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    How to Make a QR Code in 4 Quick Steps

    By Corey Eridon

    "Really? We're talking about QR codes?"

    Fair reaction. For a few years now, QR codes have been one of the technologies at the center of the popular "___ is dead" trope we marketers love to argue. We've even debated it ourselves on this blog. But if there's one thing this back-and-forth shows you, it's that there sure isn't a consensus -- just scroll down to the comments on that post and you'll find the efficacy of QR codes still hotly contested.

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    Tried-and-True Mobile Marketing Tips From 9 Experts

    By Amanda Durepos

    Optimizing your marketing campaigns for mobile users isn’t just about having your landing pages render nicely on all smartphones and tablets. It's also about considering the user behind the device; what they're doing and thinking about while they're using it. And while the same people tend to use both mobile and desktop, their behavior and goals at a given time differ depending on the device they’re using.

    But differ how, exactly? I spoke to nine digital marketers to ask what they’ve learned about their mobile audience and how they've adapted their campaigns accordingly.

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    Are QR Codes Dead?

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Just a few years ago, QR codes seemed to be "the next big thing." Shop windows, food labels, band fliers, magazine advertisements -- those distinct little black-and-white squares were everywhere, vying for our attention.

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    How to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile: A Beginner's Guide

    By Lauren Smith

    Over the past few years, mobile email opens have seen explosive growth. While they are now holding steady around 45% of all email opens, three years ago, they accounted for only 11% of opens -- which is a 309% increase since April 2011. 

    Not only are mobile opens growing, but they're also cannibalizing desktop and webmail opens.

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    How to Display Site Content Only Your Mobile Viewers Can See

    By Lynelle Schmidt

    How many times have you heard, “this will be the year of mobile”?

    We may never know when the official “year of mobile” will be, but I can tell you mobile traffic to your site will only continue to increase in the next few years. We need to start adjusting some of our marketing efforts to cater to these new mobile visitors.

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    5 Sexy Mobile Sites (and Why We Love Them)

    By Rachel Sprung

    Do you remember the last time you went to a mobile site and had an unmoving (har har) experience? Maybe the site wasn't responsive. Maybe it was really difficult to find what you were looking for. Or maybe it just loaded very slowly. 

    Whatever it was, you may have left to go to another site as a result. After all, according

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    Want More Leads? Get a Responsive Website

    By Mike Lieberman

    Like it or not, the first experience most people have with your company is going to be your website design. Do you want them to see a flat, bland, and impersonal electronic brochure? Or rather, an individualized, warm, and interactive experience that gets prospects connected with your company from the very first visit?

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    Why Do Mobile Banner Ads Stink So Much?

    By Ari Jacoby

    When it comes to mobile advertising, less is more. We've all seen a barrage of under-pixelated, tiny banner ads -- there's nothing useful or valuable about that. In fact, they infuriate consumers who would rather not be yanked out of their mobile experience when they accidentally click on one.

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    Desktop & Mobile: One Content Strategy to Rule Them All

    By Jason Kosarek

    Inbound marketing is centered around being helpful. Instead of interrupting, tricking, or bombarding like the majority of traditional marketing avenues, inbound marketing focuses on integrating seamlessly into customers lives, and offering practical solutions.

    For most businesses, nearly 25% of the traffic

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    Your 12-Point Checklist for Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

    By Dan Slagen

    disney mobileintroductory3

    Who knew Disney (Walt, not the corporation) was such a prognosticator of things to come?

    Visionary, yes. Impresario, of course. But who knew that “It’s a Small World,” that cloying little ditty you can’t get out of your head for hours after taking a 12-minute motorized gondola ride, would foretell the future of marketing?

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    The 17 R's of Savvy Mobile Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Marta Kagan

    17 R's of mobile infographic thumbnailintroductory3

    Do you know what the top three Google searches are for mobile marketing? The first is “mobile marketing,” and the second is “mobile media.” But the third most popular Google search about mobile marketing is “What is mobile marketing?”

    Data like that suggests that businesspeople are still trying to wrap their heads around this growing and evolving industry. If people are still asking what mobile marketing is, then they’re probably also struggling with how to use it to drive leads for their business.

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    9 Ways B2Bs Can Excel With Location-Based Social Media

    By Pamela Vaughan

    foursquare iphoneintermediate

    This is a guest blog post written by Brian Honigman, the social media account manager at LunaMetrics. As a Google Analytics certified partner, LunaMetrics also specializes in social media, search engine optimization, and PPC. You can follow him on Twitter as @Brian_Honigman or @LunaMetrics.

    B2B companies don't often see how location-based social platforms like Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGR, Facebook Places, or Google Places, can benefit them or their customers. However, there are a number of opportunities for these type of companies to market themselves using location-based apps; its just harder to identify the strategies that'll help draw the same results a B2C company would see using these social channels. Here are the 9 best B2B uses of checkin-based social platforms and some companies that are using them right.

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    A Marketer's Complete Guide to Launching Mobile Apps

    By Corey Eridon

    mobile apps advanced

    According to former CEO of AppVee and AndroidApps Alex Ahlund, the average cost to develop a mobile app is $6,453 -- and the cost can skyrocket to as much as $150,000 depending on the complexity of the app. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, the money and resources you dedicate to conceptualizing and developing a truly great mobile app can all be put to waste if you don't orchestrate a proper mobile app launch.

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    7 Signs Your Mobile Marketing Sucks

    By Jeanne Hopkins

    Start Your Engines"Marketers: Start your engines." That's the call many marketing professionals have taken to heart in the past several months or so as they add a mobile component to their marketing mix. That being said, some have been more successful than others at taking their marketing show "on the road" and leveraging all that mobile marketing has to offer.

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    10 Innovative Ideas for B2B Mobile Apps

    By Corey Eridon

    zappos mobile appOnline retailer Zappos.com just launched a new app for iPhones, iPads, and Androids. It's a digital magazine and catalog that provides editorial content along with the ability to shop and purchase products within the app. They're promoting the app on their homepage, paid ads on Google and Facebook, and soon will roll out social sharing features. To incentivize people to use it, they've offered free next day shipping for any purchases made within the app, with no minimum purchase price. Talk about just in time for those last-minute holiday shoppers!

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    The Marketer's Scoop on Instagram and How to Use It

    By Corey Eridon

    instagramOh good, another social network/website/app thingy. You may have heard some buzz recently over something called Instagram. Or maybe you didn't, because you're now purposefully blocking out all mentions of anything new happening in the social world to maintain your mental health. We're here to break down what Instagram is, let you know without social media buzzwords whether you should care, and if you decide after that section that you do care, we'll tell you the best practices to follow so you can get started smoothly. Sound good? Let's get started.

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