Chart of the Week: How Twitter Tactics Work For B2B Marketers

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



Twitter Tactics

As Twitter's growth climbs, B2B professionals are searching for the best ways to harness the power of this popular social media tool as part of their inbound marketing program.

A recent MarketingProfs survey of 722 B2B marketers using Twitter professionally , The State of Social Media Marketing , found that B2B companies are having the greatest success monitoring their brand, inviting prospects to in-person events, and driving traffic to their websites via Twitter .  

If you use Twitter, learn from the inbound marketing success of others:

  • Monitor your brand . Twitter tools make it easy to set up search queries about your brand along with your competitors' brands. You can easily monitor what clients and prospects say about you and your competition and respond accordingly.

  • Invite prospects to in-person events . In-person events can be very successful for B2B marketing. They allow you to strengthen relationships with clients and prospects by connecting with them face-to-face and to demonstrate your expertise and position you as an authority by sharing valuable content at the event. The challenge is getting the right clients and prospects to attend. This research shows that Twitter can be an effective tool to fill the seats.

  • Drive traffic to your website . Twitter pairs nicely with your content marketing efforts. Whether you write a blog, run webinars, produce a newsletter, or create video or podcasts, Twitter can help you distribute your thought leading content and drive traffic to your site. When linking to your site, use provocative headlines to grab attention and improve clicks (the fifth most effective tactic). But beware: the least successful tactic is driving direct sales. Sales come from relationships. Twitter can and does help build and foster these relationships, but it can't do the selling for you.

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