19 Vintage Website Designs to Inspire Yours

Jamie Juviler
Jamie Juviler


Looking for vintage website design inspiration? First, let me just say: Awesome choice.

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Whether its to conjure a sense of nostalgia, pay tribute to the past, or just to look unique, bringing vintage design into your website is a fantastic way to add character. Plus, “vintage” designs can be pulled form many eras, from the early 1900s all the way to the nineties.

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In this post, we’ve pulled together 19 website examples that showcase vintage design at its best, so you can impress visitors with your old-school aesthetic.

1. St. Louis Browns Historical Society

vintage website design example: st louis browns historical society

To kick off our list, this website chronicles the St. Louis Browns, an American baseball team from the first half of the 20th century. It guides visitors through the history of the team, from its inception to its moving to Baltimore, Maryland.

The website makes full use of the page whenever possible, with smooth scrolling effects guiding you through each chapter in the story. It all feels genuinely vintage with textures, old-style fonts, and archival photographs. It makes for a fitting tribute to the classic team.

2. The Old Box

vintage website design example: the old box

Interested in collecting old vintage coins without any restoration? There’s truly a website for everything.

The old box website adopts a vintage feel in its color scheme and drawings that decorate the page. It’s minimal and definitely doesn’t go overboard, but includes just enough detail to convey that feeling of finding lost treasure.

3. Jack Daniels

vintage website design example: jack daniels

When looking for vintage inspiration, it’s hard to go wrong with a whiskey website. Jack Daniel’s wont be the last on this list, but it’s no question that this brand is icon in the world of whiskey.

The website introduces visitors to the Jack Daniels brand, story, and products, all through immersive storytelling. By blending vintage and modern elements, it conjures a unique atmosphere that encourages you to explore, and maybe try a glass yourself.

4. .Paak House

vintage website design example: paak house

Rapper and musician Anderson .Paak founded the nonprofit The Brandon Anderson Foundation that supports creative projects and funds access to arts and arts education.

The art on this website’s homepage is striking, with bold colors that bring a retro feel and backed by a parallax effect as you scroll downward. There’s also a video component, social links, and links to donate to the cause. Overall, it’s a great example of a single-page site that makes a difference.

5. Dollar Dreadful

vintage website design example: dollar dreadful

Dollar Dreadful leans full-force into the vintage look and mimics a 19th-century newspaper. Every detail is mapped out, from the fonts to page color to touches of humor throughout the copy. Buttons and CTAs are disguised as on-page text. Usually this would be a no-no, but hereit works because it encourages exploration.

6. Mollydooker Wines

vintage website design example: mollydooker wines

Based out of Australia, Mollydooker Wines goes all-out with its vintage-themed website. Every one of its pages weaves together vibrant colors, images, animations, and CTAs. It’s unabashedly bold, unique, and captivating, with a delight moment at every turn. Vintage or otherwise, it’s one of the best websites we’ve ever seen.

7. Flaner

vintage website design example:flaner

The Flaner restaurant is a prime example of how web textures can be used to conjure a vintage feel. The animated static is reminiscent of analogue speaker systems and vinyl records. The site appears monochromatic until you hover your cursor over the images, at which point color seeps into the frame.

8. Omsom

vintage website design example: omsom

Omsom sells flavor packs for Asian dishs, combining sauces, aromatics, and seasonings. Its website is as uncompromisingly bold as the products they sell. Everything on the website pops, including the CTAs, product images, and animations featured throughout.

Still, Omsom’s website retains something of an old-school feel like a tribute to comic books and sticker sets.

9. Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio

vintage website design example: mercato di sant'ambrogio

Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio is the oldest market in Florence, Italy, established in 1873. A WordPress website, this example shows us how the free CMS can be leveraged to make something truly special.

Web textures, handwritten text, and illustrations are interspersed throughout the site to achieve that vintage feel. The featured shops page highlights the shop owners, reminding us that it’s as much about the people as it is about the food.

10. Shop MrBeast

vintage retro website design example: shop mrbeast

You may know him from his wildly popular YouTube videos, but the MrBeast web store is a bit of a different … ahem … beast. Top-to-bottom, this website embraces the retro aesthetic of the 80s and 90s. It employs pixel art, bright colors, a custom cursor, and even an online game so you can take a quick break from your shopping.

11. Six Fields Beer

vintage website design example: six fields beer

Six Fields is a Belgian-style beer with a website that subtly incorporates vintage elements to evoke a sense of the past while keeping the present in view. We see this primarily with the font that the designer chose for the page headings. Plus, the little scroll effect at the top of the homepage is a nice extra touch.

12. Rue Vintage 74

vintage website design example: rue vintage 74

What better place to look for vintage website inspiration than a website for vintage products? Rue Vintage 74 sells vintage home furniture and antiques, and its homepage brings in images that are cohesive and chic, as well as subtle transition effects between them.

We also like that the site is laid out in a pleasing grid. It’s yet another example of a site that blends the old with the new.

13. Kalso

vintage website design example: kalso

Earth Shoes created this microsite to tell the story of its founder Anne Kalsø. It blends together photos, animations, and vintage-style fonts into a gorgeous experience you need to scroll to believe. And it all ends with links to products to close the deal.

14. Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce

vintage website design example: mama joyce peppa sauce

C’mon, how could you not want to buy after visiting this website? Mama Joyce Peppa sauce employs a highly immersive (and hilarious) website with a simple but effective color scheme and liberal use of scrolling text throughout. Take inspiration from this site for its ability to combine playfulness with a vintage feel.

15. Hardin’s Creek

vintage website design example: hardin's creek

Here’s another whiskey site that we think is worht mentioning. Hardin’s Creek blends vintage with modern styling to represent the evolution of its whiskey brand. The scrolling effects are on-point, telling the story of what brought the distillery to its place today.

Treat yourself to its produce pages as well. Each one tells a unique story with unique scroll effects and an aesthetic reminiscent of a dimly lit saloon. (Or something like that. Is that where people drink whiskey? I’m no expert.)

16. Il Letterista

vintage website design example: il letterista

We’re enamored with this website from the Italian lettering company Il Letterista. The site pays homage to the craft of hand-painted signs and lettering, reflected in its fonts and illustrations. Explore the homepage and see if you can uncover all the quirky mouseover effects.

17. Silk + Sonder

vintage website design example: silk + sonder

Silk + Sonder is a mental health and mindfulness subscription service that leans softly into the vintage look while retaining a chic sensibility. It’s all about creating a welcome, comforting environment for new subscribers that makes this example so effective.

18. AVEC Drinks

vintage website design example: avec drinks

AVEC Drinks is another example of a website that pushes the envelope when it comes to beverage-focused websites. With a color scheme to reflect the ingredients and a hearty dose of Hollywood burlesque, chances are you’ll find something you’ll want to try on this vintage site.

19. Nello Vintage

vintage website design example: nello vintage

We'll close on another great blend of vintage and modern: Nelo incorporates bold and vivid colors, along with high contrast to win over visitors. It’s a pretty stripped-back Wix website, but that doesn’t take away from its merit or its vintage appeal.

Vintage Website Design Inspiration

Just because something is vintage doesn’t mean it’s outdated. In fact, the vintage aesthetic is wildly popular in fashion, art, and beyond. Plus, you can incorporate both classic and modern elements into your site and wind up with something truly your own. When crafting a site, it’s never a bad idea to look to the past. Happy building!

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