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Subscribing to a blog can be a significant commitment.describe the image  Whether subscribing via email or RSS, your site visitor is individually volunteering to add your content to their day; a day that is already crowded with content from emails, texts, voicemails, site content, and even snail mail.  

As a business, each time you receive a new blog subscriber, you have received validation or "a vote" that your audience has identified YOUR content as adding value to their day. With each new blog subscriber, your content is essentially being awarded as being highly relevant to conversations your readers are having on a regular basis. 

To best promote the content your blog subscribers can expect to receive on an ongoing basis, consider adding a blog subscription landing page. This is a quick win that will help your company enhance the blogging subscription experience and help you measure and manage the success of this offer with analytical insight.

Holistically, your goal with this landing page is to provide visitors with a sneak preview of the experience they will receive by becoming a blog subscriber. Your blog subscription landing page should include:

  • A high level overview of topics, categories your blog will discuss.  For example, HubSpot's blog covers "all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics."
  • Insight into "who" your blog will benefit.  Examples may include HR Directors, Financial Business professionals, Animal Enthusiasts, etc.  If your blog appeals to multiple personas, feel free to spell this out.  This will help assure your visitor that they are joining a group of like-minded individuals who share their interests and goals. 
  • How your blog will help to drive relevant conversation. Examples may include "updates on industry events", "expert editorials", "insider tips", etc. 

To create your blog subscription landing page, consider the following steps:

1) Create your landing page following landing page best practices.  Consider the "subscribing to your blog" offer as similar to other offers you promote using the free Landing Pages tool

2) Create a Call To Action button that will link to this landing page.  Use this button as a call to action within your blog articles or on other website pages to link to a blog subscription landing page Make sure your CTA button is supercharged!

3) Create a Thank You Page to complete the sign up experience with gratitude and a follow-up call to action. 

4) Measure the success of your blog subscription landing page. Consider the 3 Secrets to Optimizing Landing Page Copy

For more information on Blogging Success Strategies, check out more Content Camp Resources and recorded webinars

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