The [Marketing] Office: How @HubSpot Learned Twitter

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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



It may come as a surprise, but HubSpot hasn't always been fluent in the language of Twitter. It took intensive training sessions led by HubSpot's social media frontiersman and VP of Inbound Marketing, Michael Scott ... I mean, Volpe.

Recently, we dug through our vault of old marketing training videos and found this gem.


The [Marketing] Office: How @HubSpot Learned Twitter
("The Office" Spoof)

Director, Producer and Film Editor: Rebecca Corliss ( @repcor )


Mike "Michael Scott" Volpe ( @mvolpe )
Dan "Dwight" Zarrella ( @danzarrella )
Rick "Jim" Burnes ( @rickburnes )
Ellie "Pam" Mirman ( @ellieeille)
Karen "Angela" Rubin ( @karenrubin )
Prashant "Oscar" Kaw ( @prashantkaw )
Dan Tyre (as himself)

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