How to Buy High-Quality Twitter Followers Fast [Guide]

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Caroline Forsey
Caroline Forsey


Nowadays, 75% of B2B businesses and 65% of B2C businesses use Twitter for marketing purposes -- which means Twitter outranks YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat in terms of popularity among businesses.


Undoubtedly, the popularity of Twitter for business makes the platform a crowded place. And, ultimately, your success on Twitter is measured by follower size and audience engagement -- two metrics that can be difficult to achieve with so much content posted daily on the platform.

Of course, it's critical you create high-quality content for Twitter, but if that content isn't seen by the people you're trying to reach, then it's wasted effort.

So how can you grow your Twitter audience and ensure your content is seen by the right people?

Ultimately, when you're eager to gain followers and increase engagement, you might be tempted to take a shortcut and buy followers. However, it's a dangerous tactic and could actually decrease engagement and destroy your brand's reputation.

Here, we're going to explore how to buy Twitter followers, why it's a bad idea, and what you can do, instead.

Download Now: How to Use Twitter for Business [Free Kit]

How to Buy Twitter Followers Fast

If you want to buy Twitter followers, you might use one of the following services:

  1. -- Has multiple Twitter package options, including 100 Twitter followers for $15, or 2,500 followers for $50. The service promises worldwide followers, and a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  2. -- Provides the option to purchase Twitter followers, Twitter retweets, or Twitter auto-likes/retweets. Has multiple package options, including 100 followers for $20 or 1,000 followers for $120.
  3. -- Only enables you to purchase 100 followers per order, but for the incredibly low price of $3.

It's important to note, these services only provide you with fake Twitter followers -- the followers you purchase off these sites will never become real customers for your business. As much as you might think purchasing followers is a good decision, it ultimately won't result in any additional customers, so it's not a smart strategy.

Additionally, the fake followers you purchase from these sites won't engage with your tweets and can't retweet your content with their own audience. Which means that, ultimately, purchasing Twitter followers could backfire by decreasing your engagement numbers.

For instance, let's say you have 2,000 followers, but 1,000 of them are fake or inactive accounts. Then you post a Tweet, and it receives 200 retweets. That means only 10% of your total audience engaged with your tweet.

Alternatively, let's say you stick with your 1,000 real followers, and receive 200 retweets. That's 20% of your total audience -- a much more impressive number to Twitter's algorithm, and it's also a true sign of your content's worth.

Additionally, it's important to note, your business can get in trouble and risk getting suspended on Twitter if it violates rules by buying fake followers.

Having real followers is a much more worthwhile long-term investment than purchasing Twitter followers. Real followers enables you to properly measure your business's success on Twitter, and engage with potential customers.

However, this likely seems easier said than done -- how can you increase your organic reach and find these real followers?

Fortunately, there is a paid strategy you can implement to buy high-quality Twitter followers fast -- Twitter Followers Campaign. While not free, it's undoubtedly cheaper than most fake follower sites, and will offer a much greater ROI.

How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

If you want to invest money in your Twitter strategy, you might consider paying for a Twitter Ads campaign rather than buying followers.

To create an Ads campaign, go to Twitter's Campaigns dashboard and click "Start a Campaign" in the top right. Then, click the "Go to Twitter Ads" CTA button.

You can specifically choose "Followers" as your Ad objective.

Twitter's campaign dashboard

Next, fill out the necessary information, including Campaign title and how much money per day you want to invest. Then, click "Targeting" in the left navigation bar.

Here, you're able to choose a specific demographic. You can target an audience based on interests or followers, which enables you to reach people who are similar to other specific Twitter accounts. This allows your business to reach people who are similar to your existing Twitter audience, which will likely attract the right people to your profile.

Alternatively, you could use Tailored Audiences to target people on a predetermined Twitter list you've created. You might create a list based on people who've visited your website, or certain influential people in your industry.

Predetermined Twitter list to create tailoured audience

Take a look at Twitter Ads Campaigns: A Simple Setup Guide to learn more.

Ultimately, you're not buying followers using Twitter Ads Campaign, but you are buying the opportunity to reach the right people -- real people.

This is undoubtedly a more successful strategy for your business.

Ultimately, Twitter isn't meant to be a popularity contest. The site is designed to encourage meaningful conversation and connection among users. If you can attract 100 high-quality followers who appreciate your business's content and eagerly share it with their own audiences, then you're doing much better than a company with 1,000 fake followers.

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