20 Website Animation Examples We Love

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Jenny Romanchuk
Jenny Romanchuk


A boring website? In this day and age, that just won’t do. Put yourself into your visitors’ shoes: Would you rather place an order on a super-fast and engaging website, or on a site with a flair of 2001?

woman creates a website animation on her tablet

If you want your website to have that extra “oomph,” animations are the way to go. 55% of video marketers created animated videos in 2022. Why? Because animations and videos convert. 67% of customers prefer and engage with visuals such as images, GIFs, or videos over text alone.

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So, we took the liberty of hunting down the best website animation examples that will immerse, entertain, and leave you wanting more. Let's get started.

1. DeModern

Demodern website animation example

The Demodern website epitomizes elegance, creativity, and dynamic animations. The homepage opens with a series of eye-catching video clips that captivate and amaze. They use parallax scrolling to make images on the page seem like they're flying by as you scroll.

They’ve cleverly used vivid transitions between page shifts as well as loading animations to keep you entertained.

What we like: What seems to be a simple pull-out menu transitions into a hamburger menu and takes over half the page, making for an attractive layout.

2. Twinbru

Twinbru website animation example

Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning array of colors and exquisite graphics of this design. An SVG line drawing as a loading animation delights you as you wait for the page to load. The homepage itself is full of graphics and micro-interactions.

Twinbru has taken the browsing experience to the next level with a medley of responsive elements, like cursor animation, 3D graphics that move with your mouse, and graphics that unravel and envelop as you scroll by.

Midway through the site, you get to enter a 3D image as if taking a virtual tour.

What we like: The hamburger menu slides over the entire page as you click on it.

3. K24Moscow

K24 Moscow website animation example

This website for modern architecture is the perfect example of creative animations with fluid and dynamic scroll-sensitive animations.

The way the red, white, and black sections seamlessly shift, overlap, and transition from small sizes to huge is truly captivating, especially when matched with a distinctly unique typeface. Collectively, these elements contribute to an incredibly exhilarating website.

What we like: Each section comes to life with your scroll and takes over the screen.

4. Species in Pieces

Species in Pieces website animation example

The Species in Pieces is a visual treat. The way they've introduced gamification into scroll-activated animations is so captivating. The smart use of origami-looking graphics that transition into a new species every time you scroll not only looks unique but also adds an artistic flair to the design.

The creative use of unique icons for navigation that transform your screen into a new page when you click on them is another stroke of genius.

What we like: The page transitions are seamless, and the graphics playfully come together and fall apart with your scroll.

5. Mamoria Basetis

Mamoria Basetis website animation example

The website breaks the mold with its animated illustrations guiding you through a city vista that gives you an interactive introduction to the company. The responsive elements are very inviting and modern.

At the end of each section, a graphic invites you to explore another page designed on the same layout.

What we like: You don’t scroll down — you scroll ahead. A small touch that makes the experience more memorable.

6. KKL Luzern

KKL Luzern website animation example

Innovation at its finest, where you get to embark on a virtual tour and pick the perfect spot for your event. The website rocks an architectural vibe with meticulous attention to detail.

Slides in windows and responsive 3D images make the experience consuming. Everything is scroll-triggered, with interactive buttons taking you into more detail about the venue and animated pop-ups. Soft background colors and bright CTAs add a nice practical touch.

What we like: You can choose between free exploration or the predetermined scroll tour.

7. Red Panda

Red Panda website animation example

This website has a game-like feel from the get-go — the custom loading animation with the words “the panda will wake up soon” is a fun way to kick things off.

Scroll-activated screen reveal coupled with scroll animations, fade-in text, and lively pop-up images that hover and fly across the screen, make the page come to life. The creative use of dark red and black gives the website an edgy feel.

What we love: The page tells a story as you scroll, using animated images and text icons.

8. The Museum of Annoying Experiences

The Museum of Annoying Experiences website animation example

This website is like your ticket to a quirky adventure through a world of annoying encounters. It delivers on its promise with a delightful blend of animations, gamification, and 3D graphics.

Click through the digital museum to visit different exhibits and get a chuckle from each. Interactive elements make the experience more fun and amusing.

What we like: Crisp copywriting coupled with creative animated icons makes you want to keep exploring. Plus, the titles of the exhibits light up on the museum floor as you hover over them.

9. James Warner

James Warner website animation example

From micro-interactions to macro-interactions, this website is buzzing with animations. The homepage has a stunning pixelated image with 3D animation. You can move it around and create a monochrome ripple effect with a click.

All buttons and images are responsive, and the color blend and font create a matrix code look. Each element is designed creatively to wow the viewer.

What we like: The navigation menu has unique and innovative icons for social media links.

10. UCLA 100

UCLA 100 website animation example

This website takes story animation to a new level. It comes with a timeline that features a freeform timeline collage that allows you to view key moments from the school’s history.

As you explore through the years, you see it dates back to the school’s founding years and creates a complete timeline, telling you a story with each swipe and each image. It’s a truly immersive experience and a great way to dive deep into content.

What we like: You can choose between “time” or “explore” modes. Many items come with multiple slides and handy links to topic tags.

11. NTV Art

NTV Art website animation example

This website design is pulsating with creativity and art. The live background teams up with an animated cursor, scroll-driven graphics, and image carousels to give the whole site a vibrant feel. The color palette is a soothing blend of soft hues mixed with eye-popping, colorful bubbles that add a playful touch.

The screen reveals a uniquely designed section every time you navigate. With dot takeovers to sliding takeovers, section transitions feel epic. Right in the middle of the homepage, there's a whole gallery of high-quality images you can scroll through.

What we like: The designers took the responsive images and image carousels to another level, with the images flipping as they slide across your screen. Plus, the news ticker design drives your attention to the text.

12. Goliath Entertainment

Goliath Entertainment website animation example

This website uses a pop art style and fun animations. Your journey starts with a loading page to build suspense. The homepage is covered in interactive animations, shifting between an animated cursor and movable graphics.

The innovative hamburger-style navigation menu is uniquely designed with each page in mind. Parallax animation and responsive images are carried across the whole site. The design makes for a colorful, wacky, and interactive storytelling website.

What we like: The hovering text boxes give a trail effect as you move them around.

13. Green Chameleon

Green Chameleon website animation example

This website animation is a time capsule that takes you through the agency’s cherished moments of 2018. As you enter the virtual universe, you experience many responsive elements like an animated cursor, 3D-looking images flying by (like in Star Trek), and parallax scrolling. Swipe in to move forward, and swipe out to return. An innovatively different idea from dragging down and across the screen.

But that's not all — click on the images to bring color and see each image slide transition into a new one. The background color changes as we navigate through a 3D space from one month to the other. At the end, a custom animated graphic even waves goodbye.

What we like: The cursor animation creatively transitions between unique “enter and exit” icons while you hover over an image.

14. Pest Stop Boys

Pest Stop Boys website animation example

The website is a pure blend of creativity and genius. It has bold and colorful vector illustrations with loads of scroll-driven animated pests that walk on by as you go. The text content on the page is responsive, and even the navigation menu and other icons are scroll-sensitive.

Combining plant-based patterns and simplified silhouettes сeatively depicts the hidden pests problem in a fun and engaging way.

What we like: Your cursor displays as a magnifying lens showing hidden pets on the homepage.


NIKE REACTOR website animation example

When you land on the NIKE REACTOR website, prepare for the ultimate immersive experience. You’re welcomed by a bouncing branding message followed by a high-quality 3D video. The use of vibrant colors, gamification, and playful animations gives you a front-row seat to the running world.

The website helps you create your very own perfect runner by cleverly using 3D graphics, live animations, and responsive buttons.

What we like: You can make the graphics larger or smaller without compromising their quality. The animations are creatively designed with moving shadows and all.

16. C2 Montreal

C2 Montreal website animation example

This vibrant website design is a digital playground. It rocks two color palettes, a cool cutout text layout, and dynamic elements tucked away in tiny details.

The dynamic backdrop catches the eye, and the graphics come alive when you glide over them. As your mouse glides over the section they want you to delve into, the cursor transforms into a vibrant green circle. Extremely interactive graphics and animations make the surfing experience engaging and fun.

What we like: The colors are simply mesmerizing. The animations in the forefront and background are both responsive.

17. Some Folk

Some Folk website animation example

The homepage manifests with the brand name — displayed in 3D text with a cool hover-tilt effect. It’s got a fullscreen section layout and uses a contrasting color palette to give it a monochrome effect.

What we like: The different screen sections gather in a vertical stacking formation, creating a navigation menu.

Which one’s your favorite?

Are you as impressed by these creative animations as we are? From live backgrounds to small popping icons, animations delight viewers and give life to your website.

Use animations to boost traffic and provide a great user experience. Don't shy away from thinking out of the box — you never know what will click.

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