13 Spooky Stats to Scare Your Boss Into Better Marketing [SlideShare]

Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson



13 Spooky Stats to Scare Your Boss Into Better MarketingA multi-platform digital omnivore with a flamingo hat on -- that is my Halloween costume this year. Aside from the flamingo hat, I look strikingly similar to my everyday self.

Maybe you perused Pinterest for costume inspiration and then actually put effort toward creating one. I, on the other hand, did neither of those things, but serendipitously found costume inspiration in the depths of a comScore mobile marketing report.

Anyway, you may be asking yourselves "What the heck is a multi-platform digital omnivore?"

Well ... it’s you. And me. It’s the average consumer. It’s a fancy term for having no costume, but being one of many who gobbles up more media from mobile devices more and more of the time.

You and I, you see, we tend to reserve desktop usage primarily for work, use our smartphones all throughout the day, and use our tablets (if we have them) heavily in the evenings -- likely while watching TV or doing some searching before bed.

We also have a general distaste for advertising -- or any content that isn’t relevant to us -- because our time and attention are the most precious assets we have.

Unfortunately, though, there’s still a lot of bad marketing out there. Global ad spend is on the rise. I don’t get it. I do get that change is hard. And I get that our colleagues, bosses, and CMOs need to be convinced change is necessary.

Sometimes, though, it’s not easy trying to do the convincing. That’s why for Halloween, we figured we’d gift you with a handful of stats that might actually spook your boss into adopting a better way to do marketing.


There are 3 basic truths about marketing today that these spooky stats should help you drive home to your boss:

  1. Traditional, interruptive advertising is not nearly as effective as it once was.

  2. Existing and future customers want messages tailored to them.

  3. Smart marketing is about delivering the right content at the right time on the right device.

So, take some time this All Hallows' Eve to put the fear into your boss -- the fear that if your company doesn't start implementing inbound methods, its future could look pretty darn scary.

Good luck and Happy Halloween from HubSpot!

spooky stats for better marketing

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