ReTweet This to Win Apple iPad: 7 Tips to Get More ReTweets

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Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe



Science of ReTweets WebinarWe all know content that spreads helps attract more people to your business, and a major way that content spreads on Twitter is through ReTweets (learn more about ReTweets on this free webinar).  Here are a number of things you can do to have the best chance of getting the most ReTweets:

7 Tips to Get More ReTweets:

  1. Run a contest!  Like we did for this article, if you have some sort of contest or incentive, you can help stimulate more retweets.
  2. Use words like "Pls RT", "Please RT" or "Please ReTweet" in your original tweet.  You will get more ReTweets if you do.  Dan Zarrella will discuss the data that shows this in his free webinar.
  3. Tweet about Twitter! Referencing a social network within the tool itself is always a good way, since people using the tool obviously like it and use it.
  4. Include a Link.  ReTweets contain links far more often than Tweets in general, so including links in Tweets might help you get more ReTweets.
  5. Create value, don't chit chat.  Tweets that just tell people what you are doing and don't provide insight or value tend not to get ReTweeted much.
  6. Tweet headlines.  Headline-type language seems to be ReTweeted more often, so Tweet some headlines to get more ReTweets.
  7. Post in the afternoon.  Analysis of ReTweets shows that they occur more frequently later in the day, so target this time period for the best effect.
Learn more details of what drives these ReTweeting tips...

And yes, if you ReTweet the link to this webinar (click the ReTweet button below) you'll have a chance to win an Apple iPad.  We'll randomly select one person after the webinar.

Live Webinar: The Science of ReTweets With Dan Zarrella

The Science Of Retweets Webinar

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