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    November 26, 2013 // 8:00 AM

    78 Free Templates to Make Content Creation Faster & Easier

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    content-creation-kit-1I joined HubSpot in September 2011 as a blogger. At the time, I needed to know how to write and educate through my writing.

    Flash forward to today. My content role has evolved eons beyond what I could ever have imagined. To conquer lead gen, I mastered ebook production. To help spread data, I learned how to create infographics. And while I still regularly blog, that typically means designing a SlideShare to accompany each post.

    It's been fun -- but it hasn't been easy. These days, content means so much more than just writing. And for those of you who understand that content marketing is a critical component of inbound success, content will need to mean more than just writing for you, too.

    But rather than panic about the endless content formats you need to go master, we're here to make it easy for you. I've been there and done that, so I want to make content creation easier for the inbound marketers of the world.

    In this post, you'll find what I wish I had once upon a content marketer's dream: download the ultimate kit of free, customizable, content creation templates. Let's take a look what's inside.

    5 Ebook Templates

    We've established that you're creating content, but why are you publishing ebooks? According to emarketer, the top goal for content marketing campaigns this year is lead generation. And if you want to succeed at such, you need content offers -- like ebooks -- to help you get there!

    Our internal creative design team went to work building five ebook templates -- in both PowerPoint and InDesign -- for you to download, customize, and use. 


    5 Infographic Templates

    I remember my first infographic. It was made on a HubSpot hack night in order to help us hit our lead-gen goals. I spent the entire night learning how to design, trying to figure out how to hack it in PowerPoint, and an abundance of other frustrations. That inspired us to create five pre-designed infographic templates right in PowerPoint. That way, marketers can skip the frustrations I ran into and start creating the graphics right away! Within each template, we even provide guides to teach you how to use the templates effectively. 

    download-infographic-templates 1 Press Release Template

    While public relations has adapted to be more lovable and less spammy, press releases can be effective when used correctly.

    Our press release template takes this into consideration and provides an inbound-optimized version. This means the template can help you script press releases and do so in a format optimized for sharing on your company blog. It's built in Microsoft Word, so you can easily adapt and customize as needed for your PR needs.


    5 Blog Post Templates

    Per our State of Inbound Marketing report for 2013, we've learned that 79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing. But here's the thing with blogging: There's no one, easy template you can fill in to produce a quality content offering. You need to spend some time brainstorming a title, outlining core content, and so on.

    While our templates are by no means a fill-in-the-blank type template, they'll walk you through the critical steps for creating the following five blog post types:

    • How-To Post
    • List-Based Post
    • Curated Collection Post
    • SlideShare Presentation Post
    • Newsjacking Post

    We've seen these formats crush it on our blogs, and we would love for you to use them to hit your own goals!


    1 SlideShare Template

    SlideShare's website gets 60 million monthly unique visitors. If you're already building speaker presentations, webinar decks, or any other slide-based content, SlideShare is an audience for you to tap into.

    To make this easier for you, or anyone interested in creating SlideShare content, we've built an in-depth template filled with various slide types, formats, and styles. From title usage, to visual variation, to image placement, this template walks you through exactly what you need to produce an appealing SlideShare.


    60 Social Media Image Templates

    We love testing social media effectiveness here at HubSpot. Last year, we found that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post. This year, we discovered that photos on Twitter lead to a 55% increase in leads. So in addition to scripting social media posts, you'll need to include visuals in your content.

    To help you streamline this creation process, we've created 60 customizable templates for creating social media graphics in PowerPoint.  


    1 Video Script Template

    Oh, video. I've met you once when putting together the script for this hilarious email pump up video. I think it came out quite nicely ... didn't it? Regardless, making that script wasn't easy. I had never written a script before, had no concept of how long a minute feels, and just didn't know what goes into it. But then my colleague worked with some video experts to put together a template for writing a video script. The best part? There's simply three key fundamentals you need to practice to start rocking and rolling. 


    And there you have it, content marketers: 35 templates to help you start creating content easily and quickly and further your inbound success. Enjoy!



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