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October 15, 2015

Convert 67.5% More Leads With This Sales Technique [Infographic]

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You’ve probably heard the expression, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

It can sometimes feel like this saying applies to prospects in the sales process. The good news is that qualified buyers can be educated and ultimately guided by a sales rep to make an informed decision about whether to purchase or not.

Educating buyers properly isn’t always easy, however.

Salespeople spend more than 30 hours a month looking for and re-creating content they can’t find because its often stored in up to five or six different places, according to an infographic from Unboxed.

As a result, a mere 12% of sales leaders believe their sales force is perceived as trusted advisers, while half of buyers say sales reps fall short in understanding their needs and objectives.

Guided selling, a sales approach that emphasizes standardized discovery questions and diligently tracking data from deals, can help fix these issues. Guided selling is commonly associated with ecommerce or online sales, but has applications in a B2B context as well.

Reps who practice guided selling ask prospects to-the-point questions that will either lead them to a “yes” or “no” decision, decreasing the ambiguity of the sales process. Teams that use guided selling on average convert 40% of their leads to customers -- a rate two-thirds higher than teams that don’t.

By using guided selling, sales organizations are able to:

  1. Conduct and document a consistent, thorough prospect needs assessment
  2. Create complete product recommendations that include cross- and upselling opportunities
  3. Present and adapt recommendations so prospects get a solution customized to their needs
  4. Onboard new reps more quickly with updated collateral, positioning, and pricing
  5. Make decisions informed by real data collected from buyers and non-buyers

Check out the infographic below for even more insights into the benefits of guided selling.

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