4 Ways News Releases Boost SEO

Pete Caputa
Pete Caputa



The following is a guest post by Greg Elwell, founder of B2B Inbound , a San Francisco Bay Area, Certified HubSpot Partner. You can read more from Greg on his B2B Inbound Blog or follow him on Twitter .

describe the image News releases can be a magnet to help improve search engine ranking for your business website. This alone is reason enough to add a newsroom feature to your website, and publish optimized news releases.

Optimized news releases, much like your other valuable content, revolves around your primary keywords and is bait for search engines and interested readers alike. Your goal is to gain more visibility, and provide useful information to your target audience.

Here are 4 reasons to publish optimized news releases:

1. Increase the number of Google indexed pages. Most likely you are aware of the SEO benefits of building your authority and visibility by increasing the number of Google indexed pages on your website. Data shows the more of these pages you have on your website, the more traffic, and inbound links and leads you're likely to attract.

2. Diversify your content strategy.   Are you looking for another way to generate more content pages? Having a news release marketing strategy is a great way to diversify and enhance your overall content marketing plan. Don't just think about publishing "Big News." With a little thought, you can generate numerous ideas for creating newsroom articles . The key is to think about what's happening internally and externally with your company that you could create a story around. Perhaps you've launched a new internal training program. Why not tell the story of what led you to develop it and how it will benefit others? B2B companies may especially benefit from publishing news in such a way that positions them as thought-leaders in their industry.

3. Blow your own horn.   I like to think in terms of "news release" vs. "press release" even though the terms today are virtually interchangeable. The term, press release reminds me of what I did 10 years ago as a marketer: send news to the press with the hope they'd publish it. Gone are those days. Today, with access to Web 2.0 technologies and an Internet connection, you are the press and your own media outlet. There's no longer a dependency on press reporters, journalists or editors to pick up your news and publish it.

4. Easy to set up and manage.   The main components you need to set up an online newsroom on your website are a blog application and RSS Feed. These technologies are readily available and often included in many of today's Content Management Systems. You'll likely want the RSS module on a page called, "News" or "Newsroom." Set it up to display 6-7 news articles with 250 character summaries. The titles of each article and its "Read More" link will take the reader to the full article which is presented on a blog content page. You can check out the B2B Inbound Newsroom as an example.

Does your company have an inbound marketing plan that could benefit from an online newsroom to publish optimized news releases? Give it some thought, I think you'll find it to be an effective strategy to improve search engine ranking - and gain more visitors, links and leads.

Additional information on setting up an online newsroom, creating and publishing optimized news releases can be found by downloading the Newsroom Marketing Kit from B2B Inbound.

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