Personalize Your Simple Follow-up Emails [Product Update]

Meghan Keaney Anderson
Meghan Keaney Anderson



new lps availableJust because an email is transactional in nature, doesn't mean it can't be an opportunity to send a relevant, personalized message.  To help spread personalization throughout our email tools, HubSpot has updated the simple follow-up email option within Landing Pages to include personalization tokens.

Simple follow up emails are often sent after a lead has converted on a landing page. Typically they include an additional copy of the material they were requesting and instructions for further engagement. Personalization tokens in simple follow-up emails allow you to pull in any field from the contact database to tailor your emails to the person receiving them.  You can also set default text for fields that are absent when the emails are sent.   

To add personalization tokens to your simple follow-up emails in your landing pages, simply check the box that says "send a simple follow up email" then click on the green person icon while you're writing your email. 


personalization follow up


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