Making your blog convenient for users should be one of your top priorities, and WordPress scroll to top plugins can play a very important role in this regard.

Especially if your content is long and descriptive, scroll to top buttons make it easy for the user to go back to the top of the plugin with just one click.

WordPress designs are changing quite frequently, and most of the WordPress themes come with built-in features. In Sourcewp, we've published some best theme collections where users to find quality themes for a niche business.

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Most of the themes in the above-mentioned collection have the scroll to top function built-in. Now, if your WordPress theme doesn't have the scroll to the top button as a default function, you can use any of the below mentioned WordPress back to top plugins.

List of Scroll to Top WordPress Plugins

#1 - Smooth Scroll Up

A lightweight, free scroll to top WordPress plugin which creates a simple and customizable scroll to top or back to top button on your pages and posts. This simple plugin offers you choices for your button such as a text link button, image button, tab button, etc.

You can change the position of the button and the text in the button, and you can also set the distance before the button appears.

Smooth Scroll Up

#2 - Scroll Top

Scroll top is a modern back to top WordPress plugin. It offers unlimited color options so that you can make the scroll to top button to match your theme color. It also offers retina ready icons and the option to hide the button in smaller screen devices.

Some other highlights include customizable text, selection of button position, button animation, custom CSS and more.

Scroll top plugin

#3 - WPFront Scroll Top

A very simple WordPress scroll to the top plugin, you can create a text or image button for your site. It helps users to scroll the page back to top with animation. Overall, it's a nice lightweight plugin to for adding the back to top button onto your WordPress site.

WPFront Scroll Top

#4 - Simple Scroll To Top

A simple and very professional looking back to the top plugin, it enables you to add a smooth and simple scroll to top button to make your site more convenient for the users.

Simple scroll to top plugin

#5 - SIS Scroll to Top

A simple plugin which will bring the scroll to top feature to your site. It adds a back to top navigation button at the right bottom side of your page that will appear when a user scrolls down your page.

SIS Scroll to Top

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Originally published Jul 2, 2017 4:00:11 AM, updated October 29 2019