4 Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Rachel Leist
Rachel Leist




To help you keep your holiday marketing on the smart side, here are 4 holiday marketing campaign mistakes to avoid.

1. Running the Same Holiday Campaign Each Year

That picture of your employees wearing ugly sweaters was funny the first year. In fact, it even deserved a chuckle the second year. But after that, you should really think of something newer and more original. Holiday campaigns are an awesome chance to get the attention of people who may have put the idea of your product or service on the back burner. These campaigns remind them that you a remarkable company doing interesting things and that you deserve their attention. Get creative with holiday campaigns, and don't be afraid to do something "out there." Kicking off a campaign that includes multiple components that get released strategically throughout the holiday season is also a great way to keep your content new and fresh.

2. Forgetting to Reach Out to Your Network

Need an excuse to call a lead you haven't spoken with in a few months? Or do you just want to reconnect with your customers? Maybe you want to increase employee engagement and get everyone at your company in the holiday spirit. It doesn't matter who you want to connect with; holiday campaigns are a great way to do it. It reminds people about your company and gives them a sneak peek into an interesting (make sure it is interesting!) campaign. Don't make the mistake of missing out on this valuable marketing opportunity the holiday season offers.

3. Forgetting That Not Everyone Celebrates the Same Holidays

When the holiday season starts, it might feel like everyone is celebrating Christmas and only Christmas. But as a marketer, remember that you are marketing to people with various religious beliefs and backgrounds. Remember that even though the majority of people may be celebrating Christmas, there are still other holidays being celebrated, such as Chanukkah and Kwanzaa. Remember to be sensitive about this issue when you're working on your holiday marketing campaign.

4. Neglecting to Make Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Strategic

Creating a holiday marketing campaign is easy. Creating a strategic holiday marketing campaign to reach your target audience, engage with them, and achieve your measureable goals is a bit more difficult. Planning months ahead (yes, even when it's still warm outside) is the best way to kick off an awesome, results-driven campaign. You need to figure out what your objectives are, how you are going to measure your success, and who you want to reach. Then create deadlines to make sure your campaign achieves everything you wanted it to.

Now that we've covered what to avoid, what are some of the best holiday campaigns you've seen over recent years?

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