How to Create Forms That Qualify Your Leads

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FormManagerHeaderTextWe all know how much work goes into just getting your website visitors to the point where they are ready to become a lead by filling out a form.

First you need to:

  • Get Found. This involves creating great content that is easily findable by people interested in learning more about the kinds of products and services your business provides, as well as finessing all the ins and outs of SEO.
  • Intrigue them with a compelling offer. This involves creating relevant, related Calls to Action, placing them in the most high traffic locations on your site, and encouraging your most qualifed leads to click through to your landing pages.

Now you have them on your landing page, ready to fill out a form. How do you construct a form that will encourage your most desirable visitors to complete and submit it?

If you need a refresher on how to create a form in your HubSpot portal, check out this article and how-to video.

Match The Form to the Funnel

The most common reason for your visitors not filling out your forms is that the form you give them is poorly matched to where they are in the sales process. Somebody who just met you is unlikely to want to give you their phone number, for instance, or to want a salesperson to contact them. 

Increase your conversion rates by matching your forms to where your visitors are, not to where you wish they were.

Step 1 - Limit the Number of Fields

Make it easy for your visitors to convert into leads by ruthlessly limiting the number and type of fields you ask them to fill out.

For a top-of-the-funnel offer, constructed to appeal to as many visitors as possible, limit the number of fields to the bare minimum: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.


Step 2 - Don't Submit to the Submit Button

Experiment with using different language on your "Submit" button. Conversion rates tend to improve when language other than the word "submit" is used on forms, with the best results coming from other action words, like "Go" or "Click here."


Step 3 - Keep It Simple

Don't distract or confuse your visitors by giving them more than one option on your landing page. They clicked on your Call To Action for a reason -- they were interested in your offer. Make it ridiculously simple for them to complete the process and get the thing you offered them.

Resist the temptation to confuse the issue by adding secondary CTAs on your landing page, or placing your phone number prominently on this page, or driving toward any action besides that of completing your form and clicking the Submit button.

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