Why it works:

Have you heard of face yoga? I hadn’t until I came across this website. Fortunately, Luminous Face Yoga takes the time to explain the practices and benefits of face yoga and sell you on its products, which include a monthly membership, classes, and beauty products.

It starts with a full-width video on the homepage to demonstrate some basic face yoga techniques. As you scroll, you’ll learn more about the practice and how Luminous can get you involved. Another particularly interesting feature is the before and after comparison photos, in which users can drag a vertical bar to see results.

16. Kinective Fitness

fitness website example: Kinective Fitness

Why it works:

Based out of El Paso, Texas, Kinective Fitness has created a truly impressive and dynamic website worthy of closing out our list. The homepage opens with a side-scrolling effect to establish the gym’s philosophy early on, then provides its location and offerings, including personal training, cycling, group exercise, and yoga.

For first-time visitors, a detail like this can immediately swing the perception of your business in a positive direction. Since websites have such little time to grab attention, Kinetic understands that a unique design choice can make the difference between a new membership and a bounce.

What is the best fitness website?

From browsing these examples, we can see that there’s a lot of variety within the fitness business niche. Gym websites are going to look different from yoga studio and wellness websites, and every individual business here has made a site that captures the brand and ultimately invites visitors to train.

So, which of these examples is the best? While your opinion may differ, I’d have to go with Valentina Fontana’s yoga site. This site nails the basics and delivers an uncomplicated website that gets users to booking as quickly as possible. This approach avoids overwhelming new clients and sums up all offerings cleanly and succinctly.

As for gym websites, I’ll shout out Phive one more time — exploring this site is an experience in and of itself, and I can’t get enough of its quirky loading animations and gorgeous imagery. It makes me want to get moving, and I can’t think of any higher praise.

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