hubspot_year_in_reviewThe inbound movement has never been solely about software. It's about a different way of engaging prospects, not as targets or numbers, but as people.

Arianna Huffington, one of our #INBOUND13 keynote speakers, captured this sentiment well by saying, "inbound means going inward into yourself ... our lives are so outbound at the moment." That notion -- that the way we do business should be more fundamentally human and reflect who we are as people -- captures how we think about building our company. 2013 was a landmark year for HubSpot in helping businesses worldwide become more personal, effective, and human overall.

Below is our annual Year in Review, where we've summarized what we believe were some of HubSpot’s key achievements in 2013. Download the entire review or keep reading to get some high-level insights of our company's past year.


A Snapshot of Our 2013

This year, HubSpot launched three brand new products: SidekickSocial Inbox, and the COS (HubSpot’s Content Optimization System). All three empower businesses to have more personalized and meaningful interactions with their followers, fans, prospects, leads, and customers by combining content with context in the most relevant way possible.

Think about it: How many times have you tweeted a concern about a brand and never heard back? Or visited a site and had to re-enter the same information multiple times? Or fallen in love with a brand’s marketing efforts only to be harassed by the company’s sales reps? We created Social Inbox, the COS, and Sidekick to address the way prospects currently shop and buy, and take inbound beyond the world of marketing.

Breakthrough products are great news for our business, but they’re even better news for our customers. We are proud to share that 10,595 customers in 56 countries used HubSpot’s software and services to grow their businesses this year. These 10,595 customers recognized that one marketing activity isn’t enough: to attract new leads, engage and convert existing leads, and quantify the impact of your efforts, you need inbound and you need HubSpot.

And their results speak for themselves: HubSpot customers generated 91 million new contacts in 2013 and used inbound to attract 2.4 billion page views to their websites (Tweet this stat). Sidekick, our new startup within HubSpot, now boasts over 25,000 users since launching in August at INBOUND, and Social Inbox processed 54 million tweets per day this calendar year. 

Without the support of our customers, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as rapidly as we did in 2013. HubSpot’s revenues grew 50% this year to 77.6 million dollars, and we added 239 employees in 2013 alone (Tweet this stat). We opened a European headquarters in Dublin to make HubSpot more accessible to businesses around the globe. DubSpot, as we like to call it, now has over 50 employees across marketing, sales, services, and engineering.

We set out to build a once-in-a-generation company, and our business results and product launches this year go a long way to delivering on that vision. But we are equally proud of how we have done it, by building a culture focused on humility, transparency, and results. HubSpot’s Culture Code was viewed over 1 million times this year, making it the single most viewed piece of content we have ever created (Tweet this stat).

The way people live, work, shop, and buy has changed, and we are proud to say that both our culture and our products help employees and companies alike solve for the customer. 

Here's to making next year even better.

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Originally published Jan 28, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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