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    16 Call-to-Action Formulas That Make People Want to Click

    By Neil Patel

    Good things happen when you create killer calls-to-action. I would even argue that your website can’t be successful unless you produce great calls-to-action.

    The ideal CTA, however, isn’t always easy to think of. Sometimes, you need a little nudge in the right direction.

    If you’re sick of “click now” CTAs that aren’t working, improve your game with these surefire call-to-action formulas.

    1) Try it free for [TIME].

    The word “try” is a soft term. It implies little risk. For this reason, it can be extremely effective, especially for downloadable ... Read More

    The Biggest Pet Peeves of CRO Experts

    By Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) isn't a widely known field, even among digital marketers. If you need a quick refresher, CRO is the process of creating an experience for your website visitors that'll convert them into customers.

    But this science of lead conversion is quickly gaining ground. After all, who doesn’t want more clicks, leads, and sales?

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    How to Add a CTA Button to Your Facebook Page [Quick Tip]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Facebook added a very handy feature in December 2014: the option to place a simple call-to-action button at the top of your Facebook Page. While only available to select businesses at first, Facebook has recently started to roll it out to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    The CTA's functionality is pretty simple: You choose from seven pre-made button options ("Sign Up," "Shop Now," "Contact Us," "Book Now," "Use App," Watch Video," and "Play Game") and link it to any website you want.

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    Call-to-Action: Defined in a Single GIF

    By Ginny Soskey

    Calls-to-action. You know that they're a crucial component of inbound marketing. You know you need 'em on your website if you want to attract more visitors, generate more leads, and convert more customers. 

    ... And that's about all you know. 

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    17 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click

    By Brittany Leaning

    Think about all the times you've signed up for things in your life. Did you once download Evernote? Dropbox? Spotify? Maybe you've even taken a class on General Assembly. All of these "sign ups" are the result of an effective call-to-action. What if you hadn't been guided so eloquently through your sign-up process? You might have a lot fewer daily apps and sites you use.

    It's really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using effective calls-to-action (CTAs). To help you identify what's effective and what's not, I've listed out the following 17 examples of CTAs that totally rock. These stellar call-to-action examples are broken out into three categories: simple and effective design, clickworthy copy, and balancing multiple CTAs on one page.

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    How Effective Conversion Paths Work [Cartoon]

    By Alec Biedrzycki

    I’m a sucker for a creative metaphor. I love taking a complex idea, dismantling it, and then conveying it in a form that’s much easier to digest. Sort of like explaining advanced inbound marketing concepts to my parents through a series of exaggerated hand motions and funnel-like gestures.

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    How to Create Clickable Links in SlideShare Presentations [Quick Tip]

    By Ginny Soskey

    This situation sound familiar? You're clicking through a SlideShare and stumble upon a call-to-action (CTA) that reads, "Click here to learn more!" You're intrigued, so you click the blue, hyperlinked text ... then nothing happens. Ugh.

    As a user, you think "How careless of them to forget to include the link!" But chances are, most marketers creating SlideShares aren't even aware these links are broken. 

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    Everything Marketers Should Know About Secondary CTAs

    By Pamela Vaughan

    Chocolate or vanilla? Comedy or drama? Heels or flats? People love options. After all, they don't say "variety is the spice of life" for nothin'! So why not transfer this common knowledge about people's love for options over to your marketing and give your visitors and prospects some choices, too?

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    20 Critical Do's and Don'ts for Clickable Calls-to-Action [SlideShare]

    By Jessica Meher

    Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the most critical inbound marketing tools. Whether they take the form of anchor text links, images, or buttons, CTAs are what motivate and direct your visitors to take a desired action, usually on a landing page. This could mean anything from registering for an event, downloading content and converting into leads, or encouraging prospects to move further down your marketing funnel toward sales-readiness.

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    7 Big-Brand CTAs Recreated in PowerPoint [+50 Free CTA Templates]

    By Anum Hussain

    When it comes to creating calls-to-action, big brands have the luxury of full-time designers and -- the magical word -- budgets. But for us mere mortals of the marketing world, we have a lot more on our plate. We need to update our social media accounts, publish blog posts, and create lead generating content. Could you even imagine a world in which all you did for a full day was design CTAs? What a dreamland that would be.

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    Facebook Launches Customized Calls-to-Action for Apps

    By Corey Eridon

    facebook call to action Calls-to-action and social media are two crucial components of your inbound lead generation efforts. So it only makes sense that you would want to combine the power of killer calls-to-action and your bourgeoning Facebook presence to supercharge that effort. If you're a HubSpot customer, you've been able to use the Facebook Welcome app or the Social Landing Pages app to turn likes into leads. But is there another way to do it for the rest of the world?

    Read More
    Master Online Lead Generation by Reducing Friction

    By Pamela Vaughan

    sandpaperIf you're a marketer, you definitely know it's no easy feat to convert visitors into leads. There are a ton of potential blockers that can either distract, prevent, or turn off potential leads from filling out your forms. So as a marketer, one of your goals should be to create a lead generation process that's as frictionless as possible. To achieve this, you need to remove all of those distracting, annoying, and confusing obstacles that commonly prevent visitors from converting.

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    12 Important Places You're Forgetting to Add Calls-to-Action

    By Pamela Vaughan

    call to action buttonDo your landing page offers generate a high conversion rate but few actual leads? Chances are, it's not a content quality problem you have on your hands ... it's a content promotion problem. Likely, what's happening is that you're not getting your offer out there in front of enough people you want to capture as leads. And if you're not generating any traffic to your offer in the first place, this will greatly impede its ability to generate leads, since there won't be any visitors to convert in the first place!

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    4 Tips to Supercharge Call-To-Action Buttons

    By Meghan Keaney Anderson

    On pages where a call-to-action is the focus, one of the most important features is the conversion button itself. We’ve seen single changes in buttons that can improve conversions by well over 30%. A button sounds like a simple decision, but there are a number of variables that quickly make the decision feel complicated. How big should the button be? What color? What should the text of the button say? Here are a few tips to make your buttons more successful.

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    Living Without a Net: Join the Marketing Fight Against Malaria

    By Jeanne Hopkins

    describe the image Malaria kills more than two million children each year.

    This fall, The Domino Project , in collaboration with non-profit Malaria No More and Box of Crayons , is putting together a book of stories and insights from authors, speakers, and c-level executives to raise money for the prevention of malaria. This is different from previous Domino books -- it's larger, it has multiple authors, and it's designed as a fundraiser, with every penny they receive after paying printing costs going toward the purchase of bed nets.

    Read More

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