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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




What happens to your agency when sales are on a consistent decline in your client's company?

Do they flush their marketing budget with more cash? Or do they reconsider if they can afford to maintain their agency relationship at all when the company's revenue is plummeting?

The sales industry is changing -- very few companies succeed by employing the "always be closing" motto. The current buyer is as informed (if not more educated) about a product and its competitors as the company's sales reps. This means reps need very different tools and resources to be able to establish an equal relationship and approach prospects with the attitude of "always be helping." 

This equals more and more overlap between marketing and sales and more demands on marketing. But it also means there is an opportunity for agencies. If agencies understand sales and have sales enablement services, they can help their client's marketing team to provide better sales support, more educational resources, more qualified leads, and eventually, more customers -- something their sales team will love them for and their CEO will reward. 

Learn how offering sales enablement services can prevent your agency from being fired and increase client retention in the SlideShare from HubSpot's David Weinhaus and Brooke Freeman.

You can listen to a recorded webinar on this subject by clicking here.


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