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    August 3, 2011 // 3:01 PM

    14 Fantastic New Facebook Infographics in 2011

    Written by | @

    The social media world moves fast. With new tools and trends emerging constantly, it can be difficult to focus on just one to master it for maximum business benefit. Google+ may currently be the talk of the town, but don't neglect tried and true social media marketing platforms just so you can jump on the next new thing. After all, marketers' Twitter accounts still need fresh tweets, and their Facebook fan pages still require new content and engagement.

    Previously, we highlighted some of the top Twitter infographics new in 2011 . Let's keep Facebook top of mind , too by sharing some of the newest and coolest Facebook infographics of 2011, some of which even compare Facebook with other major social media players. You're sure to learn a thing or two about Facebook ... and in a fun way!

    1. A World Without Facebook by SingleGrain

    World without facebook small resized 600

    2. Facebook is Taking Over the World by DreamGrow

    facebook growth small 580x410 resized 600

    3. Facebook vs. the United States by Mashable

    facebook us small resized 600

    4. Facebook Photos: A History by Pixable


    FBPhotoHistory.v2 resized 600

    5. Obsessed With Facebook by Online Schools

    obsessed with facebook resized 600

    6. What Makes People Want to Follow a Brand by Column Five and Get Satisfaction

    infographic follow brands large resized 600

    7. The History of Advertising on Facebook by Mashable

    facebook advertising mashable infographic 902 resized 600

    8. Asia's 5th Largest Nation by Ogilvy

    Asia resized 600

    Curious about how Facebook compares with other social media sites? The following infographics have you covered!

    9. The Demographics of Social Media by Ad Age

    social demos resized 600

    10. Biggest Websites Compared by MakeUseOf

    BiggestWebSitesComp resized resized 600

    11. Google+, Facebook and Twitter Compared by Stefano Epifani

    FacebookTwitterGoogleEngSMALL resized 600

    12. Facebook vs. Google+ by SingleGrain

    FacebookvsGoogleplus sm resized 600

    13. Facebook vs. Google+ by TechnoBombs

    facebokvsgoogleplus resized 600

    14. Social Media Marketing by the Numbers by HubSpot

    ( Hey, we do infographics, too :)

    social media marketing hubspot resized 600

    Which of these is your favorite? What other infographics have caught your attention lately?

    Topics: Social Media Content Marketing

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