"How do I select a good theme for my new site?" This is one query that we receive over and over again.

The current market of WordPress resources is flooded with tons of brilliantly crafted themes; it often becomes difficult to decide which one is the best for you. While your requirements play a key role when it comes to choosing your perfect theme, there are several other factors that you should consider before you make a decision.

We will discuss each of these factors in detail and help you navigate the process of selecting the right WordPress theme for your website.

How to Select a WordPress Theme

1. Look and Feel

Make sure that the look of the theme you select complements the content of your site. Choose a bright and vibrant theme if you are publishing content in the entertainment or travel industries. If your site covers news, try keeping it simple. Similarly, it has to look gorgeous if it is a fashion site. A photography blog, on the other hand, looks classy when it is kept minimalistic.

Choose your theme based on the content your site will contain; however, you should not go only by looks.

Research the capabilities of the theme, then see if the looks complement your content. For an example, check out the MagXP theme.


2. Price

The WordPress community is flooded with thousands of themes, some of which come for free while others are premium. Many people consider the price to be a good indicator of the quality of a theme. But is becoming increasingly difficult to judge a theme solely on its cost.

A premium theme might have some added features that you aren't always able to find on a free theme. This is often the case when it comes to getting more updates, support, documentation, and unique designs.

One example is Divi, which offers more than 100 website packs and plenty of customizable elements.

Divi WordPress Theme

3. Ease of Customization

The theme you choose must be easily customizable. You should not have to struggle every time you want to make a change on your site. Uploading your logo, changing your layout, and adding images and videos should not be tough. Your dashboard should allow you to do all of these tasks effortlessly. It should be so smooth that you feel like a web designer even if you have zero knowledge in that industry. For example, X Theme is a WordPress theme with plenty of easy-to-use customization options.

X WordPress Theme

4. Responsiveness

We all know how important it is for your site to be responsive on all sorts of devices. More than 52% of web traffic is generated from mobile phones or other handheld devices. If your site is a responsive one, you have the added advantage of it topping search results. You can test your theme for mobile-friendliness in Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

Boss Theme is just one example of many responsive WordPress themes.

Boss BuddyPress Theme

5. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Make sure your theme is cross-browser compatible. It should not be necessary for viewers to always use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to visit your site. Your site must look equally stunning on all browsers. Never forget to check your theme in popular browsers, both on your computer and on mobile devices.

Monstroid is an example of a theme that is cross-browser compatible.


6. Supported Plugins

Another very important aspect to keep in mind is whether or not your theme supports popular WordPress plugins. The real magic of WordPress begins with plugins. These can give you the power to do just about anything on your website. With plugins, you can share the site on social platforms, transform your site into an online store, add contact forms, or make it SEO-friendly.

The Avada theme, for example, supports most modern WordPress plugins.

avada-wordpress-theme7. SEO-Friendly

Even though there are plugins that can be installed to make your site SEO-friendly, some themes come pre-built with this feature. Beware that the SEO-friendly box in the theme description might be checked but could just be a trick. Instead of making the purchase immediately, run some tests.

One example of an SEO-friendly website is Yosemite from MyThemeShop.


8. Speed

No one wants to visit a site that takes too long to load. Optimized website speed is a major factor for improved search engine rankings, conversion rates, and online revenue. To make sure that your theme does not slow down your site, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Although you might be tempted to select a feature-rich theme, we recommend that you do not give in to such temptations. Avoid selecting themes that offer more than six different sliders, too many pre-installed plugins, full-width images, background videos, or too many JavaScript animations. Poorly coded themes can also hurt your site's speed. Make sure you check the theme update history to ensure it is well-coded.

Schema is a great example of a theme that will not slow down your website with unnecessary functions.


9. Updates

Check if your theme has the option for regular updates. If you have been using WordPress for a while, you know that it is often updated by its developers. You need to keep up with updates, too.

This will protect and strengthen your site with enhanced security, bug fixes, and the latest features. Using an old version of WordPress or a dated theme might make your website vulnerable.

Once again, Divi proves to be a great example of a continuously updated theme for WordPress.

divi-simple-ecommerce-wordpress-theme10. Security

Do not compromise the security of your website. Read the customer reviews before making any theme purchases. Avoid themes that have fewer downloads or poor customer reviews.

11. Support

Always choose themes that come with good support. You must be able to reach out to the developer or the support team anytime you need help. Check the reviews to see what the customers have to say about the theme and its support. There is no point in purchasing a theme at a low price just to turn around and pay triple the amount to fix problems. This is a major drawback of free themes; there is no guarantee about the support you are going to get in times of need.

Zelle Pro is one of many premium themes that comes with excellent support.

Zelle Pro WordPress Theme


Selecting a theme for your new site can be a tiresome task. However, it is always beneficial to do your research before making a decision. There are thousands of themes in the WordPress community, and the number is increasing each day.

But with proper research, you can skip the unnecessary complications that come with making the wrong choice. Although numerous other factors help define a great theme, this list includes some of the top points to consider when choosing the theme for your website.

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Originally published Aug 10, 2016 11:42:09 AM, updated October 18 2019