The 30 Best Business Books of 2023

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Zoe Ashbridge
Zoe Ashbridge


When did you last invest time or money into your personal or business development?

Reading business books will improve your mindset, teach you new skills, or allow you to think outside the box. It’s also a great way to become the best version of yourself and inspire others to do the same.

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There’s no better time to curl up in a comfortable armchair with your favorite pet in your lap, drink a cup of tea, and dive into some of the best business books of 2023.

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The Benefits of Reading Business Books

No matter how successful you’ve been in your business or job, how much time you spent in school, or how amazing your team might be, you’re bound to face challenges as you move through your career.

Business books — whether they be about starting a business, leading or managing a business, or improving your business — can help you see the problems ahead and create strategies to overcome them.

Most of these books are written by people who have experienced challenges in the business world and lived to tell the tales. Who better to learn from than someone who has already beaten whatever you’re dealing with (or will deal with in the future)?

There are books for every stage of your career, and here are our favorite reads for those interested in startups, management, DEI, and more.

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    Best Business Books for Startups

    If there's any silver lining to the economic turmoil we’ve faced, it's that all that unrest has inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs to bring new solutions to market. Starting a new business has a high failure rate — but with the right books, you can increase your chances of surviving.

    1. Trajectory: Startup: Ideation to Product/Market Fit by Dave Parker

    Front cover image of Trajectory Startup, one of the best business books to read.

    This book promises to remove the mystery from the startup process. It offers a path from ideation to launch and revenue in six months with easy-to-follow tasks and timeframes.

    What we love: Parker provides a practical guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can learn how to turn your ideas into successful products that prospective buyers will love.

    Best for: Entrepreneurs

    2. The Minimalist Entrepreneur: How Great Founders Do More with Less by Sahil Lavingia

    best business books to read; The Minimalist Entrepreneur teaches founders how to do more with less.

    The Minimalist Entrepreneur is written for a new generation of founders who would rather build great companies than big ones. Lavingia uses his experience building his company, Gumroad, to help entrepreneurs make smart investments, manage remote workers and gig workers, develop and release products quickly and successfully, and become profitable.

    What we love: The idea of achieving more with fewer resources is highly desirable in this digital age.

    Best for: Startups with lower budgets and few resources

    3. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

    front cover of Eric Ries’ Startup

    When starting out, you might get caught up spending months building your product or service — only to find that no one wants to buy it. The Lean Startup will help you create a product that customers want (and are happy to pay for) quickly by identifying and testing key assumptions early on. Why waste valuable time, energy, and money when you could avoid the hassle?

    What we love: Ries is a founder and CTO of startups. His practical guidance comes from experience and true customer feedback.

    Best for: Startups and entrepreneurs

    4. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

    Front cover of the $100 Start Up, a New York Times Bestseller

    Want to start a business without capital? This is the book for you.

    Guillebeau provides a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to identify a profitable niche, create a simple business plan, and launch a business with little financial risk. If you’ve got a passion, Guillebeau believes you can turn it into a business idea.

    What we love: Guillebeau emphasizes the role of passion rather than building businesses solely to make money.

    Best for: Freelancers, entrepreneurs, graduates

    Best Business Leadership Books

    Whether your title implies it or not, everyone can benefit from learning to be a leader. Leadership isn’t just about managing others. It’s about managing yourself and inspiring those around you to be the best possible versions of themselves.

    5. Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact by Jenn Lim

    Front cover of Beyond Happiness

    Named a Top Business Book of 2021 by Forbes, Beyond Happiness draws on the science of happiness to show readers that true joy comes from living your true purpose. The book shows company leadership how to help individuals align their purpose with the company mission.

    What we love: Beyond Happiness is a refreshing read with a great perspective. We love the emphasis on connection and sustainable contentment.

    Best for: Company leadership

    6. Trusted Leader: 8 Pillars That Drive Results by David Horsager

    Front cover of a great business book, Trusted Leader by David Horsager

    Horsager uses his research and experience to teach the Eight Pillars of Trust — clarity, compassion, character, competency, commitment, connection, contribution, and consistency.

    He sees trust as an asset and believes that you lose influence when you don't have it. Readers will learn strategies to increase alignment, overcome attrition, and clarify their priorities.

    What we love: This book is full of practical and actionable insights. The eight fundamental principles keep the teachings succinct and enriching.

    Best for: Company leadership

    7. Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change by Stacey Abrams

    Front cover of minority leader by Stacey Abrams

    With a mixture of memoir and instruction, Abrams argues that knowing your own passion is the key to success. Minority Leader speaks to anyone who exists beyond the structure of traditional systemic power and encourages them to make a difference.

    What we love: It’s no surprise that Minority Leader is one of the highest-rated books in this roundup. Abrams considers minorities and their challenges, giving the topic a unique perspective.

    Best for: Leaders from underrepresented backgrounds

    8. Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success by Gary Vaynerchuk

    Front cover of twelve and a half by Gary Vaynerchuk which is one of the best business books to read for business success.

    For too long, leaders have relied on "hard skills" to make decisions and ignored the importance of emotional intelligence. In his sixth business book, Vaynerchuk focuses on soft skills like self-awareness and curiosity to accelerate business success.

    What we love: High levels of emotional intelligence are crucial for business success. We love Vaynerchuk’s unique perspective and focus on soft skills.

    Best for: Leaders, entrepreneurs, graduates

    9. MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

    Front cover of Tony Robbins’ book Money Master the Game

    At 688 pages, Tony Robbins’ MONEY Master the Game is the longest book in this roundup, but it covers a lot. That includes asset allocation, diversification, tax planning, and how to manage risks.

    What we love: Robbins interviewed over 50 of the world's top investors to uncover their strategies for achieving success in the financial markets.

    Best for: Leaders and entrepreneurs

    HubSpot's 2024 Sales Trends Report

    This in-depth report includes sections, covering:

    • How buyers are becoming more self-informed
    • How sales teams are using AI and automation
    • Adapting to tighter budgets
    • And more!
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      Best Business Management Books

      Be the manager you’ve always wanted to work for with these books on business management.

      10. Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People by Renee Evenson

      Front cover of Power Phrases by Renee Evenson.

      Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People promises to create a more harmonious work environment by learning how to deal with difficult personalities — whether they're employees, colleagues, or bosses.

      In this book, you’ll learn thirty common personality traits and behaviors. Then, you'll get the best phrases to use with each. Evenson also outlines a five-step process for moving from conflict to resolution. This book will help you stay calm and diffuse conflict in the workplace.

      What we love: Business is all about relationships, and building better relationships is key. We love Evenson’s vision and approach to resolving conflict.

      Best for: Leaders

      11. The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You by Julie Zhuo

      Front cover of ‘The Making of a Manager’ by Julie Zhuo; a must read business book.

      You’ve been promoted to management… Now what? After struggling as a brand new manager at the age of 25, Zhuo now believes that great managers are made — not born.

      This field guide provides insights on what it takes to be a great manager, how to build trust and rapport with your team, what to focus on in the first few months, and how to deal with the increased responsibility. This book is everything Zhuo wished she had known when she accepted her promotion.

      What we love: Zhuo shares practical advice and leads with examples through her own stories.

      Best for: New managers

      12. Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman

      Front cover of Multipliers, one of our best business books, and a Wall Street Journal bestseller

      As a manager, you have two options for how you’d like to lead your team. You could be the genius that everyone turns to in a bind — or you can unlock the genius in each of your employees.

      Multipliers is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller that helps you take the latter approach. Become the manager who makes everyone around them smarter, more capable, and more effective. You can achieve amazing results when you tap into the multiplier mindset.

      What we love: Multipliers encourages leaders to amplify the intelligence and capabilities of their teams, leading to increased productivity and success.

      Best for: Leaders

      13. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

      Front cover of Never Split the Difference, a must-read business book by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz.

      Discover practical and effective strategies for negotiating in both personal and professional contexts. Voss stresses the importance of empathy, active listening, and building rapport in negotiations.

      What we love: As a former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss knows what it takes to be adequately persuasive for optimal negotiation.

      Best for: Leaders and salespeople

      14. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

      Read How to Win Friends & Influence People and expect to improve your interpersonal relationships in your business and personal life. Carnegie gives you the tools to make people like you and become more influential while gracefully handling difficult situations.

      What we love: This book will help you endlessly in both your personal and professional life.

      Best for: Leaders

      Best Books on Business Strategy

      When was the last time you took a bird’s eye view of your business, got out of the daily grind, and focused on your organization’s strategy?

      15. Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know by Adam Grant

      Adam Grant’s Think Again

      What if the most important skill is no longer to think and learn but to rethink and unlearn? Grant argues that too many of us favor the comfort of conviction over the discomfort of doubt.

      We entertain opinions that make us feel good, rather than ideas that make us think hard. Rather than surrounding yourself with people who agree with our opinions and conclusions, it’s time to look for those who challenge our thought processes.

      Grant invites us to release the views that no longer serve us and position ourselves for excellence at work.

      What we love: Grant offers insightful strategies for improving critical thinking skills. Expect to have your assumptions challenged so you can foster a growth mindset.

      Best for: Entrepreneurs

      16. Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy by Patrick Bet-David

      Your Next Five Moves by Patrick Bet-David

      What if you approached business like a grandmaster in chess? Bet-David invites business strategists to plan five moves ahead — the sweet spot of thoughtful strategy and swift action. Readers will learn to master knowing themselves, building the right team, crafting a strategy to scale, and making power plays.

      What we love: Your Next Five Moves offers practical, actionable advice for developing a winning business strategy, backed by real-world examples and insights from successful entrepreneurs.

      Best for: Entrepreneurs

      17. Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

      Front cover of must read business book, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals.

      How’s this for strategy? If you’re lucky, you’ll live to be around 80 years old. That means that you’ve got 4,000 weeks on this earth. Knowing that your time is finite, what will you do with it? How will you spend your days?

      Will you cram in as much work as possible — even if it’s unnecessary — or will you fill your time with what matters? This book offers a fresh perspective on managing your time and, more importantly, how to strategize your life.

      What we love: We all have a limited time on earth, and Burkeman offers a thought-provoking perspective on time management. Read this book, and you can expect to make the most of your time by prioritizing what truly matters in life.

      Best for: Entrepreneurs, graduates, and leaders

      HubSpot's 2024 Sales Trends Report

      This in-depth report includes sections, covering:

      • How buyers are becoming more self-informed
      • How sales teams are using AI and automation
      • Adapting to tighter budgets
      • And more!
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        18. Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

         Front cover of business book, Blue Ocean Strategy

        Blue Ocean Strategy separates markets with little to no competition (blue oceans) from crowded, highly competitive markets (red oceans) and advises that businesses can create new blue oceans by focusing on innovation instead of blending into existing markets.

        What we love: This book offers case studies and examples of successful blue ocean strategies, as well as practical tools and frameworks.

        Best for: Entrepreneurs and business strategists

        19. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

        20 atomic-habits-jpg

        Clear introduces the concept of "atomic habits," which are tiny changes in behavior that can significantly impact long-term success. He argues that the key to changing behavior lies in focusing on small, incremental improvements that compound over time.

        What we love: Clear interviews business leaders in Atomic Habits. However, the lessons learned can be valuable for anyone in the business world. You’ll find practical tips that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

        Best for: Entrepreneurs and leaders

        20. Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention — and How to Think Deeply Again by Johann Hari


        It’s no secret that lots of us struggle to pay attention in today's fast-paced world. Stolen Focus offers practical solutions for developing deeper thinking skills. Hari explores how technology and constant distractions (like text messages and emails) make it difficult to focus for extended periods.

        What we love: Stolen Focus was voted Business Book of the Year by Porchlight. This book is a great read for anyone in business and can transform all aspects of your life.

        Best for: Anyone who wants to improve focus

        Best Books About DEI in Business

        21. We Can't Talk about That at Work!: How to Talk about Race, Religion, Politics, and Other Polarizing Topics by Mary-Frances Winters


        Conversations on race, religion, and politics are happening at work. The goal should be for these conversations to take place in a way that is effective and not polarizing. In her book, Winters provides the exercises and tools to help leaders and organizations become aware of their cultural backgrounds and increase their understanding of others.

        What we love about it: Winters draws on her 36 years of experience to help readers gain skills and understanding for optimal communication and conflict resolution.

        Best for: All readers can benefit from Winters’ book and the included self-assessment

        22. Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces by Karen Catlin


        If your goal is building a more inclusive, engaging workplace, Karen Catlin’s Better Allies is the book for you. In just 282 pages you can expect to find out how you can become a better ally. And better, how you can build a creative and inclusive culture within your business.

        What we love about it: Catlin has over 25 years in tech, including a role as the vice president of engineering at Adobe. During her 25 years, Catlin noticed a sharp decline in women working in tech. Catlin sets out to encourage others to become better allies.

        Best for: Those in managerial positions who want to better DEI in their teams and organizations

        23. Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams by Stefanie K. Johnson


        It’s not uncommon for companies to create a culture where inclusivity isn’t at its core, but it should be. In her book, Johnson challenges companies to take sustainable efforts to help everyone feel engaged and included in the workplace.

        Johnson’s research finds that leaders who embrace DEI have better relationships and stronger and more cohesive teams. Clearly, there’s a lot to gain from Inclusify.

        What we love about it: Johnson lives and breathes inclusivity. She has experience working for some of the biggest companies in the world.

        Best for: Team leaders looking to improve workplace relationships and team cohesion

        24. The Culture Map by Erin Meyer


        Explore how cultural differences impact international business in The Culture Map. Throughout the book, you will decode the nuances of language and cultural expression through research, anecdotes, and examples.

        What we love about it: The special focus on international communication.

        Best for: International businesses or businesses thinking about expansion

        Best Innovation Books

        25. Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business by Paul Jarvis

        Front cover of Paul Jarvis’ Company of One, an innovative business book.

        Jarvis believes that staying small has advantages. He shares his own experiences and those of other successful entrepreneurs in Company of One.

        He demonstrates how smaller businesses can thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape through greater flexibility, increased autonomy, and the ability to focus on delivering exceptional products or services to a niche audience.

        What we love: Jarvis challenges the traditional idea of business growth. Company of One encourages entrepreneurs to build sustainable, profitable businesses that prioritize quality over quantity.

        Best for: Startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs

        HubSpot's 2024 Sales Trends Report

        This in-depth report includes sections, covering:

        • How buyers are becoming more self-informed
        • How sales teams are using AI and automation
        • Adapting to tighter budgets
        • And more!
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          26. Freelance Your Way to Freedom: How to Free Yourself from the Corporate World and Build the Life of Your Dreams by Alex Fasulo

          27 freelance-your-way-to-freedom-jpg Faslo shares practical advice on building a sustainable business, finding clients, setting rates, and managing finances in the freelance gig economy. This book is a step-by-step roadmap for anyone looking to break free from the constraints of traditional employment and create a more fulfilling and flexible lifestyle.

          The book also has real-life examples, practical tips, and advice for getting your mindset geared for success.

          What we love: Alex Fasulo has more than eight year’s experience working in the freelance gig economy. She made her first million on Fiverr and has since shared her freelancing insights on social media.

          Best for: Freelancers, graduates, and entrepreneurs

          27. The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

          Front cover of The Innovator’s Dilemma

          Sometimes staying small is advantageous, but why? Clayton Christensen argues that established companies fail to innovate, allowing smaller, more agile competitors to disrupt their industries.

          Christensen provides reasons for this and encourages companies to focus less on optimizing existing products and processes. Instead, he inspires the reader to pursue new and untested ideas.

          What we love: This classic business book explores why successful companies often fail to innovate and adapt to disruptive technologies and offers strategies for avoiding this dilemma.

          Best for: Entrepreneurs and leaders

          Best Business Books for Agencies

          28. $100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No by Alex Hormozi


          This is the comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs and business owners on how to create irresistible offers that customers can't refuse. Hormozi draws on his own experience as a successful entrepreneur.

          You will also learn how to craft compelling offers that drive sales and growth. Plus, you'll find out what it takes to charge what you’re worth and have the courage to ask for it.

          What we love: In just 161 pages, Hormozi teaches you how to price products and services so that your customers can’t resist saying yes.

          Best for: Entrepreneurs and agency owners

          29. Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warrillow


          Warrillow provides a step-by-step guide to transforming a service-based business into a product-based one. This book guides you in identifying your agency's unique selling proposition and creating a repeatable sales process.

          Plus, this book offers insights into building a management team that can run the business without the owner's constant involvement, making it attractive to potential buyers.

          What we love: This book offers advice to agency owners on how to create a sellable and scalable business.

          Best for: Entrepreneurs and agency owners

          30. The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott

          Front cover of business book The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott

          Learn how to navigate the marketing and public relations landscape, which is essential and inevitable for every business. Scott emphasizes the importance of using digital tools to engage with customers directly, build brand awareness, and drive revenue.

          What we love: This book offers practical advice on creating compelling content that resonates with customers, leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) to improve visibility, and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

          Best for: Entrepreneurs and agency owners

          Stocking Your Library

          If you’re ready to up your business game and be the best you possible, it’s time to update your reading list and get started. There’s a world of wisdom in these books, and it’s yours for the taking.

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