10 Ad Agencies You Need to Follow on Twitter

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Karla Hesterberg
Karla Hesterberg



It's quite simple: You can't expect to sell the merits of your agency's social media expertise if your Twitter presence is underdeveloped or inactive. How are clients supposed to trust you with their social media accounts if you can't keep up with your own?

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Your agency's Twitter shouldn't be a jumble of PR announcements and random links -- it should be a reflection of your agency's personality. It should highlight your work, promote your culture, and showcase your formidable social media chops for prospective clients.

While there isn't a single perfect formula for a successful Twitter presence, we've compiled a list of 11 agencies with remarkable Twitter accounts to inspire you to take your tweets to the next level.

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11 Ad Agencies to Follow on Twitter

1) R/GA

Handle: @RGA

It was a real struggle to just pick a few tweets from R/GA's Twitter to highlight here, since their entire account is a treasure trove of clever industry insights, pop culture references, and general witticisms that will resonate with anyone working in a creative industry.

R/GA is the global ad agency behind major campaigns for Google, Samsung, and Nike. The man responsible for their delightfully offbeat Twitter presence is R/GA's managing director of copywriting, Chapin Clark.

RGA tweet 1RGA tweet 2RGA tweet 3

2) McCann

Handle: @McCann_WW

You've probably seen this ad agency's work for big brands like Coca-Cola, Mastercard, and L'Oreal, but did you know they also have a spot-on Twitter presence?

McCann's Twitter offers a mix of behind-the-scenes snapshots, agency news, topical jokes, and unconventional news stories. It's no wonder the content is so funny: their tweets are managed by Bruce Stockler, a former joke writer for Jay Leno and current McCann director of content and social media.

McCann tweet 1

McCann tweet 2

3) Deutsch

Handle: @DeutschInc

Deutsch might have produced campaigns for Target, IKEA, and other sizable clients, but their Twitter bio is decidedly succinct: "Not Germany or a bank."

This account is worth a follow if you want timely industry updates, thought-provoking articles, and updates on Deutsch's high-profile accounts.

Deutsch tweet 1

Deutsch tweet 2

4) Wieden+Kennedy

Handle: @WiedenKennedy

If you're in need of some ad inspiration, this Twitter account from Oregon-based agency Wieden+Kennedy is sure to get you motivated. Their feed is a curated collection of their best client campaigns, accompanied by creative insights from their talented team.

Wieden+Kennedy tweet 1

Wieden+Kennedy tweet 2

5) The Barbarian Group

Handle: @barbariangroup

Have you ever wondered what working for a top ad agency is really like? The Barbarian Group's Twitter gives followers a peek into their day-to-day office culture and latest projects for brands like Pepsi and IBM. It also offers savvy commentary on industry news and events.

Barbarian Group tweet 1

6) Huge

Handle: @hugeinc

The latest industry news? Check. Snappy commentary? Check.

If you need a laugh during the middle of a client meeting where you are discussing the 24th revision to a logo, or if you just want to keep up on weird, wacky, and interesting news and links from around the web, then add Huge to your list.

Huge Inc tweet 1
Huge Inc tweet 2

7) Droga5

Handle: @droga5

This top ad agency's Twitter is worth following just for updates on their big-name clients alone, but their feed is so much more than that. 

If you take a scroll through Droga5's account, you'll find everything from pictures of office life from their interns to shrewd ad industry observations.

Droga5 tweet 1Droga5 tweet 2

8) Big Spaceship

Handle: @bigspaceship

Whoever's behind Big Spaceship's Twitter presence has a knack for digging up oddball news articles and providing wonderfully cheeky commentary. Their feed's lighthearted, humorous approach to ad agency culture is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up if you're feeling uninspired at the office.

Big Spaceship tweet 1Big Spaceship tweet 2

9) Pentagram Design

Handle: @pentagram

This design consultancy has created impactful designs for many well-known brands, including Mastercard and Verizon, and their Twitter is a veritable gold mine for cool design inspiration. Follow their account to keep up with their latest work and get advice from leading designers.

Pentagram Design tweet 1

Pentagram Design tweet 2

10) You & Co

Username: @youandcomedia

This Australian agency caught our eye with their stunningly curated Twitter feed. Design aficionados will appreciate the well-coordinated graphics, and everyone can learn something from the marketing articles they regularly share. You & Co proves that even agencies on the smaller side can rock their Twitter presence with style.

You & Co tweet 1You & Co tweet 2New Call-to-action


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