3 Benefits of Making Your Website Blog-Driven

Haris Krijestorac



After hosting several Website Optimization Webinars, I've noticed that many companies have useful content on their websites, but have trouble blogging.

The problem with many of these companies is not that they are incapable of entering the content mindset. It's that they stop having this mindset once they launch their site.

Websites are static, but blogs are dynamic. All these companies need to do is turn their static content into dynamic content.

3 Reasons Why Your Website Content Should be Dynamic

1. It Keeps Your Visitors Interested

You want people to have a reason to come back to your website. If your website content is static, visitors can just browse your site once and they're done. But if you're putting out new content all the time, they have reason to come back. And if your content is truly interesting, they'll even subscribe to your updates via RSS or e-mail.

2. More Pages = More SEO Juice

Each blog post is a new page that search engines see, and therefore a new opportunity to get found online. Packing as much content as possible into a few pages is not an effective search engine optimization strategy.

3. Incentive to Create More Content

After companies pack their websites with useful content, they often avoid adding new content to their sites. If you don't have a blog, adding more content means redesigning the site and complicating the layout.

Shouldn't you put yourself in a position that encourages you to provide more useful information to your site visitors?

Example: LaBelle Winery

LaBelle Winery in New Hampshire is doing a lot of the right things. They use their website to announce events, upload photos, and offer wine-related recipes. Their website is full of rich, useful content!

labelle wine resized 600

While I reviewed their site in our webinar, I suggested that they put their future content updates into a blog. By doing so, they will reap all the benefits I've mentioned.

Creating a blog will also give LaBelle Winery the flexibility to share a wider variety of relevant information. They no longer need to be confined to just events, photos, recipes, and news. This should additionally make the rest of their site cleaner.

Marketing Takeaway: Make Your Website Blog-Driven

Presenting the dynamic parts of your site in a blog will help you gain followers, improve your SEO, and encourage you to produce more useful content for your site visitors.

Your website should contain some information about your company, outside of your blog. However, this should be reserved for basic information that does not change often. The information that does change, such as news, offerings and events should be in a blog.

Many companies are already doing the right thing by offering useful content. They just need to make the change from presenting information in a static way to doing so dynamically through a blog.

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