How can you benefit from YouTube without creating videos? Many marketers and business owners are missing out on the benefits of incorporating YouTube into their marketing mix.

Usually, it's a question of how much time it takes to create high-quality video content.

YouTube boasts almost two billion monthly active users and has some impressive stats to support that number. The social search engine is:

Are you going to let a little time investment come between you and what could be the largest audience for your business?

There's an easy way to use YouTube to grow your business: embedding YouTube videos on your site using the YouTube API.

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What is the YouTube API?

As YouTube tries to ascend beyond its second-best ranking across various categories, it has seen the necessity of integrating with a broad range of functions. The platform itself has a wide selection of features and functionalities that make it accessible to developers and valuable to businesses.

One such feature is the YouTube Data API which furnishes your business’s application or website with an array of YouTube features.

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API stands for Application Programming Interface. It's the connecting link between two applications that communicate with each other. Like a waiter in a restaurant, it links the kitchen to the customer, creating order and convenience while promoting the general safety of both parties.

For programmers, the API is the interface through which they can obtain information and link up to other programs. An API makes a programmer’s work easier by skipping the drudgery of writing every single line of code whenever access or data analysis is needed. Instead, programmers can make use of predefined functions and protocols to quickly find what they need.

While data management has become a crucial business operation, the drastic increase in data generation has made it difficult to rely on traditional IT systems.

The API improves efficiency by breaking barriers between various systems, simplifying the processes. For example, you can use the YouTube Data API for many functions including testing requests, searching for content, uploading videos, and managing your playlist.

As mentioned, the YouTube API can also help you add YouTube content to your website. This helps drive traffic to your website, with someone else's content, legally. You'll also be helping the original video’s creator by promoting them to a new audience.

Now, YouTube doesn't just provide this service without also offering various levels of control. To prevent potential abuse, YouTube connects each user with a unique API Key that allows them to interact with the interface for a limited amount of time.

That's it. Your YouTube API is ready to use.

How Much Does the YouTube API Cost?

The charge for accessing the YouTube Data API is based on quota usage. For each project, you're given 10,000 free points per day and all requests, both valid and invalid, cost at least one point.

You can estimate your quota costs using the Quota Calculator and if you need more queries, you can apply for higher quotas. The pricing may not remain the same.

Quota Calculator for estimating the cost for a YouTube Data API query

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How to Use YouTube Content to Promote Your Website

One of the most effective ways to promote your business through video marketing, without creating the videos yourself, is to curate YouTube content. With so much content already being created on YouTube (300 hours of video per minute), browsing on the platform can get overwhelming for the user.

You can step in and develop standalone content or lists of videos about specific subjects within your industry. This will make it easier for your audience to discover quality YouTube content while promoting the content creator for free. Your payment comes about in the form of growing website traffic.

Video is also a great way to illustrate your points when writing blog posts. It delivers the message faster, can cover more depth, and is the preferred content consumption method for many.

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Use YouTube on Your Site

YouTube is huge for marketing. It has an established user base providing the perfect environment for businesses, marketers, creatives, and virtually anyone who wants to reach the public to do so easily.

Consistently creating high quality, original content can be difficult to incorporate into most marketing strategies. But, with access to the YouTube Data API, you can take the second-best route to use YouTube for marketing: sharing video on your website.

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