The 22 Best WordPress Food Blog Themes

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Sharing pictures of your dinner on Instagram isn’t just a fun hobby anymore – it’s a legit blogging business. If you write about food, make sure you choose the best WordPress food blog theme for your niche.

person using a wordpress food blog theme on their tablet while cooking

Think about WordPress blog themes as the icing on your website. Like with cooking or baking, you can have the best-tasting dish (or, in the case of blogging, the best content), but sometimes the dish’s presentation catches the eye first.

Good, responsive WordPress themes are the garnish to your food blog. See the themes below for inspiration.

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Best WordPress Food Blog Themes

The best kind of WordPress themes are customizable, meaning you can easily change the look and feel of your website to best match your needs. The good news about WordPress themes is they are not just the visible portion of your blog, they can also control the behavior of your website through plugins.

For instance, you might install a subscription popup plugin for your mailing list that displays when users reach a certain point on your page. Or, you might install a “Jump to Recipe” link.

There are many different types of food-related blogs. Do you want to write exclusively about wine? Or do you like to only share recipes for casseroles? When choosing a WordPress theme, your niche and how you want your content to display are factors to consider.

See some of our favorite themes in the list below.

Recipe Blogs

1. Blossom Recipe Pro

wordpress food blog themes free, Blossom Recipe Pro

Blossom Recipe Pro is a customizable WordPress theme designed with the food and recipe blogger in mind. This theme has a built-in recipe maker plugin, which makes your favorite recipes available in a snap. The Blossom Recipe Pro theme is mobile-friendly, too, which is especially important for your readers that scroll through your recipes while they're in the kitchen.

This theme also features nine different homepage layouts. Not a fan of sidebars? You have the option to exclude them from your homepage.

What we like: Many bloggers have turned blogging into a business by running ads on their websites. The Blossom Recipe Pro features Adsense-optimized areas to help increase your blog’s revenue.

Best for: Recipe bloggers and food bloggers.

Price: The Blossom Recipe Pro theme is affordable at just $59. If you would like to try out the theme first before committing to it, you can download a limited version of this theme for free.

2. Ultra

wordpress food blog themes, Ultra

The Ultra theme by Themify allows you to customize your website from top to bottom. If you want every webpage to look and feel the same, you can do that with Ultra. If you want each webpage to behave differently, Ultra allows you to customize individual pages.

Ultra features over 60 premade design layouts to help you transform your ideas into a live website within minutes. Select your favorite layout, edit your content, and hit publish. Easy as pie.

What we like: Ultra has a neat feature called “section scrolling.” If you are a recipe blogger, you might want to create a step-by-step guide to your favorite recipe. Section scrolling presents your pages as a presentation. Readers can simply flip between pages instead of scrolling up or down.

Best for: Recipe bloggers, restaurant reviewers, and kitchen gadget reviewers.

Price: The Ultra theme is affordable. The Standard theme costs $59 and includes the WordPress theme, 11 plugins, and one year of support and updates. The Master Club costs $89 and includes 42 WordPress themes, 11 plugins, 25 builder add-ons, and more.

3. Astra

best wordpress food blog themes, Astra

Astra features a visual theme customizer to make it even easier for you to decide how to display your content. Because you’ll want to display high-quality photos of your recipes and creations, you’ll want a theme with high-performance speed. Astra does just that it. It is lightweight, fast, and responsive.

Not looking to design your website from scratch? No worries. Astra features several design options to get your food blog up and running in no time.

What we like: The Astra theme seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce. If you want to sell your own cookbook on your website, use this theme to integrate WooCommerce and set up your store.

Best for: Recipe bloggers, cookbook reviewers, and food critics.

Price: There are three price tiers for the Astra theme. You can purchase an annual subscription to Astra Pro for $59. The Growth Bundle, which includes the most features, will cost you $229 annually. Astra does offer free templates for you to use, too.

4. Cookery

best wordpress food blog themes, Cookery

The Cookery theme is a made-just-for-recipe-bloggers theme. Save time with this food blog theme by choosing from a selection of pre-made templates or customizing your own. You can also nail down your brand with this food blog theme by choosing from any of the 900+ fonts and unlimited color choices.

The Cookery theme works well with the Delicious Recipe plugin. This plugin will help your readers quickly scan your recipe for step-by-step instructions and gives the reader the option to print the recipe, too.

What we like: Many readers appreciate step-by-step videos when cooking or baking. The Cookery Theme is responsive and allows for video. Don’t just write about your recipes — record yourself making them and share them with your readers.

Best for: Recipe bloggers, YouTubers, and bakers.

Price: You can download a free version of The Cookery theme with limited options. Upgrade to the paid theme for $59 to access the theme’s full options. For $99, you can upgrade to the lifetime support and updates package.

5. Recipes

wordpress food blog themes, Recipes

The Recipes theme might be the perfect theme if you plan to share recipes with your readers. Like most WordPress food blog themes, the Recipe theme is entirely customizable. Plus, you can drag, drop, and rearrange your widgets to create the perfect homepage aesthetic for your food blog.

The Recipe theme is designed to display well on all screens. If your users are on a laptop or a mobile phone, the theme displays your blog perfectly each time.

What we like: The Recipes theme is SEO friendly. The theme also supports microformats and recipes to be displayed in Google search results.

Best for: Recipe bloggers, bakers, and professional chefs

Price: The Recipes theme costs $59.

Kitchen Blogs

6. Soledad

wordpress food blog themes, Soledad

Any good food blogger knows there is so much more to food than just, well, food. If your blog is dedicated to sharing reviews of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets, consider the Soledad theme for your WordPress food blog.

Not only is the Soledad theme customizable by color and layout, but it also supports background video. This theme is optimized to handle high-volume traffic, so when your blog takes off and receives thousands of visitors daily, you don’t need to worry about your site crashing.

The Soledad theme is highly visual, too, making it the perfect theme to showcase your high-quality photos and product reviews.

What we love: The Soledad theme features over 220 pre-built websites and over 6,000 homepage demos. If you don’t want to spend much time on design, you don’t need to. Click, import the site, and edit your content

Best for: Cookbook reviews, kitchen gadget reviews, recipe bloggers, and lifestyle food bloggers

Price: The Soledad theme costs $59.

7. PenNews

best wordpress food blog themes, PenNews

The PenNews theme is ideal for a WordPress food blog. That’s especially true if you write about food-related news and want your blog to have a magazine feel. The PenNews theme features premium sliders perfect for showcasing your best posts. You can also use the slider feature to display affiliate posts to drive traffic to your links.

The PenNews theme is also fully compatible with numerous plugins, including WooCommerce, WMPL, and PolyLang.

What we love: The PenNews theme is perfect for food bloggers that want to monetize their blogs. This theme offers unlimited ad space, meaning you have complete control over where to display your ad banners.

Best for: Review websites, affiliate websites, and kitchen gadgets reviews.

Price: The PenNews theme costs $59.

8. Blossom Pin

free wordpress food blog themes, Blossom Pin

If affiliate marketing is the end goal of your food blog, the Blossom Pin WordPress theme is for you. The Blossom Pin theme is Pinterest-esque and designed with lead generation in mind.

Point your readers to your newsletter and Instagram feed with specially designed sections. Or, increase your blog earnings by installing AdSense to your blog. This theme features built-in sections to place your ads throughout your pages strategically.

What we love: The Blossom Pin theme features a video banner on the main page. Use the video banner to display a welcome message to your readers or showcase your best YouTube videos.

Best for: Lifestyle food bloggers, affiliate websites, and review websites.

Price: You can download a free version of the Blossom Pro pin. Or, upgrade to the paid version to access more features for just $59.

9. Foodica

wordpress food blog themes, Foodica

Like the theme name suggests, Foodica is the ideal theme for a WordPress food blog without all the fuss. The Foodica theme might seem basic at first glance, but don’t let that fool you. This WordPress theme is customizable. You can choose between ten color options, multiple header displays, and more.

This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, too. Consider this theme if you want to sell a product online but don’t want your website to be a visual overload.

What we love: If you’re not great with design or code, you don’t have to worry about it with this theme. The Foodica theme can be installed on your website with a straightforward click.

Best for: Review blogs and lifestyle food blogs.

Price: You can purchase the Foodica theme for $69 a year.

Food Lifestyle Blogs

10. Velure

wordpress food blog themes, Velure

If you are a foodie and love writing reviews about restaurants, the Velure WordPress theme is your theme. Not only is this theme responsive and designed to fit any display, but every aspect of its design is customizable to you.

Have something to sell on your site, like a Top Ten Restaurant Guide to NYC? WooCommerce smoothly integrates with this WordPress food blog theme, making your blog your store, too.

What we like: Foodies know it’s all about the shot when sharing pictures of their favorite dishes on Instagram. The Velure theme features an Instagram bar to display photos to entice your readers and make their mouths water.

Best for: Food bloggers, restaurant reviewers, and lifestyle bloggers.

Price: The Velure theme costs $69 per year.

11. Indigo

wordpress food blog themes, Indigo

Do you want your blog to feel as if the reader is flipping through a digital magazine? If so, you need the Indigo WordPress theme for your food blog. Your food photos will pop off the screen with this WordPress theme.

The Indigo WordPress theme features a sticky menu. Use the sticky menu to display your contact information and social media handles so your readers (and potential collaborators!) can easily get in touch with you.

What we like: The Indigo theme is retina-ready, which will automatically size to fit any display screen. This is especially helpful for you because it means you will not have to resize or retake photos to ensure they fit on various screens.

Best for: Food critics, restaurant reviews, and lifestyle bloggers

Price: The Indigo WordPress theme costs $59/year.

12. OceanWP

wordpress food blog themes free, Ocean WP

The OceanWP is a versatile WordPress theme. This theme is excellent for a variety of niches, but especially lifestyle blogs focusing on food. The OceanWP is lightweight and will quickly load on your reader’s device. And it’s incredibly responsive.

If you are not great at design or don’t have the time for it, the OceanWP theme makes it easy for you. Choose your favorite demo site, upload it to your website, and edit your content. Easy peasy.

What we like: OceanWP is all about choices. You can choose between any of their 220+ fully-ready websites or build your own from scratch. The ease of use of this theme makes it a top choice for any food blogger.

Best for: Food blogs, recipe blogs, lifestyle blogs, and restaurant reviews.

Price: For up to three personal websites, the OceanWP theme costs $54 a year. There are free and paid templates included with your subscription. If you are a business (up to six websites), you’ll pay $89. If you are an agency (think: 50 websites), OceanWP costs $159 a year.

13. Florentine

best wordpress food blog themes, Florentine

Maybe your blog isn’t just about recipes, and you want to share other content. That’s fine! Your blog is what you make it, and with the Florentine WordPress blog theme, you have complete control over how your blog is displayed.

The Florentine WordPress theme is reminiscent of a magazine. If you want your articles and blog posts to be the main feature of your website, then this is the theme for you. However, if you want to share a recipe now and then, the Florentine features a recipe formatter, which makes it easy to quickly post a recipe formatted to fit your blog’s theme and design.

What we love: The Florentine WordPress theme offers a distraction-free mode that only displays the recipe for your readers. This is helpful so your readers can focus on consuming your content and making your favorite recipes.

Best for: Lifestyle food bloggers, recipe bloggers, restaurant reviewers, cookbook reviewers, and kitchen gadget reviewers.

Price: The Florentine theme costs $59 a year.

14. Divi

best wordpress food blog themes, Divi

Lifestyle blogs are versatile. While you want your blog to stay within the same niche, you can write about different categories on your website. As a food lifestyle blogger, you might have separate categories for different cities with the best restaurants or categories for various types of cuisines. However you set up your blog, the Divi theme is the powerhouse you need to display your content.

The Divi theme is a popular WordPress theme packed with lots of features. No matter what you want to do with your website, Divi has a module for it. Do you want to animate part of a page? There’s a module for that. What about creating a visual effect with shadows? There’s a module for that, too.

What we love: The Divi theme is about customization. Sure, you can use a pre-made template to build your site. But if you want to get creative, the Divi theme allows you to customize every inch of your website. And, if you get stuck and need help, there is 24/7 support ready to help you.

Best for: Food bloggers, recipe bloggers, food critics, restaurant reviewers, restaurant guides, and lifestyle bloggers.

Price: You can get yearly access to Divi for $89 per year. Or, if you’d prefer lifetime access, you can pay a one-time payment of $249.

Healthy Eating Blogs

15. Pepper+

wordpress food blog themes, Pepper+

If your WordPress food blog is about your healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to check out the Pepper+ theme. Pepper+ is perfect for blogging about lifestyles and sharing recipes. Build your website module by module, and you’re all set. Or, install one of the pre-made websites and call it a day.

The Pepper+ theme also supports your favorite WordPress plugins. With this theme, you’ll never have to worry if your plugin is compatible. You’ll also never have to worry about your readers’ devices being compatible with your website, as this theme fits any display screen.

What we love: The Pepper+ theme features unlimited custom sidebars. That means if you’re not a fan of how your sidebar looks, you can change it repeatedly until you get it just right.

Best for: Lifestyle food blogs, recipe blogs, and affiliate websites.

Price: The Pepper+ theme costs $129. Or, upgrade to the deluxe package for $389.

16. Piemont

best wordpress food blog themes, Piemont

The Piemont theme is the ideal theme for your WordPress food blog, no matter your niche. But it is especially perfect for healthy eating lifestyle food blogs. This theme features unlimited styles and layout combinations. With this theme, you’ll never have to worry about your blog looking and feeling like every other lifestyle blog.

This theme is also simple to install. However, if you do need support, a dedicated support team is available to walk you through the process.

Not only does the Piemont theme come with 9 important WordPress plugins at no extra cost to you, but it also supports Instagram integration. Keep your readers engaged with your high-quality Instagram photos on your website.

What we love: The Piemont theme makes it easy to promote your social media pages to your readers. With the integration of the Social Share and Social Follow plugins, your readers know exactly where and how to follow you on other platforms.

Best for: Lifestyle blogs, food blogs, and cooking blogs.

Price: You can purchase a license for this theme for $59.

17. Julia

The Julia theme works great for all food bloggers, especially healthy lifestyle bloggers. If you want to share photos simply, this theme does that well. If you want to share blog posts and recipes, this theme handles that well, too. The best part? The homepage is customizable to fit your ideal aesthetic.

The Julia theme is optimized for speed, meaning your high-quality images won’t slow down your website. The Julia theme is not only optimized for speed but also SEO. You can build your blog knowing good SEO practices are the base of your website.

What we like: If monetizing your website is your goal, the Julia theme is perfect for you. This theme handles ads like a pro.

Best for: Lifestyle food blogs, affiliate blogs or websites, and review blogs.

Price: You can purchase the Julia theme for $75.

Wine and Drink Blogs

18. Kalium

best wordpress food blog themes, Kalium

If you primarily blog about wine and drink, consider the Kalium theme for your WordPress blog. The Kalium theme is versatile. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you can use this theme for blogging about your favorite wines. Or, if you’re a winery using a blog to drive traffic and boost your sales, you can blog and sell your products from your page using the WooCommerce plugin.

Not only is the Kalium theme easy to install (just one click!), but it also boosts fast performance speeds. This crisp and clean theme will perfectly highlight all your reviews of your favorite wines and drinks.

What we like: The Kalium theme features 7 webpage layouts with unlimited combinations. You will never be bored designing your blog with this theme.

Best for: Review blogs, ecommerce, and affiliate websites.

Price: A regular license of the Kalium theme is $59.

19. TinySalt

wordpress food blog themes, TinySalt

The TinySalt theme is perfect for any wine and drink-tasting blogger. The TinySalt theme is flexible and features multiple design layouts. Use widgets to create a unique homepage to display your favorite or most popular blog posts. Not only is the design of this theme versatile, but the theme also supports videos. Think of the visual content you can create and share with your readers!

The TinySalt theme is also compatible with WP Recipe Maker. If you love recreating drink mixes and sharing them with your readers, this theme will also allow you to share drink recipes. TinySalt is compatible with various other plugins, including Yoast SEO.

What we like: The TinySalt theme integrates with MailChimp for WordPress and Contact Form 7. With these plugins, you can quickly call your readers to action and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Best for: Food bloggers, recipe bloggers, wine and drink reviews, and affiliate marketing.

Price: The price of the TinySalt theme is $64.

20. Malina

wordpress food blog themes, Malina

The Malina theme is an excellent choice for a wine or drink-tasting blog. If you want to blog primarily about your experiences with drink-tasting, the Malina theme best highlights your posts. It also nicely balances your photos against the text to create a visually appealing webpage. The responsive design makes this an excellent choice for any personal blogger.

The Malina WordPress theme features 8 header layouts, 3 predefined footer layouts, and a classic blog layout. If you wish to integrate Instagram in the footer of your blog, the Malina theme has you covered.

What we like: The Malina theme gives you the option to hide or show most elements. If your blog looks too busy, you can hide certain aspects of your webpage to give it a cleaner look. Or, if you think it is missing something, show an element to fill in the missing space.

Best for: Review blogs, personal blogs, and lifestyle food blogs.

Price: The Malina theme costs $59.

21. Kale Pro

wordpress food blog themes, Kale Pro

The Kale Pro WordPress theme is an excellent choice for all bloggers, especially wine and drink-tasting bloggers. The Kale Pro theme features a front page banner and a slider. Use this feature to highlight a blog category you want your readers to see and read.

The Kale Pro theme also supports video format posts. This theme will work if you like to vlog and show your readers your genuine, unfiltered reactions to your wine tasting.

The Kale Pro theme is customizable. Choose your favorite of the over 600 Google fonts for your website, or spend time choosing your branding colors. The possibilities are endless with this theme.

What we like: The Kale Pro theme features a built-in recipe index. With this feature, readers can easily access your tried-and-true recipes if you share drink mixes and recipes.

Best for: Wine and drink-tasting blogs, lifestyle food blogs, healthy living blogs, and recipe blogs.

Price: For this theme, you’ll pay a one-time setup fee of just $35. For $7.99 a month, you’ll receive support and updates to your theme. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

22. Yummy Bites Pro

yummy bites proYummy Bites Pro is a beautifully designed professional WordPress recipe theme for foodies and cooking enthusiasts. The theme comes with several pre-made unique layouts, including 10 header and 7 blog layouts, so you can focus on cooking instead of building a website.

The theme is fully compatible with the popular WP Delicious plugin, which allows you to create and manage recipes, recipe cards, nutritional facts and more. This theme’s advanced filter feature allows your readers to filter recipes by specific criteria. Plus, Yummy Bites Pro is highly customizable with 6+ custom widgets and 2 custom banner options.

What we like: Includes a "Print Recipe" option for visitors to easily print out a clean and easy-to-read version of a recipe. 

Best for: Recipe bloggers and Food Bloggers

Price: Yummy Bites Pro starts at only $59. However, you can also try its free version before making the purchase.   

Getting Started With a WordPress Food Blog Theme

It’s not easy choosing a WordPress food blog theme with so many options available. But with a clear idea of the direction of your blog and your niche, you’ll be able to choose the best theme for you quickly.

Make sure you have an idea of your ideal aesthetic and the goal of your blog before you download a theme, though. In addition, you’ll want to be sure your theme supports any necessary WordPress plugins.

Not sure about plugins or how they work? Check out The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins.


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