7 Best WordPress Glossary Plugins

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Madhu Murali
Madhu Murali


Different companies often use the same words to describe different things. An easy example is the Amazon Rainforest, which is much different from the global corporation.

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Cases like this are where a glossary — or dictionary — can come in handy. Adding a glossary to your WordPress website is an excellent way to increase your site’s ranking and enhance user experience. And a WordPress glossary or dictionary plugin can make this section of your site interactive and easy to understand by adding images, videos, and context to clarify your terms.

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Here are five of the best, most flexible WordPress glossary and dictionary plugins you can use on your website.

Best WordPress Glossary Plugins

1. CM Tooltip Glossary

The CM Tooltip Glossary plugin is the most downloaded tooltip glossary plugin in the WordPress marketplace. This mobile-friendly plugin comes with AMP support, an alphabetical index, and SEO features. It is also perfect for beginners, as the plugin automatically creates a customizable index page based on whichever template you choose.

The premium version of this plugin supports add-ons and extensions (such as Google Translate and Merriam-Webster) and lets you add a featured image for each term. Here’s a helpful video that goes into more detail.

Pro-Tip: This is a powerful, multi-use plugin with seamless integration for the top dictionaries and translator tools.

Price: Free; Premium starting at $36

2. WordPress ToolTips

WordPress ToolTips Plugin is simple and intuitive to use, making it beginner-friendly. When installed, this plugin will display a box whenever a user hovers over a term. See this video for a more detailed explanation.

With Pro, you can add HTML code and get support for images/videos/audio functionality.

Pro-Tip: This plugin is simple and comes with all the basic functionality you need for your website. If you want something that works and is straightforward to use, this is the plugin for you.

Price: Free; Pro available for $10

3. WP Glossary

WP Glossary is a premium plugin for a premium price. You get a glossary index page that you can customize with animations and effects, is fully customizable, SEO friendly, and more.

Unlike the other plugins on our list, there is no freemium option with WP Glossary. So make sure your website needs all the features before deciding to buy. Here’s a gif that shows the plugin’s functionality.


HubSpot Video


Pro-Tip: This plugin is best for experienced users who want a full editor. It is lightweight, easy to use, and versatile for all website needs.

Price: $35

4. Glossary for WordPress

Glossary for WordPress is the best plugin if you want to build a dictionary as quickly and efficiently as possible. The tools you get with this plugin make creating and managing your WordPress glossary simple.

This dictionary plugin will automatically link every appearance of a term in your article to your list of definitions, show a customizable display box when hovering over a listed dictionary term, and add widgets that make your site more interactive.

picture from Glossary for WordPress' website showing features like auto-linking terms, customized tooltips, widgets & shortcuts

Pro-Tip: Visit Glossary’s Demo Site to see all they offer.

Price: Free; Premium starting at $30/year

5. Encyclopedia Plugin

This plugin lets you manage and organize your items as an encyclopedia, lexicon, glossary, Wiki, dictionary, knowledge base, or however you prefer. With options to customize all aspects of your glossary, this plugin is excellent for those looking for a flexible option.


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Pro-Tip: Reviews from free users complain about a lack of features and support. If you like the features of this plugin more than the others, we recommend buying the Pro version.

Price: Free; Pro available for $55

6. Heroic Glossary

Heroic Glossary is a Gutenberg block, meaning that you can seamlessly add your glossary through WordPress’ Gutenberg Editor. For free, you can create an unlimited number of glossaries and reuse glossaries on multiple pages with Gutenberg’s reusable blocks. This plugin is an excellent choice for those already familiar with WordPress’ built-in editor.

screenshot of heroic glossary's settings. options to search, filter bar, disable empty sections

Pro-Tip: See Heroic Glossary’s demo page for an in-depth preview of what you can expect.

Price: Free

7. Name Directory

This plugin is a dictionary plugin that adds names and glossaries to your WordPress installation. One of the unique features of this plugin is that it supports multiple directories in just one installation. You also have plenty of configuration options to make this plugin your own. With regular support, this plugin is a powerful choice for anyone on a budget.

Here's an example of what the settings look like when you are creating a new name directory.

options for title, description, show title, show description, submit form, submitter name, show search form, search in description, highlight search term, show line between names, show new character heading, show all names by default, show all letters on index, and more not in image

Pro-Tip: Play around with Name Directory’s demo page that allows you to directly work with the plugin’s settings and more.

Price: Free

Getting Started With WordPress Glossary Plugins

Now that you know seven of the best WordPress glossary plugins, it’s time to start with installation. You can install most of these plugins automatically through the WordPress marketplace, making uploading and integration easy. If you are more experienced and want to install manually, you also have that option available.

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