Many Wordpress sites use Gravatar to show user avatars. Gravatar is the most widely used option for user profile images.

But if you don't want to use the default Gravatar, you will need a custom solution to show user avatars. Below are some of the best WordPress avatar plugins that allow users to upload custom avatar images.

All of these plugins are simple and lightweight, so they will not make much of a difference to your site's loading time.

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User Avatar Plugins for WordPress

1. WP User Avatar

With this plugin, a user can choose any image from their media folder as their profile image, offering the possibility to play around with the avatars regularly.

It also allows you to limit the file size for your users in the back-end, and the plugin includes several other useful features and options as well.

WP User Avatar

2. Author Avatars List

If you run a multiuser blog, this plugin will be useful to you. With this plugin, you can show a user list with avatars in the sidebar widget or on any post or page with a shortcode.

If there are regular authors on your blog, this plugin can play a vital role in the success of your site because it gives you a simple, effective way to showcase your authors.

Author Avatars List

3. SVG Avatars Generator

If you want to do more with your users' avatars, then this premium user avatar plugin for WordPress is the perfect option for you. With this plugin, users can create custom profile images based on Scalable Vector Graphics.

This plugin is a fully responsive and retina-ready plugin, so your images will look great on any modern device.

SVG Avatars Generator

4. WP Social Avatar

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to use a social media profile image as the avatar for your WordPress blog. It makes it easy for the users to set their profile images quickly, and they don't need to set a different Gravatar account to show the image.

WP Social Avatar

5. Simple Local Avatars

Simple Local Avatars helps users to set custom avatars. This plugin introduces a new field to upload a profile image in the user profile section. It fully supports Gravatar and creates default avatars if no local avatar is set for the user. It also allows you to turn off Gravatar.

imple Local Avatars

6. Avatar Manager

This is a powerful plugin to manage user avatars on WordPress blogs. With this plugin, the user gets a choice between Gravatar or a custom local avatar.

Avatar Manager

Some WordPress users do not like the default WordPress avatars or Gravatar. Many new users might have trouble navigating Gravatar. An avatar plugin for WordPress, like those mentioned above, can make it easier for users to create unique avatars on your site.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 4:11:00 PM, updated January 29 2020