9 of the Best Job Board Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Anna Fitzgerald
Anna Fitzgerald


A job board is used to advertise job vacancies at your own company or other companies. Adding one to your WordPress website can help you attract candidates, get more traffic on your site, and even generate additional revenue (if you charge companies to post positions on your board).

Site owner interviewing candidate that applied via a WordPress job board plugin

The best part is that adding and customizing a job board is simple with a WordPress job board theme and plugin. Let’s look at some of your best plugin options below.

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1. JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin

Best for: Offering multiple application methods

JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin is a premium job listing WordPress plugin. It has a wide range of features that set it apart from other job board plugins, including application deadlines, application tracking, job alerts, and job suggestions.

One of its most unique features is that it allows candidates to not only submit applications on the front end of the site — it also allows them to apply with Facebook or LinkedIn. This allows you to find candidates through more channels.

job board plugin for wordpress: JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress plugin displaying job alerts form and open positions

2. WPJobBoard

Best for: Customization

WPJobBoard is another premium job listing WordPress plugin. It comes packed with features that enable you to easily create, manage, and display  job listings, resumes, forms, and more.  

What really sets WPJobBoard apart is its customization options. With this plugin, you can customize templates for email notifications, job application forms, and even the plugin’s functionality. You can also completely customize the look and feel of your job board thanks to the plugin’s PHP Templating Engine.

job board plugin for wordpress: WPJobBoard archives page with job positions and navigation menus

3. WP Job Manager

Best for: Providing filterable job listings and alerts

WP Job Manager is a WordPress job board plugin by Automattic, the company that founded WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more. This plugin offers a free and premium version that allows employers to add, manage, categorize, and preview job listings and job seekers to apply directly on the front end of the site or via email.

One of WP Job Manager’s biggest advantages is that searchable and filterable job listings can be added via shortcodes. This search and filter form is Ajax powered so users can filter jobs by category, job type, keywords, or location and see results instantly. Users can also subscribe to an RSS feed and get alerted when new jobs match their search criteria.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to add a job board to your WordPress website using WP Job Manager by Highrise Digital:

4. WP Job Openings

Best for: Adding a career page to your website

WP Job Openings is a freemium WordPress job posting plugin. It offers flexible filter options, two layouts for displaying job positions, and lots of hooks for developers to customize the look and feel of your job board.

While some plugins can be used to create a job board that advertises open positions at external companies, WP Job Openings is best for creating and adding a career page for your company. It automatically formats applications so they’re easy to read and you can preview PDF versions of resumes and CVs without having to download each one individually. However, it does list all applications in one tab, which can be difficult if you’re publishing jobs from multiple companies.

job board plugin for wordpress: WP Job Openings individual job listing for IT help desk technician

5. Simple Job Board

Best for: Multilingual sites

Simple Job Board is a free, lightweight plugin that makes it easy to add a job board to your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can add multiple job listings and display them on any page using a shortcode. You can add multiple job features and customized application forms to every job listing. You can also add notes to an application directly from your dashboard.

Available in 14 languages, Simple Job Board is ideal if you’re running a multilingual site.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to install and configure the Simple Job Board plugin on your site by Nextwerk Inc.:

6. JobBoardWP

Best for: Membership sites

JobBoardWP is another free and easy-to-use plugin for adding a job board to your WordPress site.

What makes JobBoardWP different from the other plugins on this list is that it can be used as an extension for the Ultimate Member plugin. That means you can easily add a job board to your membership site so members can display posted jobs on their profiles and activity feeds, message users who submitted jobs, and be alerted when their job has been approved or expired.

job board plugin for wordpress: JobBoardWP demo with search box and four positions

7. Job Board Manager

Best for: Email notifications

Job Board Manager is a free job listing WordPress plugin. You can list jobs, submission forms, and an account dashboard anywhere on your site via shortcodes. Job posters can view applications, provide a star rating, and send an email to applicants directly from the dashboard as well.

One of the best features of Job Board Manager is that it comes with 11 pre-made email notification templates. Each action — like submitting a job or resume —  has a different notification email. You can also add custom email notification templates using filter hooks.

job board plugin for wordpress: Job Board Manager colorful job listing with three positions displayed vertically

8. WP Job Portal

Best for: Resume Parsing

WP Job Portal is a freemium job board plugin for WordPress. It’s designed to make it easier and faster for job seekers to discover the most compatible jobs for them and for employers to find the best candidates.

One of its best premium features is resume parsing. Using a simple auto-fill choice, job posters can filter results by application title, nationality, category, and more to narrow down candidates in no time. Job seekers can similarly filter job postings by classification, location, compensation range, and more.

job board plugin for wordpress: WP Job Portal job listing with two positions displayed vertically

9. Recruitly Addons

Best for: Elementor websites

Recruitly Addons is a job listing addon for the Elementor page builder. It enables site owners to create and publish job posts on their WordPress website using seven widgets: job lists, jobs search panel, popular jobs, popular criteria, favorite jobs, compare jobs, and applied jobs. This allows applicants to easily search, evaluate, and mark the jobs they’ve applied to.

job board plugin for wordpress: Recruitly addon job listing with three positions displayed horizontally

Finding the Right Wordpress Job Posting Plugin

A WordPress job posting plugin can help you quickly and easily advertise open positions at your company or other companies. This is a great way to attract visitors to your WordPress website, expand your pool of candidates, and potentially earn some additional income. Any of the plugins above can help you create a job board and begin reaping the benefits.

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