10+ Best WordPress Table Plugins for 2022

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Jamie Juviler
Jamie Juviler


A WordPress responsive table plugin allows you to present data cleanly and succinctly. With the help of an interactive table, visitors can easily view, filter, and sort your data to their preferences, which boosts your site’s user experience.

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However, ask any site owner who has attempted to build a table from scratch and they’ll report the experience can be a challenge. The good news is that there are several free, paid, and freemium plugins options that let you construct tables in charts in your WordPress admin area, then display them to visitors. We’ve compiled 11 of the best WordPress responsive table plugin options —Let’s take a look.

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Best WordPress Table Plugins

Ready to discover the best responsive table plugins for your WordPress site? Here are some of the best options we’ve rounded up.

1. wpDataTables

Price: Free, Premium versions available from $69-$249/year

wpDataTables is a high-quality, easy-to-use freemium plugin that helps you add attractive tables and charts to pages and posts. This plugin has three versions: basic, pro, and developer.

The basic version of wpDataTables is somewhat limited in what it can do, but will suffice if you only need it to create an occasional table. To make one, upload data from an Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML file, customize your ordering and table appearance and place it with a shortcode or a page builder. Your table will be automatically sortable, paginated, and can be searched. Tables support basic text as well as custom links, media, and star ratings.

By upgrading to the pro version (starting at $69 per year), you can do much more. This version removes restrictions on the number of tables and charts you can make and the size of your tables. It also adds the ability to build charts from scratch (instead of importing data), edit table data once imported, sync data from Google Sheets, and toggle responsiveness for small screens.

wpDataTables Pro is one of the best table plugins out there, so we recommend starting with the free version as a trial, then moving up to a paid plan for more freedom.

Our favorite features:

  • No coding knowledge necessary
  • The editor is similar to Microsoft Excel
  • Tables are fully customizable

wordpress responsive table plugin: wpDataTables

2. Ninja Tables

Price: Free, Premium version available from $49-$199 annually

Ninja Tables is another leading Wordpress responsive table plugin that offers an impressive amount of features at no cost.

The free option offers basic functions including the ability to upload data into tables, sorting, pagination, and filtering. In addition, Ninja Tables free includes over 100 styles of table for almost any presentation you’ll need. It features a highly flexible editing environment with tons of visual customization options, allowing you to modify colors, fonts, and sorting with drag-and-drop. Perhaps best of all, all tables are responsive and mobile-friendly.

For $49, you can purchase an annual license of Ninja Tables Pro for one site. Extra benefits of this version include real-time connection with Google Sheets, integration with any post type (including custom posts), editing on the front end, photos and videos inside tables, and a WooCommerce integration for product tables.

Our favorite features:

  • Mobile-friendly tables
  • Customizable
  • WooCommerce integration available

wordpress responsive table plugin product page: Ninja Tables

3. TablePress

Price: Free

If straightforward table-building is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it with TablePress. It’s also the most popular plugin of its kind, with over 800,000 downloads to date. The plugin also boasts over 4,000 five-star reviews.

TablePress adds a new page to your administrator interface, inside which you can construct your tables without battling formatting issues — simply plug in your values or import from an external file. Data is exportable to Excel-friendly formats, too.

When finished with your table, embed it anywhere on your site using shortcode, no coding necessary. The plugin also lets you add interaction features to your tables like sorting, filtering, and row highlighting, and there’s a library of extensions for functionality like detailed filtering and mobile responsiveness. Note that extensions labeled “premium” may be downloaded for free, but the developer does request a donation for these items.

Overall, TablePress is a great WordPress plugin if you publish data regularly, but don’t want to dent your budget with surplus features.

Our favorite features:

  • Straightforward and efficient
  • Free (donation only requested for ‘premium’ features)
  • No coding knowledge necessary


WordPress responsive table plugin product page: TablePress

4. WP Table Builder

Price: Free, Premium available from $59-$499/year

The free WP Table Builder is another no-frills option for simple WordPress tables. This tool allows you to place seven different elements (text, list, images, buttons, star ratings, custom HTML, and shortcode) and arrange these items via drag-and-drop. If you need a quick product table, comparison table, table of contents, or review list, this plugin helps you build one.

Through the builder interface, you can add content from scratch or import from XML or CSV files, and export them in the same format. Tables are placed on pages and posts with a simple shortcode.

Our favorite features:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Allows placement of seven different elements

WordPress responsive table plugin product page: WP Table Builder

5. Table Block by Tableberg

Price: Free, Premium available from $49/year to $199/lifetime

Tableberg is a feature-rich table builder plugin by which you can create different types of plugins right on your Gutenberg editor. After the plugin is installed, it adds a Tableberg block to the block library which is almost similar to the default Table block.

Whereas the default table block allows you to add only textual content to your tables, with the Tableberg plugin, you can add different types of content, like images, lists, buttons, custom HTML, ribbons, etc., to your table.

You can also customize the color scheme, font size, padding, margin, height, and width of the table cells and the content within them. Tableberg is responsive for all device types. So, you don’t have to put any effort into making your tables responsive.

Tableberg is great for creating any type of table, like pricing tables, product comparison tables, specification tables, etc.

Our favorite features:

  • Easy to customize global fonts, colors, and layout settings
  • Allows to add seven different content blocks to the table
  • Doesn’t depend on any shortcode to display the table

Table Block by Tableberg

6. Visualizer

Price: Free, Premium available from $119-$479/year

WordPress developer ThemeIsle is known primarily for its themes. But, it also maintains a couple of plugins including Visualizer, a table and graph manager for WordPress. There are free and paid versions available.

Visualizer’s main selling point is … well, its visualizations. The plugin lets users implement any of nine chart types, including line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and geo charts. These data visualizations are powered by Google’s Visualization API and pure HTML, which means they're responsive, cross-browser compatible, and colorful by default. With the paid version, you get access to six more chart types.

Of course, this plugin wouldn’t be on our list without table functionality. Visualizer free and pro let you add responsive tables to any post or page, with a healthy amount of customization settings. If you download the paid version, you’ll also be able to edit tables and charts from your admin interface and import data from any source.

Our favorite features:

  • Several chart types available
  • Responsive designs
  • Customization options available

WordPress responsive table plugin product page: Visualizer

7. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Price: Free, Premium version available from $46-$149 per year

Data Tables Generator by developer Supsystic is a reliable WordPress responsive table plugin. With it, you can add basic data tables to your website with the ability to search, sort, and filter them. Tables made with this plugin are mobile responsive, and they support large data sets and media uploads.

Starting at $46 per year, the of this plugin adds charts and graphs, front-end editing, WooCommerce compatibility, and the ability to import and export your tables from Excel, CSV, PDF, and Google Sheets.

Our favorite features:

  • Features filters, search, sorting, and pagination
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Able to import from PDF, Google Sheets, Excel, CSV

WordPress responsive table plugin product page: data tables generator

8. Posts Table Pro

Price: Starts at $79 annually for one website

Consider the Posts Table Pro plugin if you’re seeking a premium, high-end responsive table solution. Starting at $79 annually for one site, Posts Table Pro lets you construct, clean, powerful tables that are fully searchable and sortable.

This plugin offers highly accommodating tables — you can place text, links, images, videos, audio, and buttons inside them. There’s even an option to insert posts, pages, and custom post types into your tables, along with their respective categories, authors, and other meta information.

A subscription to Posts Table Pro also grants you access to the plugin’s library of documentation and video tutorials. If you need additional help, their support team has your back if you encounter technical problems. If you’re not happy with the product, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Our favorite features:

  • Ability to place links, images, video, audio, text, and buttons inside tables
  • Can add meta information
  • Video tutorials available

WordPress responsive table plugin product page: Posts Table Pro

9. League Table

Price: $39-$195

League Table is a relatively affordable paid plugin to help you build tables for ranked items such as sports teams, product prices, and finance data. League Table’s Excel-like editor places your values and arranges columns, and this plugin will handle the sorting for you. You can also have sortable columns, and apply custom color combinations and fonts to nearly any visual element of your table.

With shortcode functionality, you can put your table on any post or page, and there’s no limit to how many tables you can make. Finally, for easy table creation and backup, the League Table plugin supports uploads from and downloads into XML files.

Our favorite features:

  • Plugin takes care of sorting
  • Customization available
  • Can create as many tables as you’d like

WordPress responsive table plugin product page: league table

10. JetEngine Tables Builder 

Price: Premium version available from $43 per website/year

JetEngine Tables Builder lets WordPress users effortlessly create and manage dynamic website tables. It offers a user-friendly interface for designing and customizing tables to showcase various data types. Users can style tables, integrate dynamic data sources, and enhance sorting, filtering, and pagination functionality. With Tables Builder, WordPress, and Elementor, website owners can create visually engaging and organized tables to present their data effectively (like, product comparison, team members, film rating, etc.).

JetEngine plugin offers a unique approach compared to other plugins on this list. Its primary purpose is to create and manage custom post types and fields, presenting them on the front end in various formats, including tables and charts. Unlike traditional manual creation of rows and columns, this module generates them automatically from existing data arrays derived from default or custom posts and meta fields. This distinctive logic streamlines the process by leveraging pre-existing data, saving time and effort while displaying accurate and up-to-date information.

Our favorite features:

  • Showcase data dynamically
  • Display any data (from comments to posts)
  • Ability to add data to the table via front-end forms.

wordpress-table-plugins_Jet Engine

11. JTRT Responsive Tables

Price: Free

JTRT is another excellent option if you want to create attractive, responsive tables without needing to code. You can use this straightforward plugin to add images and links within your tables, convert CSV into responsive HTML, and customize borders and cell alignment. The plugin also offers easy filtering, pagination, and even sorting.

Our favorite features:

  • Easy filtering, sorting, pagination
  • Helps convert CSV into HTML
  • Customization available

WordPress responsive table plugin: JTRT responsive tables

12. Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

Price: Free

The Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table is a lightweight plugin that helps you transform a simple HTML table into one that’s mobile responsive. If you’re looking for a solution that will help you update your tables so they’re small-screen friendly, this plugin could offer the solution.

Using this plugin on your WordPress site to create responsive tables could save a significant amount of time. It’s simple and scores points for its reliability.

Our favorite features:

  • Straightforward
  • Helps make HTML tables mobile responsive
  • Lightweight so won’t weigh down your WordPress site

WordPress responsive table plugins: Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table 13. Simple Table Manager

Price: Free

We’ll round out the list with another easy-to-follow responsive table plugin for your WordPress site. Simple Table Manager is a no-frills plugin that’s ideal for editing table records and quickly exporting them to CSV files. You’ll also have the ability to search and sort the records. There’s no PHP or MySQL knowledge required either.

Our favorite features:

  • No PHP/MySQL knowledge necessary
  • Quickly export CSV files
  • Easy to follow

WordPress responsive table plugin: Simple Table Manager

Don’t Leave User Experience on the Table

When implemented well, a table is an invaluable information source for your visitors, helping them to sift through heaps of data for relevant insights. You might even augment your tables with visualizations.

When done wrong, however, tables are little more than a block of annoying text consuming valuable page space. Whether it’s a product table, a pricing table, a simple data table, or otherwise, users will appreciate a clean design that’s pleasant to view and easy to interact with when necessary.

For these reasons, a table plugin, especially one that creates mobile-friendly tables, is a must-have WordPress plugin. WordPress users should strongly consider a table plugin to do this work for them — all you’ll need to do is install one, plug your data, and paste the shortcode.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in February 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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