25 React Website Design Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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Are you on the hunt for some fresh and inspiring website design ideas? Well, look no further!

woman builds a react website for her ecommerce business

We've rounded up 25 of the best React website designs that will get your creative juices flowing. From bold and vibrant to minimalistic and modern, these designs can showcase the full potential of what you can achieve with React.

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And the best part? We'll also show you how to create your stunning website using React. So, get ready to take notes, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Each component renders a specific page aspect and can be easily reused and combined with other features.

ReactJS also uses "states" to manage the data and update the view whenever the state changes. This makes it very flexible and efficient to build dynamic web pages that can change and update in real time.

Let's not forget that it was initially developed by Facebook and has since become one of the industry's most widely used JavaScript libraries.

1. Cavai

react website templates, Cavai

Cavai is definitely making an impression. With its bold color scheme, interesting graphics, and smooth transitions, it’s enough to make anyone stop and pay attention.

What we like: There’s balance to this site. There’s movement paired alongside static elements, color paired with neutrals, and bold fonts paired with more streamlined text. It’s a great blend of design that captivates the users and keeps them coming back for more.

2. Mr. Pops

Mr. Pops react website example

Mr. Pops is a stunning website. Their clever use of animated transitions combined with their popsicles' photos creates a visually appealing and mouth-watering experience for anyone browsing their website.

The exceptional use of high-quality photos of their delectable popsicles immediately caught our attention. Plus, the limited color palette of the website is both striking and memorable, adding to the brand’s uniqueness.

What we like: The playful transitions and user-friendly navigation make browsing and purchasing their products accessible. The design elements are all well-integrated, resulting in a cohesive and enjoyable user experience.

3. EverGreener

Evergreener react website example

EverGreener is like spring in website form — it’s refreshingly beautiful. The beautiful green color scheme and nature-inspired graphics create a calming and inviting atmosphere, making it hard to resist exploring their eco-friendly product offerings.

What we like: The detailed webpage, complete with high-quality images and in-depth descriptions, is particularly impressive and showcases the company's dedication to sustainability.

4. Bryant Smith

Bryant Smith react website example

Bryant Smith is a talented web developer whose portfolio stands apart from any other website development. His React website design features cutting-edge 3D animations, crayon-like visuals, delightful surprise elements, and playful interactions.

These create experiences that are both beautiful to view and engaging to explore.

What we like: We can't help but love Bryant Smith's site because it combines creativity and technology in a meaningful way. Moreover, the 3D animations, visuals, surprise elements, and playful interactions provide an immersive experience for users to engage with the content.

5. Soren Rose Studio

Soren Rose Studio react website example

Soren Rose Studio is unique — and you immediately see that when you first pull up its React website. The minimalistic, clean black-and-white color palette design and visually striking product images can capture anyone's attention.

Soren Rose Studio's website design effectively captures its design philosophy and values and perfectly highlights its stunning products.

What we like: The website's clean transitions and modern feel provide a seamless browsing experience, while intuitive menus and organized pages make it easy to navigate.

6. Le Salon Peugeot

Le Salon Peugeot react website example

Le Salon Peugeot understands that one must think outside the box to create an immersive digital experience. Their website design is a testament to that philosophy.

They have created a unique digital experience that transports visitors to the car show by using cutting-edge design, immersive user navigation, and stunning animations.

What we like: Le Salon Peugeot's website design is impressive with its unique and immersive virtual experience. The animations also add a touch of fun and excitement to the overall user experience, making it engaging and enjoyable to explore.

7. Custom Truck One Source

react website example

Custom Truck One Source’s website design impressed us with its seamless and user-friendly navigation, making exploring their extensive range of truck and heavy equipment solutions easy.

The website design uses a simple yet elegant color palette of white, black, and red, with clean animation transitions that add a modern touch. Moreover, the website provides detailed information about their products, including images. This allows customers to make informed decisions.

What we like: Customers benefit from the convenience of having all their needs met in one place, eliminating hours spent searching for the right services.

8. Daedalos

Daedalos react website example

Daedalos is Dustin Brett’s portfolio. He’s an experienced web designer specializing in React-based website design, so you know his portfolio showcases that in a strikingly original way. This site combines a stunning desktop environment, creating an interactive user experience.

His attention to detail with his clean lines, subtle typography, and calming color palettes give the user a unique visual appeal.

What we like: Dustin’s web design looks great on all devices while providing seamless and responsive performance.

9. Art Gallery of Ballarat

Art Gallery of Ballarat website

Art Gallery of Ballarat is laid out like a museum. There’s lots of white space and tons of incredible images. Think of interactive experiences with fluid page transitions, 3D images, animations, and videos.

This helps to create an immersive user experience that can make a website stand out from its competition.

What we like: This site is a lesson in both simplicity and creativity. With twists and turns and a touch of the unexpected, it really creates a thrilling experience for users. What seems like a well-designed, but simple, site at first glance gives way to so much more.

10. Far Co

Far Co react website example

Far Co is a web design firm that provides clients with cutting-edge, modern solutions using React. So, of course, they didn’t hold back with their own design. Their site makes use of white space, video, pops of color, modern imagery, and much more.

What we like: No one can deny Far Co’s ability to bring all web design elements together in one place with this website. It's flexible, capable, and impactful — all rolled into one stunning design with exceptional user experience.

11. They Call Me Giulio

GuilioCollesei react website design example

Giulio Collesei is a Creative Technologist based in Italy who has created one of the most stunning React website designs. It sticks to a very bold color palette of black and blue with pops of white for definition. And the text is laid out in a neat and unexpected way.

What we like: We appreciate that Giulio has dedicated time to showcase not only his technical ability but also himself as an individual. The portfolio website's robust yet straightforward navigational design stands out from the crowd.

12. PUMA Velocity 2 Experience

Velocity Nitro 2 website

Velocity Nitro 2 has an iconic website that truly approaches design literally. Clearly inspired by the shoe’s ability to propel people forward, the site makes you feel as if you’re freefalling.

When you scroll, it speeds up and plops the shoe right in front of you. With one little scroll, you can view it from any angle you want.

What we like: This site combines interactive elements with cutting-edge technology. This creates a smoother journey for the user that engages and immerses them in an exciting adventure.

13. Silver Rain Games

Silver Rain Games website

Silver Rain Games takes on a very captivating and modern approach. As an independent game studio, their website had to match the innovative and exciting content they create.

The website features a minimalistic design that makes its content stand out. The website's captivating animation and immersive feel can quickly grab anyone's attention.

What we like: Navigation is intuitive and user-friendly, with easy-to-access links to their various projects and social media pages. It's an excellent example of how a well-designed website can make a lasting impression on visitors and leave them excited to learn more about the company.


DFFRNT-ERA website

DFFRNT-ERA has a truly unique, jaw-droppingly gorgeous website. It makes you stop in your tracks and take notice. The dark and moody aesthetic draws you in, while the clean and modern design keeps you engaged.

The diamond animation is a particularly striking feature that adds an extra layer of visual interest. It's the perfect mix of thrilling and comfortable, making it a joy to scroll and explore.

What we like: This website is a feast for the eyes with its sleek and modern design. The diamond animation on the homepage is a showstopper that immediately captures attention and draws visitors in.

15. Malala Fund Annual Report

Malala Fund Annual Report

Malala Fund Annual Report has an incredible site. The website design is responsive and efficient, with fast load times and smooth page transitions. The website is also highly informative, with detailed information on the fund's work, mission, and impact.

What we like: This site uses React to beautifully convey the organization's mission to empower women and girls through education. From the moment you enter the site, you are greeted with powerful imagery of young women worldwide, making it clear what the organization stands for.


NXTIDE website

NXTIDE has a very traditional, clean-cut website at first glance. However, as you navigate the site, it becomes clear that it is a shining example of how minimalist design can still be engaging. With fast and seamless transitions, the user experience is a pleasure.

What we like: NIXTIDE clearly focuses on IT service and effectively communicates that through its design. The clean-cut aesthetic and efficient navigation makes it easy for users to understand their offerings and quickly find the information they need.

17. Cal.com

Cal.com website

Cal.com is the epitome of interesting on a greyscale. Despite their minimalist design, their website is interactive, intuitive, and engaging. The user-friendly layout makes it easy to navigate and find the information you need.

What we like: The design is intuitive and interactive, making it easy for users to understand how the site can help them. The clean interface makes it easy to navigate, and the use of plain language ensures that everyone can understand how to schedule their appointments.

18. Guide to Heavy Metal

Guide to Heavy Metal website

Guide to Heavy Metal is nothing short of epic. You're immediately transported to the heavy metal world with the iconic music blasting in the background. The website boasts impressive graphics, animation transitions, and comic-style illustrations that tell the band's history.

What we like: The fantastic comic illustrations and creative use of transitions add to the overall experience, making the website truly unique and memorable. It's a great example of how a website can be used to promote and celebrate a musical genre and the artists behind it.

19. Electrode Web

Electrode Web portfolio website

Electrode Web is a stunning portfolio website showcasing artist Taisho Ichikawa's talent in creating breathtaking neon glass artworks. Their website design is a masterpiece, featuring a perfect balance of analog and digital elements.

What we like: This site is a true work of art with an immersive and innovative design. From the vibrant colors to the high-quality photos and smooth transitions, every element of the website reflects the artist's "light as a medium" philosophy.

20. Hydrogen

Hydrogen website example

Hydrogen is revolutionizing the world of commerce with its Shopify stack for headless commerce. With its focus on dynamic and performant commerce applications, Hydrogen is leading the way in the industry.

What we like: Using animated graphics and dynamic transitions creates a sense of movement and excitement, drawing visitors in and keeping them engaged. Overall, the website design captures the cutting-edge technology and innovative approach of Hydrogen's offerings.

21. Repeat

Repeat react website example

Repeat has ensured you’ve never seen or experienced a website like theirs before. With incredible animations, user-friendly navigation, and smooth transitions, their website immediately catches your eye and makes you want to explore more.

What we like: Their use of big fonts and explicit content also helps convey the information clearly and concisely, making it easy for visitors to understand how their platform works.

Repeat's website design is a perfect balance of functionality and style, making it a great example of what can be achieved with React.

22. SeaCat

SeaCat website example

SeaCat is another dark, moody addition to this list — but you’ll want to expect the unexpected here. As a superyacht created by Rossinavi, one of the world's top builders of luxury vessels, SeaCat's website perfectly captures the brand's commitment to excellence.

From the moment you enter the site, you're transported into a world of sophistication and elegance, where the latest technology and timeless craftsmanship come together to create something extraordinary.

What we like: Stunning animations showcase the sleek design of the yacht and an engaging audio experience.

23. Setpoint

Setpoint react website example

Setpoint will leave you speechless. Their website design is a testament to the saying "less is more." The interface is crisp and uncluttered. Each element is thoughtfully placed for maximum impact.

The clean design allows visitors to easily navigate their offerings and understand their business model.

What we like: Setpoint’s website design has a modern look that perfectly matches the brand's innovative and technology-driven approach. The use of white space and minimalist design makes it easy for users to navigate the site and find the information they need.

24. Bundlee

Bundlee react website example

Bundlee is fun, quirky, and colorful but also very effective. The U.K.-based rental subscription service for baby clothes has created a website that reflects its playful personality.

With bright colors, fun illustrations, and a whimsical font, navigating their website is a delight for parents looking to reduce their environmental impact.

What we like: The fast and smooth transitions between pages make browsing a breeze, and the content provides users with everything they need to know about the service they're offering.

25. Astro NFT Everdome

Astro NFT Everdome website example

Astro NFT Everdome is quite the name, so obviously, they needed a website to match. And match it does, with a dynamic, creative design that takes visitors on an immersive journey through space.

The astronaut animation with high-quality graphics sets the tone, making visitors feel like they're preparing for takeoff into the unknown.

What we like: From the moment you enter their site, you cannot help but be drawn in by the stunning visuals and the sense of adventure permeating every aspect of the design. It's a testament to the power of great website design to transport users to another world entirely.

How to Design a React Website

Designing a React website can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for developers. Read on to learn the basics of designing a React website, from setting up the environment to testing your application.

1. Plan the website.

Start by deciding the purpose, content, and structure of the website. Next, identify the target audience and the key features that the website should have.

2. Choose a development tool.

Choose a development tool that works best for your needs. Popular options include Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, and Atom.

Set up the development environment: Install Node.js and create a new React project using the Create React App tool.

3. Choose a design framework.

Select a design framework that best suits your needs. Popular options include Bootstrap, Material UI, Semantic UI, and Ant Design.

4. Create the layout and design.

Using the selected design framework, create a basic layout and design for the website. This includes choosing colors, typography, and layout styles.

5. Develop components.

Break down the website into small components and develop them individually. For example, create a header, footer, and primary content component.

6. Add functionality.

Add functionality to the website using React components and JavaScript. This includes adding user interactions, dynamic content, and animations.

7. Test the website.

Test the website to ensure that it works as expected. Use tools like Jest and Enzyme to test components and functionality.

8. Optimize the website.

Optimize the website for performance and SEO. This includes optimizing images, reducing page load times, and adding metadata.

9. Deploy the website.

Deploy the website to a hosting service like Netlify or Heroku. This involves configuring the build settings and deploying the website to a live server.

By following these steps, you can design a professional-looking React website that is both functional and user-friendly.

Getting Started

Designing a React website is an exciting and rewarding project for developers. With the proper planning, tools, and optimization techniques, you can create an engaging user experience that helps to promote your brand or business goals.

With a wide variety of frameworks available, there are endless opportunities to make something unique that stands out from the crowd. And with the right tools and techniques, you can ensure your website is optimized for speed, performance, and SEO.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and design that React website!

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