10 Free New Customer Form Templates for Capturing Customer Information in 2022

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


Gone are the days of paper copies — the era of digital forms is upon us. As a result, many companies seek a new customer form template that can be customized digitally and even integrated into their website. If you're looking for a template free of charge, you'll be happy to learn that there are various excellent options.

Person searching for a new customer form template free of charge finds the perfect fit.

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If you or your business needs to add a new customer form to your site but aren't sure where to begin sourcing one, we're here to help. This post will provide everything you need to know about new customer form template options.

What is a new customer registration form? 

With a new customer registration form, you can capture the contact/personal information of individuals who register for your company's product or service. The data you gain from these forms can be helpful as you look to understand your target demographic better, how customers are finding your website, and beyond.

You can also customize your new customer form template to ask registrants if they'd like to opt-in to receive email or SMS messages from your company.

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    Why is a new customer form template helpful? 

    You might be wondering why it's critical businesses have a new customer form template on hand. For one, it's helpful having your customers' information in case you need to contact them for a specific purpose. Customer data such as email address, phone number, and mailing address are valuable for many marketing purposes.

    Secondly, new customer forms help you track who is visiting your website, using your services, or purchasing your products. They could provide relevant information such as where the bulk of your business is coming from, where they learned about your company, and more. You'll gain a more thorough understanding of your customer base.

    And lastly, a new customer form is effective because it will organize the data in a digestible, helpful manner. When you need to use the information at a later date, you'll easily be able to find it without having to sift through piles of paperwork.

    What is the best new customer form template free of charge? 

    You'll be happy to learn that it's possible to find a new customer form template free online. In some cases, you may even have the option to customize these forms to suit your business. Here are 10 of our favorite form template options.

    1. HubSpot's Free Online Form Builder

    One of the main reasons companies use online forms is to keep all their data organized. Doing so is exceptionally easy with the HubSpot Online Form Builder. This free tool helps you create website forms that connect to your CRM or contacts database.

    This drag-and-drop form builder streamlines the process if you're looking to customize. Or, you can stick with pre-existing templates, including newsletter signup, contact, or new customer registration form template. You can either add the form to your website or use it as a standalone page — whichever you prefer.

    One new customer form template: HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

    2. WordPress User Registration Form 

    If you have a WordPress website and are looking for a new customer form to integrate with your site, you could opt for the User Registration plugin.

    This is also a drag-and-drop form builder, so no coding is required. Whether you'd like to create a simple form based on a pre-existing template or you'd like to customize it to be more complex, the options are limitless. You'll also like that this plugin is lightweight and 100% responsive.

    One new customer form template: WordPress User Registration Form

    3. signNOW

    Figuring out what to put on a form can be tricky. Luckily, signNow offers a new customer form template you can use and customize in just a few simple clicks. This tool also provides a free trial to make sure it's a good fit for your business before you commit. Document management is also a breeze with the help of signNow as you can print, save, or share the form directly through this platform.

    And if you're looking for other templates, you can find them in signNow's comprehensive library. (Psst: this tool also integrates with HubSpot!)

    One new customer form template: signNow

    4. JotForm 

    Thanks to JotForm's new customer form template, you can personalize your own in just a few clicks of a button. And yes, it's free. You have the option to add your business' logo, update the title, create a thank you page after site visitors submit, and beyond. While the template includes questions that frequently pop up on new customer forms, you can also personalize them as you see fit.

    This tool also integrates with the HubSpot CRM for ease of use.

    One new customer form template: JotForm

    5. Typeform 

    Typeform has garnered a reputation for creating beautiful, digestible forms. The platform offers over 800 templates (including a new customer registration form) and over 120 integrations, including HubSpot.

    You can preview the new customer form demo on their website to see if this is the right platform for you.

    One new customer form template: Typeform

    6. 123FormBuilder

    123FormBuilder offers various templates that help you simplify creating forms for your company. They even provide a comprehensive new customer registration form that you can edit according to your business needs. This form template is mobile-optimized and can be updated with drag-and-drop tools. You can also import your data into the HubSpot CRM for safekeeping and easy management.

    One new customer form template: 123FormBuilder

    7. FormStack

    FormStack is another option if you're looking for a seamless new customer registration form template. Like some of the other platforms mentioned, you can add your logo and customize the template, but the hard work of figuring out what to include is complete.

    FormStack also integrates with HubSpot CRM to strategically organize the data you obtain from your form.

    One new customer form template:  FormStack

    8. Google Forms 

    If you've worked with Google Forms in the past, you know that while it's not quite as sophisticated as some of the other form builders listed, it is reliable. You'll find various template options in the template gallery, including those for new customer registration (called 'contact information').

    It also only takes two minutes to integrate Google Forms with HubSpot if you're looking to import data.

    One new customer form template: Google Forms

    9. Formplus 

    Formplus also offers a library of templates that includes an effective pre-made customer registration form. Formplus also integrates with WordPress if you want to have these forms on your WP site. This option also scores points because the most basic version is free.

    One new customer form template: Formplus

    10. Formsite 

    Formsite scores points for the sheer number of different types of new customer form template options they offer which makes customization easier. This platform is also handy as you can send form intake results to one or more email addresses so you can share updates with your business partners. Even better, you can share results formatted as an easily digestible graph — directly through this tool.

    One new customer form template: Formsite

    A new customer form template can simplify the process of designing one for your site. 

    Now that you've seen what a beautiful new customer form template free of charge looks like, you can take what you've learned to personalize one for your business. And when you're ready to start organizing the data you gain from your form, you can integrate your form builder with our CRM for a streamlined, simplified process.

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