Organized into proper tables, data can make your article look very professional. If you publish reference data and statistics on your site regularly, then you must have a look at these WordPress table plugins.

Tables are useful in organizing your content in a way that is easy to read and understand. Although you can create decent tables with HTML code, this is not easy for everyone because it requires coding skills.

Luckily, WordPress offers quality plugins for creating tables in your blog posts. In this post, we will discuss some of the best plugins for creating tables on your WordPress website.

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Quality WordPress Table Plugins

1. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a high-quality and easy-to-use WordPress plugin to help you create attractive and responsive tables for your data without any coding.

This plugin provides you a simple way to customize the look and feel of your tables from the WordPress dashboard. You can even insert multiple tables on one page or post.

This plugin offers advanced features to make your data look professional and presentable; you can use any data source, including MySQL, Excel files, CSV, XML, or JSON.

2. TablePress

TablePress is probably the most popular WordPress plugin to create tables, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. It is a free WordPress plugin to create and manage beautiful tables easily.

You can edit your data in a spreadsheet, then insert the data into any WordPress post or page with a shortcode. You don't need any knowledge of coding to use this plugin effectively.

Also, you can enable features like sorting, pagination, and filtering for site visitors with JavaScript. Overall, this is a great WordPress plugin to try if you publish data regularly.


3. Visual Table Formatting

The visual editor lets you add, edit, and change cell formatting in a familiar, spreadsheet-like way. You can create and manage beautiful, colorful tables for your blog posts and pages easily with this plugin. Visual Table Formatting provides you with the options to change the font and cell colors. You can also showcase the font as bold, italic, underlined, or crossed-out as needed.

Visual Table Formatting Plugin


4. League Table

This WordPress plugin helps you create a beautiful league table by ranking data in order of ability or achievement. League Table will create responsive tables and offer you options to customize your tables. You can have sortable columns or set the color combinations.

With shortcodes, you can insert the tables anywhere on your posts or pages.

League Table plugin

5. ACF Table Editor Field

With this easy-to-use, high-quality plugin, you can create a grid table to show data in an attractive interface similar to a spreadsheet.

Please note that this plugin requires the free plugin Advanced Custom Fields to work properly.

ACF Table Editor Field plugin

6. Google Chart WordPress Plugin

The premium Google Chart WordPress Plugin helps you build beautiful graphs and charts with a range of data from Google Spreadsheets. This plugin is fully responsive, meaning your graphs will look great, even on devices with small screens.

You can insert multiple graphs in a single post or page, and you can preview the charts before publishing them to your website.

Google Chart WordPress Plugin

If you regularly use data in your blog posts or you publish comparisons of products or services, these WordPress plugins can help you professionally and creatively organize the information. All of the above-mentioned plugins have been thoroughly vetted, so you can install and use these without any issues.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 12:20:00 PM, updated January 28 2020