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    November 30, 2011 // 2:10 PM

    17 Eye-Opening Examples of Content Visualization

    Written by | @

    eyeballVisualized content is popping up all over the web lately, and it's no surprise. Visual content is pleasing to the eye, stimulating, entertaining, and much more interesting than plain old text. Haven't you noticed how much more frequently infographics seem to be making their way onto blogs and websites lately? There's a very reasonable explanation: people love visual content.

    But does every piece of visual content you produce have to be as complex as a full-blown infographic? No way. And does every piece of visual content even have to highlight data? Negative. Sometimes the concept you're trying to explain just lends itself to a more visual representation, and these types of portrayals can often make the concept much easier to follow and understand by your audience. And the benefits of visual content are huge -- because it tends to be much more shareable and interesting, visual content often gets spread more virally, allowing you to extend the reach and effectiveness of your content.

    There are many ways you can make your content more visually appealing and effective. Some are simple, and some are more complex. Either way, visualized content is hot. Here are some awesome examples of content visualization to motivate you to start thinking more with your eyes.

    1. Restaurant Social Media & Word of Mouth by Spork Media

    spork media resized 6002. The Journey of a Tweet by Next Generation Online

    journey of tweet resized 600

    3. Social Media Strategy Transit Map by Intersection Consulting

    sm transit map resized 600

    4. Real Estate Website Linking Matrix by Brad Carroll

    real estate matrix resized 600

    5. Functions of the Brain by 50 Watts

    brain content resized 600

    6. Completed Transactions by Industry by SecondMarket

    transactions chart resized 600

    7. Strategic Defaults on Upside-Down Homes (Men vs. Women) by Trulia & RealtyTrac

    homeowners resized 600

    8. SEO Speed Chart by Bruce Clay

    seo speed chart resized 600

    9. The Six G's of Social Media Marketing by Nonprofit Marketing Guide

    6 gs resized 600

    10. Customer Service Is the New Marketing by Intersection Consulting

    customer service resized 600

    11. Can't Pay the Mortgage? by Trulia & RealtyTrac

    mortgage payments resized 600

    12. Demand by Industry by SecondMarket

    demand by industry resized 600

    13. Traditional Societal "Push" Model by Zachary Jean Paradis

    societal push resized 600

    14. 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today's Communication by Emilie Ogez

    10 levels resized 600

    15. Social Media Brand Influence by Eyeflow Internet Marketing

    social media brand resized 600

    16. SEO Process by Parampaul Madra

    seo process resized 600

    17. Tablet Data by HubSpot

    hubspot data visualization example resized 600

    What do you think of these content visualization examples? Have they inspired you to start experimenting with visual content on your website, blog, and in social media?

    Image Credit: Mikleman

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